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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What is the MSRP? Is there a trade involved? I assume the $41500 is without taxes, title, etc?
  • ach8888ach8888 Posts: 8
    no trade, of course, without taxes, title, and etc. msrp is 44500
  • houmihoumi Posts: 21
    I ended up getting the rx350 4wd (2010 model). bargained it from 46.5k to 44k, it has navigation, leather, ventilated/heat seat , etc and is black/black. I thought it had parking assist, but it doesn't but no biggie, but the rear view cam is neat nonetheless.

    I traded in a 2001 camry with 60k miles. and bargained it upwards to 7k approximately.

    and I bargained the apr from 6 -> 5%, I coulda probably done it lower on all three counts, but I really wanted it.

    My experience was pretty nice with the dealer, nice people (don't understand the bad reviews people write), but overall it was great.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    There appears to be minimal inventories right now in Chicago so that makes negotiating tough--especially when the color and some options you want are not in stock.

    I am a believer in supply and demand determing price. When the dealers have supply, the buyer rules--vice versa--when there is no inventory, the dealer rules.

    As one salesman once told me--go buy a car nobody else wants--you will get a great price.

    One way to find out is to play chicken with the dealer--if you are willing to walk and they let you--that is when you know you have the best price.

    What part of Chicago are you in?

    I am traveling the next 3-4 weeks--I am going to find dealers in the cities I am at and see what I can do--I wil be in South Florida next week which should be fertile as the snowbirds have gone home and there should be inventories and slow sales down there.
  • timtaniumtimtanium Posts: 6
    What dealership? I'm in Orange County and looking for a similar RX and even have a similar trade in.
  • sep2sep2 Posts: 9
    to hal56. i live in jacksonville and was very dissapointed they think they have a captive audience. so i went to miami and saved 17 hundred bucks, kendall west lexus. 45.700 msrp and bought for 42.700. plus taxes.
  • nb7920nb7920 Posts: 3
    I am in north side of Chicago, been told by one of slaes person who I known for while to wait few months.

    Ya let us know the deal in Florida.

  • houmihoumi Posts: 21
    I am in Seattle (went to Bellevue Lexus)

    As far as Chicago, since I lived there and bought our RX 2001 there, I'd recommend the Naperville location, but I think it's easier to get better deals in larger cities (more dealers to deal with and price compare and more car units), here in WA, choices are limited...
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Did the sales person know anything about possible incentives in a few months from Lexus Corporate or was the sales person assuming dealer discounts would increase then?
  • just went to Lexus dealer to check out the new RX350, and noticed that most of the models don't come with HID headlamps anymore... (unlike on the previous generation). Did anyone notice this as well? Hard to believe that most of the new RX350 comes only with regular headlamps...
    Is it true that HID light is only available with the heads-up display package on this year's RX350? Thanks in advance!
  • nb7920nb7920 Posts: 3
    he was going what happened historically , first they don't have Inventory and second sales are way down for total dealership.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    if anyone can comment on this for me.
    I have been doing my homeworks on line regarding prices of 2010 RX 350 and I thought I felt very comfortable until after I visited a Lexus dealer today. I car I want is apprx $39k invoice and $43k MSRP according to Edmunds. however, the guy at dealer today showed me the actual invoice and their prices are pretty much the same as those on Edmunds; however, their invoice also show 3 other fees (advertise, financial and hold back...) which total over $1000. therefore, their invoice price for the same veh is slightly over $40k. For those have bought a RX 350, did you use Edmunds Invoice price as you guide ? apprx how much did you pay over/ under Edmunds invoice price ?

    the particular one I want has the following options: RWD, Nav, Premium package, Wood trim, Ventilated seat (actually i also want parking assist but it only comes with luxury package).

    all response are appreciated.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    I don't believe Edmunds includes advertising. I vaguely recall advertising being around $700, but I could be wrong. Cannot comment on the other two items. I personally think the best guide as to what you should pay is to review previous posts on this forum and by visiting several dealers or emailing dealers.
  • psu77psu77 Posts: 11
    I think the dealer misled you. Financial and hold back are credits that reduce the price the dealer pays. Financial is usually 1% of the base MSRP and reimburses the dealer for interest for carrying the car in inventory. Hold back is 2% of the base MSRP and is paid later (usually quarterly) by the manufacturer to the dealer.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    Hi Psu77. Your explanation to finanical and hold back is correct. that was how he explained to me as well; however, he said they are CHARGES that they have to incur / pay and not credits like you said. are you sure they are credits ? he said these are overheads that they have to pay, so they have to add them to invoice.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    does anyone know when the HS 250 arrives ? how it drives compare to IS 250 and ES 350 ? I like the RX 350 but I like the mileage on the HS 250 but not sure how it handles.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    I will be in FL late this week--in 2 weeks AZ

    I visited a dealer Saturday--I would say about 15 2010's in stock all equiped the same.

    Was told late July for the first hybrids. And that they expected the Hybrids to include the Luxury package--but after all the disinformation and conflicting info I have seen, all I can say is that it will be what it will be.

    I owuld like to get a decent size discount out of principle--wil get at least a small discount.

    My further guess is that the car companies are cutting back production severly to minimize damage--kind of like the airlines cut back seats. So I do not see any large build up on inventories esp the 450h which has not been introduced. If they have not figured out whats happening by now I will have lost my faith in Toyota.

    So I see internally created shortages--they and dealers just do not want to carry inventories--there wil be sufficient discounting from Chrysler Fiat and GM.

    We will see--over ten years an extra 2-3k is lost in the shuffle and I would not mind my dealer survivng to service what he sells.
  • psu77psu77 Posts: 11
    Tyler70, I agree the dealer will have finance charges but it is receiving a credit from Lexus to help offset. I never heard anyone say holdback is a charge (do a google search and see how it is described). Find another dealer because this one is full of it.
  • psu77psu77 Posts: 11
    Tyler70, here is what Edmunds says about holdback

    What Are Holdbacks For?
    Dealerships must have an inventory on hand so that consumers can browse and ultimately select a vehicle. Dealerships must pay for this inventory when it is obtained from the manufacturer, and the amount the dealer pays is the price reflected on the invoice from the manufacturer to the dealer, the so-called "invoice price."

    Now the twist: with the introduction of holdbacks some years ago, most manufacturers inflated the invoice prices for every vehicle by a predetermined amount (2-3% of MSRP is typical). The dealer pays that inflated amount when it buys the car from the manufacturer. But later, at predetermined times (usually quarterly), the manufacturer reimburses the dealer for that excess amount. This is the "holdback," so named because funds are "held back" by the manufacturer and released only some time after the vehicle is invoiced to the dealership.

    Why the sleight-of-hand you might ask? Because holdbacks can benefit dealers in three ways:

    1. Dealerships borrow money to finance cars based on an invoiced amount that includes the holdback. So the higher the invoiced amount, the more the dealership can borrow from its lender.

    2. Inflating the dealership's "cost" can have the effect of increasing profit, since sales personnel are paid commissions based on the "gross profit" of each sale. Holdbacks have the effect of lowering the gross profit and thus the sales commissions.

    3. Holdbacks enable dealerships to advertise "invoice price" sales and sell their vehicles at or near invoice and still make hundreds of dollars on the sale
  • Can you share what other fees you have paid on top of 44k? I also live in Seattle area.

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