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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi all, I'm looking to get a 2009 RX350 with Prem Plus in NJ for no more than $31K+TTL. Is this realistic? Thoughts? Thanks!
  • jcg4jcg4 Posts: 4
    I'm looking for a 2009 RX350 (Prem NO navigation) in the TN area (or any surrounding states). The best price I've found is 33k. Has anyone gotten a good deal in this area or know of a dealer w/ a decent selection? What's a reasonable price for RX w/ Prem pack?
  • Laury, it depends on your financial situation. You probably won't get a good deal on a redesigned 2010. If you like the 2009, you can get a great deal, as dealers are having trouble selling them. I wouldn't worry about depreciation unless you plan on trading the car in a few years. Bottom line is: do want to pay around $32000 for a 2009 or $42000 for a 2010. Are the new features really worth $10000? I'm not a big fan of the new styling, if the redesign isn't a big hit, the 2009 may hold up well to depreciation. It's your choice, money in your pocket or first kid on your block with a 2010. Best of luck. :shades:
  • Report real buying experience
    Location: CA, Orange County.
    1.Got 2009 FWD RX350 with Navigation on last Friday
    MSRP: 44026. Price:34100+Tax+Fee
    Finance: 4.75%

    I negotiated all price by email and make sure no hassle when i met with dealer. Take me about 4 hours back and force to negotiate with two dealers. I told them if price is ok. i will pickup the same day. i actually pickup the same when deal is reached.

    Here is some info please be careful.

    Dealer give me 6.95% APR first (i have 730+ credit score). i say no, then they give 6.4%. I told them, i can not afford. i plan to leave. then dealer leads me to another finance officer. i got 4.75%.

    Done deal. good experience with this purchase.

    another agent names steven, He is very nice too. but his price is about 200 higher, i have to say no to him

    Thanks all of you in this forum who provide great introduction to lead me how to negotiate price.

    Wish my post can help you save your money.
  • Hi, my first time to this forum. DH and I are looking to replace our 02 Passat stationwagon and we drove the RX 350 Sat and liked it quite a bit. We live in Tucson. I'm checking with the Phoenix area dealerships as well. We are interested in the 09 FWD with only a premium option. One of the Phoenix area dealerships sent me the sticker on one with the list price of $40,000 or so (included upgraded tires) and says that's the price unless I want to make an offer. Should I walk or make an offer? Quick reading here suggests 10k less is not outrageously low to offer. Any thoughts appreciated.
  • ^^Now have 2 other internet offers from other Phoenix area dealerships for the same car. One is $31,845 and the other is $32,860. Should I try offering $30k to all 3?
  • daddydaddy Posts: 21

    Since the dealer will likely agree for the $30K, I'll start with $29K or $29.5K and see if they accept it. You will be able to get it for $30K anyway, why not start lower than that. Try to play one dealer's offer against another. Let us know how it goes.
  • I'd like to start contacting dealers regarding an 09 RX350. Should I be taking the $5000 incentive off of the MSRP or the Invoice? Just want to make sure before I begin.
  • Caltimes2:

    The dealer is getting $5000 cash from the manufacturer, this means that if the invoice price is $35000 he is still making money selling the vehicle at $30000 after he receives the holdback. Your strategy should be arriving at a sales price around $30000. Get several quotes then make an offer. It's a buyer's market. Good luck. :D
  • Thanks for the input! I got another offer from the first guy who didn't want to negotiate at $31,550. My husband also thinks we can do a little better so we'll see what we can put together today.
  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    Just be patient and the dealer will accept your offer close to $30K. They will be more motivated to sell close to the end of the month to meet their monthly target. So try to drag it out and contact them 1-2 days before the end of the month. Do not rush, and you will get a good deal. Keep us posted.
  • I was told by a dealer in Fairfax, VA that this area only has thr RX 350 AWD vehicles. Does anyone know if this is true???? I was trying to get a good deal but he only quoted 7000 below MSRP.
  • basamxbasamx Posts: 17
    Anyone have a price paid on the 2010? Are the dealer discounting off MSRP?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Has anyone bought an RX 2010 at a discount; if so how much?

    Has anyone offered and been turned down for a discount?
  • anybody knows how much is RX 350, 2009 selling in Michigan area? I could really use some advice as I am looking to buy anytime now. My current car is dying.....
  • degirldegirl Posts: 45
    Hi ,
    Did you puchase from Len Stoller? If so what vehicle, options etc? What was the MSRP and what was your purchase price before TTL?

  • I got quoted on a 09 rx350 fwd with msrp 44026, price of 34730.

    on a lease 36 months 582 with tax, 1k per year, 49% residual in calif with 2000 total drive off.

    car has nav, rem, not sure what else, how does this deal sound?


  • can you tell me what dealer please?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What discounts are individuals being offered on 2010 RX with navigation?
  • jddddjdddd Posts: 3
    Hi, there,

    I got a quote at $32700 for msrp $42700. It that a good deal? Should I take it, or try get $11000 off msrp?

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