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Cars You Hate/Cars You Would Kill

derrado1derrado1 Posts: 194
edited March 15 in Infiniti
Seeing as how there are so many different opinions on these boards, I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion on what cars, past and present, you despise.

Let's not make it as simple as just listing names, let's get into specifics. I'll get the ball rolling..

Saturn ION
Rubbish from the get-go. Possibly the worst car in its segment. Dumpy looks, cheap interior, and most heinous of all, it's based on the same platform as the Opel Astra? How on earth did they take a good car and ruin it so? Needs to be euthanised as soon as possible so it doesn't share floor space with the good new Outlook, Aura, Sky.

Infiniti QX56
Offers neither the good quality of Japanese competitors (LX470) or the style of American (Escalade). Has a pretty ugly interior for the money too, and is a very unconvincing clone of the Armada... even Cadillac and Lincoln do better.

Isuzu Ascender
Or is it dead already? Isuzu is hanging on by the thinnest of threads and this pointless exercise in badge engineering cheapens both Isuzu and GMC's names.

Mazda B-Series
Is this necessary? Sells worse than pretty much every other pickup truck (although I-Series and Raider are vying for that title, too), and doesn't fit in AT ALL with Mazda's image. It's a dodgy old Ranger with Mazda logos on it.

Let's hear everybody's opinions? What cars do ya hate? Which ones do you wish manufacturers would just dump already?


  • marikamarika Posts: 39
    I think that anything that gets less than 40 mpg should be restricted to professionals who require such vehicles for their (essential) jobs.

    The rest of us should be demanding 40, 50, and 60+ mpg vehicles, with increases in efficacy each year.
  • fintailfintail Posts: 32,907
    I want to help in killing the Ion

    I saw a dark blue one the other day with those dopey 4 spoke wheels and grey A-pillar trim...awful awful thing, a sure way to kill brand equity.

    I agree with the QX too...I see the Ascender and B series as being irrelevant and redundant...can't recall even seeing one lately.

    I also want to see automakers issue sanctions to dealers who put carriage tops and similar atrocities on supposedly modern domestic cars.
  • wonderwallwonderwall Posts: 126
    Dump Pontiac entirely. This, I feel, would make the mullet hairstyle go away. It seems nonsequitor, but I really believe there's a correlation.

    Kill the Chevy Tahoe and all private sales of gigantic SUVs. Besides being energy inefficient, they are a threat to the safety of us all.

    The Maybach is also a ridiculous vehicle. It looks like someone spliced Mercedes genes with a 1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    Ion, what a sad replacement for the S sedan/wagon. Ship us the Astra untouched please

    The large rear drive Ford/Lincoln/Mercury sedans. Honestly. Why? If you have ever had to set in the middle position of the rear seat in a Town car, you know it only really holds 4 people. :cry:

    Large SUV's Or at least let me take that Escalade of yours on a Jeep Rubicon run. I will bring back what is left of it.

    Any American made Isuzu. GM needs fewer divisions, not more.
    Isuzu has trucks in other markets not based on US models. They should have brought them here.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Posts: 405
    From information floating around on the internet, Looks like we won't get the 3 door Astra, or the 3 door Vue replacement?

    Says the 2 door from the shows won't come here, but will be replaced by a 4 door( I think they meant 2 door-hatch, 4 door -hatch?). The 4 door is not horrible, but the 2(3) door is 10x's more interesting.
    Why do they do this? Take something that even import buyers would check out, and make it "Me-Too", thus....
    losing potential customers/conquest sales?

    Here's hoping someone over at GM reconsiders the 3 door, and put it out for sale Somewhere in one of their divisions( FWD , with optional AWD).

    Same for the Ion replacementI was interested in the Astra 3 door, not a 5 door, and same goes for the Vue replacement.

    At least Scion still offers the tC 3 door. Also, Hyundai( and Kia, I read) have/will have 3 door sporty cars.

