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Which Diesel Pickup Should I Buy?



  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
    There were two different engines used in the 98 model year. If the door badge reads "Cummins Turbo Diesel", you have the older mechanical 12-valve engine. If the door badge reads "Cummins 24-Valve Turbo Diesel", you have the electronic-fuel-injected engine. The 12-valve will get better mileage on an overall basis - you'll have no trouble getting in the mid 20s mpg-wise. Properly maintained, both engines will see 300-400K miles with no sweat.

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  • guy7guy7 Posts: 9
    I am considering the purchase of a new 350 dually. I have heard good and bad about each vehicle. I am leaning towards the Dodge as I own a 93 that just wont quit with a CTD. My friends are pushing me in other directions. Is my choice a wise one or are there any common problems the 06 CTD and rest of truck are having?
  • hey! im lookin at a 01 f350 7.3td with a utility bed and 180k in miles. im not into it for the towing but it will be involved in my solar power business. my concerns are if it is too big of a truck, although that sturdiness would likely hold up better to 180k mileage (highway miles). single rear wheels. it will be a loud engine i suspect? what mileage in mpg can i expect? will it handle a biodiesel mix? asking price is 16k..let me know, thanks
  • My '03 2500HD GMC diesel had numerous problems, but just got it back from the dealer after2 weeks being fixed. 139000kms on it, lack of power and could not get it to run over 60 km/h. The dealer found out that there was iron fillings in the tank - new filter, fuel pump, injector pump, fuel lines, and clean injectors as they were somewhat plugged plus labour$$$, total bill $ 10,000 cdn - insurance covered as they believe vandalism. Now GM has said warranty would be in question on engine if anything happens due to the recent issues with fuel.
  • erikerik Posts: 21
    I cant wait until Toyota or Honda comes out with a diesel pickup truck because Im trading in my yuppie mobile for a reliable and economical truck. Hopefully a nice v6 common rail engine like the new Mercedes V-6. Ford, DC, and GM are in big trouble. Why sell a big V8 when hardly anyone tows, except a few buddies to the bar. What happened to Ford's V6 diesel? Outsourced of course. Ford has a nice TDCI in their Transit van in EUrope and in their Mondeo wagon.

    Ford vs Chevy? Ha

    Im buying an import because the quality is better and the transmission wont fail.
  • GM is coming out with a 4.0 ltr diesel for there 1/2 ton pickups - should be good as long as it is a good diesel engine.
  • I wrote last year about the problems I had with the fuel injector pump with my 2000 Dodge Diesel 2500. The truck only had about 70,000 miles I believe. The cost to replace the fuel injector pump is quiet expensive! It isn't just replacing the pump it's all the other stuff that goes with it. We had a whopping $4300.00 bill for us to PAY! Dodge would NOT cover any of it. Even though the dealership had informed us that they had been alot of replacements of the fuel injector pumps and new fuel pumps. Dodge said they did a relocation of the fuel injector pump as they thought that where the pump was located it was causing the malfunction, ultimately BURN UP! So the cost is on you...
    Recently my brother was visiting me here in CA and made the long haul drive home (WA) about 11 hours. Next day he drove his 2004 Dodge Diesel an additional 20 miles and his truck died, just as ours did last year. YOU GUESSED IT A FUEL INJECTOR PUMP & FUEL PUMP! He had the fuel injector pump go out under his first year of warranty they did replace it, no charge but lied about where they had put it. Cause now he has to replace it at HIS COST and the fuel injector pump isn't where they said it was "mounted in the gas tank. He had to buy a conversion kit to mount it in the gas tank.
    Actually none of this about remounting it our where it goes is really the issue here. The injector pumps on the Dodge Trucks are an issue and they are DAM expensive to replace! And at the rate they are going out we are putting nearly $5,000.00 into our trucks every other year! Dodge needs to fix this problem and do a recall.. Oh I forgot Dodge only does recalls if it is a "safety" issue! I guess if your truck dies while you are driving passing a big ole truck and you have NO power steering and you crash and burn, THEN IT IS A SAFETY ISSUE!
    Here is a link to last years letter I wrotelink title
  • guy7guy7 Posts: 9
    I have heard that there have been a few issues with the injector pumps. Was the problem rectified in the 06 MODELS OR CAN I EXPECT THE SAME FATE ? Are there any other 05 and 06 owners experiencing the same problems? Is dodge doing anything besides calculating the repair charges on your bill?
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
    I own a 2005 Ram 3500 dually, coming up on 39,000 miles in just under 2 years, and my Cummins has not missed a beat.

