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Which Diesel Pickup Should I Buy?



  • Thank you for pointing that out. It is a fact that Ram no longer uses Dana axles on the Heavy trucks. They did off and on for years and so did Ford. I was attempting to point out that many of the drive line component suppliers to the big three are the same, and to single out Dodge and say that their drive line components are crap is silly. The new Ram Trucks are equipped with transfers cases made by Borg Warner, but New Process cases were used in GM, Ford, and Dodge through the 70's behind auto and manual transmissions.
    My opinion is that some people are too quick to throw stones at the competition when in fact the quality is often times very similar. Sure, we have our preferences... But to run down the others based on a "my buddy said he had one and it went thru 6 transmissions in three years" is nonsense. I just don't believe that a truck could be that undependable unless it was being abused pure and simple. I could push all three of the "big three" trucks to failure, and there is no clear winner because they could ALL be built better! I garentee you that all three manafactures have taken back a considerable amount of trucks on the lemon law...
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