    5 door Astra-Ion replacement? - - raf3-4.jpg&imgrefurl= - - xt-saturn-ion/&h=243&w=450&sz=25&hl=en&start=1&tbnid=BsySvGHoxWEx6M:&tbnh=66&tbn- - - w=124&prev=/images%3Fq%3DOpel%2Bastra%2Bto%2Breplace%2BIon%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3De- - - n%26lr%3D%26sa%3DN

    Like I said, they aren't bad, but the concept(s) - to me, anyway- were waaay better.

    It seems they want to garner attention, but they do what everyone else does. Maybe offer a 5 and 3 door Vue and Ion?

    It seems that many makers are now showing excellent concepts, and then change them to "me-too", or water them down too much.
    Have a good one.
  • derrado1derrado1 Posts: 194
    Carriage tops look... I can't believe I'm saying this but almost... almost... acceptable - on SOME cars. A '97 Deville can pull off a carriage roof (it'll be ugly, but it'll pull it off). But an '06 STS? Or a Dodge Intrepid? People do it. It's scary.

    The STS is probably one of, if not the, most attractive American sedans currently on sale. But the old-fogey Floridian golf-club-membership geezers insist on butchering it, and other cars, with carriage roofs and wire wheels and gold doo-dads. Honestly.

    I noticed, today, too a big Ford F-Series Superduty. Now, not many of these are around where I live, but occasionally I'll see one. It just makes me think... what's the point? Sure, they may be essential for some uses but they are just so commonplace in America. Don't get me wrong, Australians are almost or just as lazy a people as Americans, and we love our big sedans and SUVs. But we get by just fine with our Falcon/Commodore Utes and Hiluxs (Tacomas), Navaras (Frontiers), Rodeos (Isuzu D-Maxs). So how is it that the Ford F-Series is consistently one of the best-selling vehicles in the US? Do that many people need them so?
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,590
    with a carriage roof is that the car has to have crisp, linear, squared-off styling to begin with. If the car is too curvy or rounded, or has too many creases that kick up here and there, a carriage roof just doesn't fit.

    I think an STS could pull off a carriage roof better than many cars could, but if I had my preference, these damned things would not have survived past the 1985 Seville!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,684
    So how is it that the Ford F-Series is consistently one of the best-selling vehicles in the US?

    Very simple. The Crew Cab PU is the most practical suburban vehicle on the roads today. You can haul 5 people and a load of manure, trash or whatever. If they made a midsize Crew Cab with a 4 Cylinder diesel it would be the most practical and very economical.

    I would get rid of every small car on the road rated below average for safety by the IIHS.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,641
    Anything with a "gold package" :P
  • prosaprosa Posts: 280
    The B-Series (and Ranger) are not quite state of the art - to put it mildly! - but they're just about the only true compact pickups remaining.
    Hasn't the Raider been killed off already?
    As for the Ascender, if it still has any raison d'etre it's the pricing ... a local dealer has a new one right out in front on the lot with a price of $19,995 on the windshield. I doubt you'll find any other midsized SUV for anything like that.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    The [F-150] Crew Cab PU is the most practical suburban vehicle on the roads today. You can haul 5 people and a load of manure, trash or whatever.

    LOL: Did you ever see a full load of people + manure in a pickup?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Buick, Pontiac, and Saturn clones of the Chevy Uplander (and the Uplander itself is dumb enough).

    Mercury - any Mercury.

    Pontiac Torrent (GM said they were done with "badge engineering," so what gives here?)

    Isuzu - is this some kind of joke they're pulling with just 2 models on the market, and they're GM rebadges at that!

    Saturn ION - I agree with all you've said before; fortunately this dies in December (with no replacement for a year -- way to go again GM!)

    Ford Freestar/Mercury Monterey - The 1995 Windstar lives!! (just barely)

    Mitsubishi Endeavor - if the Outlander is growing for '07, why keep this loser?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,684
    Did you ever see a full load of people + manure in a pickup?