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  • My Father and I are in the cattle industry so I know exactly
    what you are trying to do. I would highly suggest buying
    a 1 ton cab and chassis 4x4, than put a nice custom flat bed
    on it. That has been the configuration my father and I have
    settled on the last half dozen trucks and it is vastly
    superior to a 3/4 ton pickup truck with a standard bed in every respect. When you haul animals they tend to move around
    alot, single rear tire trucks get shoved around quit a bit.
    At the wrong time it can be very dangerous. You will be
    amazed at how much better a truck with 4 tires on the back
    runs down the road with a heavy load of animals. As for
    wheel base the shorter the better, theirs a reason way the
    trucks they use to move house trailers are so short. Every
    where you go in regaurdes to livestock will seem to have
    narrow gates and tight quarters. A short wheel base truck
    cannot be bet as far as maneuvering a Goose Neck Trailer.
    As far as reliability goes they all have problems. Don't
    let some salesman lie about it. I don't think any of the
    domestic makers are building anything very reliable right
    know if you plan to really work a truck. Duallies as they
    are called are mostly for show, I bought a new F-350 Dually
    a few years ago and will never own another one. Both fender
    flares were broken into pieces and flapping in the wind
    by the time I sold it. That's why I suggested a Cab and
    Chassis. The other day a lady ran a red light and hit me
    right in the side of the flat bed. Her car was totaled out.
    I used a can of black paint on the bed, and you cannot tell
    that anything ever touched my truck, not one dent, that's
    how a truck is suppose to be. My father currently has a 04
    6.0 liter F-350, he's had alot of trouble with it. If you
    buy any diesel truck in the near future get the extended
    warranty on it, you will not be sorry. A old cattleman told
    me once about 3/4 ton trucks, that he considered them to be
    between hay and grass, and in your application I agree.
  • jlcjlc Posts: 30
    Hi folks, I am considering getting into rv ing and would like some advice on a tow vehicle. I'll be towing max gvwr of 12,000 lbs. 5th wheel. Should I go diesel or gas? 4wd or 2x4. Am also thinking new. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • codykcodyk Posts: 5
    I currently have a 97 ram 2500 4wd 5.9 magnum xtended cab auto with o/d that gets a whopping 12 unloaded and at best 9mpg pulling a 16 foot steel stock trailer with two to three horses.Guesstimate 6500-7000 pds. and I am probably way overguessing on wt.I'm trying to find ways to improve mpg such as possibly adding lockout front hubs or if the expense of a diesel is the way I should go I have been looking thru posts on mpg and see the old gundeck variants {random mpgs from 12-25 with same brands e.g. dodge,chevy}I need a 4wd so that is a given and as everyone else want the best mpg. I understand that I will want a high geared rearend and o/d tranny. I will be pulling the above mentioned wt. and running empty.I live in oklahoma and will not be pulling in mtns. etc. mostly flat to rolling hills, however one doesn't always know where the road leads. I have also read about the ulsd failures due to the ulsd acting as a solvent. If there is anything else I missed please let me know and also please give advice. any and all is appreciated.I have a friend that has a duramax after his 2500 2wd cummins was totalled ,he recommends the cummins. He got 21-22 empty and16-18 pulling a 22 ft steel gooseneck with 2-3 horses. thanks in advance
  • KCRam@EdmundsKCRam@Edmunds Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,497
    Depends on how long you plan on keeping the truck and how many miles you drive. If you really pound a truck, the diesel will definitely outlast a modified gasoline truck. I'm on my second Cummins Ram (1996 3500 Club Cab 4x4 dually, now a 2005 3500 Quad Cab 4x4 dually). No trouble getting 20+ mpg "empty" if my right foot behaves (I have the standard axle, no need for the 4.10s). Duramaxes and 7.3L Powerstrokes also can get 20+ empty., so it'll come down to what truck you find at what price.

    ULSD has been reported as an issue only on previous-generation engines. I run it in my 05 with no issues at all. Keep your fuel filter fresh until the engine has had a steady diet for a while, and watch your seals and gaskets.

    kcram - Pickups Host

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  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    Am I understanding you that you just bought a used 1997 Ram with Cummins? If so how many miles does it have? Most newer diesel trucks get 20+ MPG if you don't race every Corvette you are along side of.
  • codykcodyk Posts: 5
    No, I have a97 2500 with a 5.9 magnum
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Do a cost comparison of how much gas you will save vs. the cost of a new truck. If you just drive 5000 a year it doesn't matter what you drive.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    Either something is wrong with that engine or you are an aggressive driver. You should have no trouble getting 18-21 MPG empty. Find a good independent diesel shop and have them run a complete test on it.
  • codykcodyk Posts: 5
    I don't mean to confuse you. I currently have a 5.9 gas magnum that I am geting that mileage with. I am trying to get a handle on best mpg in a diesel. Reading posts people are getting between 14-25 mpg even with the same model trucks.
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