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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I've just been watching the boards and haven't gone to the dealer yet, although will probably do so this month. I want the car more than need it, so I haven't been forced to find the time to get to a dealership yet.
  • kirakat,
    Are you located in the DFW area? The salesperson told me that $37,500 was the lowest they could go and I told him that I would discuss it with my wife. He just left me a voicemail and wanted to discuss it, so I'm guessing that he's prepared to lower his offer. I told him that I wanted OTD for $39,000 and he balked and said no way. So somewhere between $37,500 and $36,445 is the bottom line. I want the lower end and he wants the higher end. Just trying to get some feedback from other educated consumers. We have time on our side as well. Your thoughts...........
  • I'm in Dallas and have been watching Sewell and Park Place, as well as this forum. I think the lowest mentioned on the forum was $36,800 +TTL. I had hoped I might be able to pick up a 2006 demo or loaner at the end of the year, but couldn't get anyone to email me a price.

    Sewell does have 2007 demo with only 250 miles on its site for $36,888: hicle=270120A&vehicleid=27118&ListBack=1&VehicleOwnerFranchiseID=829

    I've found Sewell's descriptions aren't always complete so it's not easy to tell what the options are without contacting the dealership.

    Are you dealing with Sewell or Park Place? Sewell's prices have seemed higher, but they also have seemed willing to match. It also seems that most of the RX350s in this area have at least the Premium Package. If that is true of the one at Sewell, then listing a 2007 RX350 with only 250 miles for $36,888 seems like there's still wiggle room left below $37,500.

    Let me know how your conversations proceed. I think from previous posts it's possible in this area to get out for a total cost of under$40K. Good luck.
  • Picked up my 2007 RX350 FWD last night. Premium plus package, cargo mat and wheel locks. MSRP (sticker) is $40,313, paid $37,561; original quote was $37,997 however The Lexus Golden Opportunity Sales Event reduced my cost by another $436. Plus tax + title etc. of course. Note that there are unfortunately only two Lexus stores within a 100 mile radius of the Buffalo-Niagara region so there is little competition. Mine came from Dorschel in Rochester, about 70 miles distant; although the other dealer is very nearby. This was special order as the FWD version is apparently not sold in this market. Took almost four months to the day for delivery. Built at TMMC - Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Cambridge, Ontario. The improvements over my beloved 99 RX300 are remarkable, my first impression is that this is a truly superb vehicle.

    Pete :D
  • I just took delivery of a bamboo pearl last Friday 09/08 for 36.7+TTL in Grapevine and already piled 300 miles on it. We actually sealed the deal quite a few weeks ago but the car did not reach the dealership until 8/30. Our final offer was 36.5 and truly felt that we could have gotten the deal for 36.6. But we could live with 36.7. This is the third Lexus we bought with them so that might be a factor. It took us only 3 days to go from the MRSP to the final number.
  • Forgot to add some details that might be of help. I'm sure you all are aware of the $500 bonus from Lexus Pursuit. You can also pay up to $5000 (no more) with your Lexus card which will work out to be $250. If you own an older Lexus like we do, that would come in very handy when it comes times to shop for parts. When we were at Grapevine last Friday to pick up our car, the RX lot was about 1/3 as full in comparison to when we were there several weeks ago. Supply vs demand ? Don't want to read much into it, but it might be tougher to negotiate now.
  • Thanks. That's helpful since I just got the Lexus card last week.
  • We're looking at Sewell. The 2007 demo was gone within a day or so. Personally, I think Sewell's prices are better, BUT I think Park Place Plano has the cleanest cars. The used one at Sewell that first got us looking was a 2005 Thundercloud edition. It was pretty dirty, several scratches, 18,000 miles. We didn't think the previous owners took very good care of it so I was leary of paying $34,800 for that. So for roughly $3,000 more, I'm getting a brand new 350 not 330 in the exact color that my wife wants with all of the options we want. I think it's worth it. What is going to win us over to Sewell is that they give you a loaner car when you drop your car off to have the oil changed. Park Place told us that they don't. On a side note, how long did it take for you to be approved for the VISA? We applied yesterday and don't want to buy the car until we have the card.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I picked my RX350 (AWD, Navi with Premium Plus) last Saturday. I spoke to the Lexus Visa card customer service. All you have to do is call them with your VIN of your Lexus. There is no form need to fill out. It takes up to 12 weeks (if I remember it right) to credit the bonus point into your account. So, you can't use it toward servive, parts or sales yet. BTW, the points will expire in 6 years. Probably about time for your next Lexus.

    Are you guys sure there is no cap for the bonus point earning? The lady told me there is no limit, except that 6 year period.
  • I applied online for the credit card and didn't get an answer at that time. There was a message that I could call back the next business day to check on the status, but I forgot about it. The card arrived 5 or 6 days after I applied.

    Did you get the salesperson to come down from $37,500? I got a starting quote of just over $38K from the internet manager at Sewell in Ft. Worth.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    The 50,000 bonus points promotion ends 10/15, I believe. I am sure you will get the card within days.
  • Cap for bonus point? Well, kind of. There is no cap if you spend it on parts/labor. There is a cap if you plan to use it for your next car purchase. $4000 off your final negotiated price. No more.
  • Just talked to the salesperson. He said he would come down to $37,200. I wanted $34,445 which would put me OTD for $39,000 even. He said that was about $200 below his cost. (for what that's worth) I may just do it as I would prefer to make my wife happy - at this point a couple of hundred dollars isn't going to make me or break me and it seems to be a pretty decent deal. I told him I wanted to wait until we were approved for the VISA to earn $500 Lexus credit. Will keep you posted. I'll probably commit to the price this afternoon. Thanks to all users for your valuable input!
  • Oops! I meant to say that my target was $36,445 which would give me $39,000 OTD. (note to self - proof read numbers before posting, duh)
  • Whether you go w/ Park Place or Sewell, they are both good places and you can't go wrong. I'm surprised that PP told you that they don't give you a loaner for oil change though. They do. You might not get a Lexus loaner, but they do. But, when it comes to changing fluid, I do them myself. That's just me. When we started out, we looked at both a demo '07 (250 miles) and a '06 with less than 1000 miles. We ended up picking a new '07 for the very same reason, more bang for the bucks.
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,749
    I should say is there any limit on the bonus points that you can earn. Other credit companies would set a limit like $500 bonus cash or 50,000 bonus miles.
  • When I spoke to Lexus rep, she said that there is no limit on bonus points that you can earn. There is a cap that will be applied if you want to use it to purchase a new car. And the points are only good up to 6 years. However, I'm sure there is limit on the bonus points hidden somewhere. I don't think the average user would ever reach it.
  • 37.2 is not bad, considering the fact that the $900 deduction just went away. Keep in mind that you will get a $500 bonus and a potential $250 more if you use your card towards your payment. I probably bounce that number back to the other dealer to see what happen. We don't usually pay much attention to "below cost". They make money with hidden incentives and hold backs that we consumers don't know.
  • I think I'm going to tell him that I'll commit for $37,000 even. I like that number better. I know about holdback, floor plan fees, etc., but I didn't push the issue since the guy has been real straight up with me from the beginning. My sister-in-law and cousin are considering a Lexus and I'll highly recommend my salesperson.
  • Pete,

    I also live in buffalo area and looking for a RX350 or a used RX330. Do you think the FWD is OK for the winter?

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