    No, but when I had to haul a half dozen bags of cow dodo in my Suburban, i decided to go back to owning a PU truck. Minivans and SUVs are limited in some areas of utility.

    Kill the Subaru Tribeca. It makes the Aztec look almost good.
  • derrado1derrado1 Posts: 194
    Didn't the Endeavor win a comparison on Edmunds once? Nevertheless, it sells about as well as any other Mitsubishi... that is to say, not well at all.

    I like the current Outlander but it seems they're going to suck the fun out of it for the '07 model year. Which leaves, what? Lancer? Rubbish. Galant? Nothing special. Montero? Dead after this year. Raider? Rebadge.

    Mitsubishi isn't doing well anywhere in the world, it would seem. Especially down under, the 380 (Australianised Galant) was meant to save Mitsubishi's Australian operations and factories. It was replacing the Magna which stagnated for about ten years without any major changes, and ended up fleet-fodder (think... Taurus). Now, the 380, which Mitsubishi promised wouldn't be a special-edition-repeat-offender, is... just that. They've slashed a few grand off the price, they're hyping the "380 Series 2". I feel for the Mitsubishi Australia workers... they could be out of a job. The 380's a decent car, but it offers nothing over a Falcon or Commodore and has a cheap interior and front-wheel-drive.

    Ha. And I totally forgot about the Mercury Monterey. The only minivan that sells worse than the Saturn Relay. Utterly, utterly pointless. Wasn't the Villager a better, albeit smaller, car?

    The CSV's are a pretty tepid stopgap measure... and there never should have been another Pontiac minivan, but I must admit, the SV6 looked the best out of 'em. Now the Relay's the best-looking (maybe I have to see one in the metal, but from some angles it looks almost Volvo-ish). It's got the nicest looking interior too (no faux-classy-Terraza interior, no bizarro-fake wood like the Uplander). I suppose if you had to buy a GM minivan, a runout SV6 or a new Relay wouldn't be that bad. At least you're not in a Freestar.
  • tncarmantncarman Posts: 82
    Hmm... I can name quite a few.

    Saturn Ion and Relay- Why keep them? I haven't even seen a Relay on the road, EVER. The Ion is an eon behind the rest of the market, too.

    Chevy Uplander- Just as bad as Relay

    Buick- Rendevous and uhh, well all but Lucerne and Enclave

    Pontiac-All but Vibe, Torrent, and Solstice

    Ford- Ranger, I haven't seen a new one in years

    Honda- Insight, they are dead and the Civic Hybrid is MUCH better

    Mitsubishi- All, the Raider Ive never seen, the Galant failed to meet my expectations after its great commercials.
  • tncarmantncarman Posts: 82
    Yea, just read your post. I owned a 1993 Mercury Villager. Bought it on tax day, I remember that. But yes, it was a great minivan based on the Nissan Quest. It was affordable and reliable, we had it for 8 years and we never had any problems. The GS we bought was great, but now I'd never think of buying a Monterey Convience, or any mini-van for that matter.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    I've never seen an SUV with a full load of people in it. About 99% of the time they're occupied by the driver only, who is usually a trophy wife speeding, and tailgating, all while yacking on a cell phone. I say "death to the Stupid Useless Vehicles."
  • atlvibeatlvibe Posts: 109
    Anything Mitsubishi. Subaru Tribeca, the dysfunctional Aardvark front end is too much. Pontiac, Buick, Saturn, and GMC need to go to Grave yard. GM has too much needless duplication. Mercury suffer from the malady with Ford. Chevy Monte Carlo.... enough said.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    ...the new minivan GM has out now with the longer snout? Saturn, Pontiac, Chevy, and Buick all make one and they all look exactly the same. What's up with that? It's kinda like back in the 70's when they all decided to make a version of the Nova. Way too much duplication.
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