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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rar2rar2 Posts: 13
    Hi, Jabberjaws, I have been quoted $39200 for RX350 AWD with Premium pkg, heated ventilated/seats,wood/leather steering,towing prep package;backup monitor in rearview, plus remote starter (believe I included everythin) with an MSRP of $44090. I'm in Mass. It was in December but they have called me as recent as end of February with same pricing.
  • Thanks for your info rar2. I went again yesterday and tested one with nav., premium and comfort package that was about MSRP $47,300 -- they will sell at $500 over invoice which is around $43,000. Is this a good deal?
  • adam2009adam2009 Posts: 13
    Hey jabberjaws, I am in NY and I was quoted 46,500 for the same configuration... you seem to be having a good quote... would you mind giving me the info for the dealer and contact... Mas is 2 hr drive for me... i am thinking of getting it from Mas if the they can give me for the same may be worth the drive... Also how much would it be for the rear entertainment package...

    Thanks and appreciate your help
  • mefromflmefromfl Posts: 32
    Is it normal for my dealer to ask me for 1k deposit to special order my car? Is there any trick with this?

    they say they don't have a prem with nav, comfort and luxury and those needs to be special ordered.

    Please let me know what I should say when they want deposit.
  • marabuntamarabunta Posts: 24
    I don't believe that it is unusual for a dealer to request a deposit when specially ordering a vehicle. Just make sure that you get locked into a good price. Your deposit will probably not be given back if you change your mind so you want everything spelled out in your agreement.
  • What -- you were quoted $46,500 for a vehicle with $47,300 MSRP? That is definitely not a good deal. All dealers in the Atlanta area are around the $42 - 43,000 range on $47,300 MSRP config so contact any of them in the area and they can get you much, much better deal. Try Nalley Lexus -- they are great. I am not getting the rear entertainment package so don't have price on that option.
  • funguy123funguy123 Posts: 92
    that is a worst price I have seen here... Anything below $4k - $5k discount is NOT a good deal.

    Actually, since this almost end of 2010 RX, I would say wait a little while, you could get $8k - $10k off when 2011 comes out.
  • Updating my post from before (2010 RX 350 AWD with PM, NV, CP, EK, FT, PA, PM, TO, WU), I have a dealer offering $43,684 on a sticker of $49,044.
    This seems like a pretty good deal to me. Is it?
  • I got one with everything including the luxury package, heads up, and Mark Levinson sound system. The dealer checked with other dealers and I got it the next day.
  • I saw an earlier post asking about McGrath Lexus of Westmont. I had a horrible buying experience with them. You should avoid McGrath. There are plenty of other Lexus dealerships in the Chicago area that are more reputable and will treat you better.
  • I currently live in Portland and sadly there is only one dealer in Oregon. They quoted me a sad ~$1500 off a MSRP $49000 Rx. Thinking about getting the car from CA or WA then flatbed ship the car to OR. Anyone had experience in doing so? What are the things that I should take caution about?

  • marabuntamarabunta Posts: 24
    edited March 2010
    Dealers do this all the time and there are a number of companies that transport vehicles. Why not make arrangements to pick up the vehicle on a Saturday morning and drive it home? US 1 North along the coast is a great drive and you can break the car in. The savings will easily pay for your effort and a night, with a great meal in Carmel, CA. I have purchased a number of new cars from "out of state" over the years and I always pick them up at the dealerships and drive them home. If you ship it make sure that you use a bonded company.
  • tom_tsengtom_tseng Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    Thank you very much for your reply. I intially thought about doing that until I saw this on the web. :cry:

    Search for
    "I'm a Oregon resident buying a car in California Do I owe California sales tax?"
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,914
    If the car is delivered to you, out of state... you won't owe California tax...

    However, all California dealers are required to collect sales tax for any car they sell in California...

    In the past, some dealers would drive the car across the Nevada state line to deliver to out-of-state customers...

    (of course, if you are a Calfornia resident, you'll pay the tax, no matter where the car is delivered)

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • mefromflmefromfl Posts: 32
    I was able to come to terms with a dealer through email

    they didn't ask me for deposit, is this normal? Can they scam me in anyway and I don't get the car I wanted in 2 weeks?

    What are the scam involve when i'm waiting on a car for delivery. Or should I just make a small deposit?
  • marabuntamarabunta Posts: 24
    If you like the deal and do not feel you can do better, then give then give them $1,000 on the car. I try to use my cashback credit card for the deposit, but the dealer will only let me charge $3,000 so that is usually my deposit. I just like to have the dealer "locked in" on good deals.
  • Could you please let me know what the two PMs options were? Also what dealer did you select in the end and were you satisfied?

  • benddebbenddeb Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    Mr cruiserron - Can I ask how much you paid? I was given a price of $50985.00 for an MSRP of $53,254.00. They don't have the vehicle I want in the lot and had to order it with the luxury package, heads up and Mark Levinson. I'm from Oregon and wondering if this amount is too high?
  • My MSRP was $52,600 and I paid $47,000. I think you should not have to pay more than $47,582. That is taking the same percentage off MSRP that I got.
  • You know they may be charging you more for the special order. Have them check with other dealers for a vehicle equipped as you would like, even as far as Washington or Northern California. The cost for them to transport to Oregon would still be worth it.
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