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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Steve
    Leased one in Ma this week Msrp $48259 ,$2000 down ,15K per year $535 per month about the same residual, 56%. I would say you should be able to do better
  • What is the best price for this vehicle with a navigation package?
    Who has gotten the best deal and where? I live in S. Florida but will drive wherever it takes for the best price. Thanks , Sooz :confuse:
  • Michael!
    I did the same thing.....purchased a 2010 RX loaded with nav,19"wheels,starfire pearl with beige interior. Price was $40,000. I am exporting it to Canada so the savings are pretty good. These sell for $58,000. similarly equipped in Canada as new. I love the vehicle and the build quality is great. My particular model was Canadian built, so there is no import duty to bring it to Canada.
    The stock tires are michelin tires, which I have not had any good luck as far as tirewear. My last vehicle had michelin cross tour tires which lasted just over 25000 miles. My 2005 Avalon also had michelin tires and they lasted just about 30,000 miles. Once these tires wear out I will probably put on a set of good year triple tread fortera tires which are winter rated and are all season tires.
    I would find out if your dealer can install a remote start for you and still maintain your warranty. There should be a book that outlines the roadside assistance program for you, if not your dealer should have all that info.
    Enjoy your new ride. How much did you have to spend for this vehicle?
  • Just purchased the same vehicle for 43,375.00 Added DVD 2000.00 what a deal!!! Would recommend shopping at one of the Three MASS Stores mentioned here. Timing is everything. I actually got to pick out any new car color and Options I wanted.
  • I just saw this message, probably too late to join :(

    Can you post the deal you guys ended up getting?

    Is this a good deal for the Bay Area?

    2010 Lexus RX350 AWD with navigation system $44K + tax & fees
    With package B

  • This is an update on the auto transportation from MA to SC. The company I had used before with the quote of $650.00 was Direct Express Auto Transport who gave me nothing but a run around. After initially saying they would be at the dealer on Tuesday August 31st, they claimed that was the release date and they had 1 -7 days to pick up the car. On day 7 they then claimed their pick ups were 97 to 90 percent (depending on who I spoke with) within that time frame. I canceled the order and called the company recommended by Lexus of Watertown (American Auto Transport), who quoted $800.00 for the delivery. AAT picked up my car the next day, and will deliver it tomorrow, 2 days later. During the time awaiting pickup, the Lexus of Watertown salesman had the car stored inside a building and kept the keys in his desk. Great service.

    Side note: I didn't opt for the Simonz glasscoat offered by the dealership for $695.00, but a local detailing shop recommended by my mechanic will apply an equivalent sealant for $110.00.

  • I am in Houston, Texas. The Lexus deader offers me the 2010 RX350 with Premium Package, MSRP $43,850. The dealer’s price is $40,648 and drive out is $43534.

    Can someone tell me it is a good deal? Did anyone recently buy with a better price in Houston? Thanks,
  • Just leased a 2010 RX350

    12k mi per yr
    42 mo lease
    3850 down includes taxes, titles and fee's
    505 per mo

    residual was 52%
    money factor .00175
  • I am negotiating an RX now and the money factor is 57%.... list of $48293 and mo. nut is $519 + tax. 12K/36mo
  • I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a 2010, but am wondering how long I can wait before inventories become depleted. Does Lexus typically offer any financing or additional cash incentives as a way to move the remaining inventory (I want to purchase, not lease)? I'm aware of the incentive on CPOs which is tempting but would prefer to have a new one if the numbers work out.

    Thanks for any advice!
  • The Lexus dealers I spoke to are refusing to sell to Canadians, how did you manage to buy one to Canada? help needed sice I'm also looking to import one.

  • Just purchased in Dallas 2 weeks ago - deals from both Sewell and Park Place - $41,400 +TTL - Nav, Comfort, Premium.
  • I have about another month and half left on my 07 GX470's lease and thinking about pulling the trigger on a RX450H or another GX. The residual on the 470 will be about $25,000.00 and according to blue book the trade in value for a good conditioned one is about $32,000.00. I have called the dealer's finance guy but was told there is no equity left on the car whatsoever. Has anyone has similar experience with an end-of-lease trade in? Anyone have any idea what is a fair trade in value for a loaded 07 GX47 with 60K mile on it? Is the dealer try to screw me?
  • How much is the MSRP? Are you in Dallas?

    So far the Lexus dealers in Houston are still firm on the price, about $4000 off the MSRP.

  • slowcarslowcar Posts: 59
    edited September 2010
    Are you sure? Bought one 3 months ago at Sterling McCall for 42.5K at MSRP 47.7K; all options are factory with absolutely no dealer optiond added. I believe the same vehicle can be had for 42.0K even. Many folks in Houston were paying 5K to 5.5K off MSRP.... Good luck.
  • No, I don't believe it was a good deal. With a lower end of RX, you should be able to get at least 4K to 5K off MSRP - make sure all factory options with no dealer added options. Realistically, 4.5K off MSRP is easily doable.
  • MSRP 47,385. Pd $41,400 + TTL. Fwd, Nav, Comfort, Premium, Parking Asst, upgraded speakers, wood shift know, cargo mat, etc. Park Place Plano and Sewell Dallas. Shopped all over Texas and didn't get Houston to budge as much. Sewell and Park Place show a lot of inventory online.
  • Dear friends,

    I live in Socal, dealer offered 47500k OTD for 2010 RX350 AWD with package b. The MSRP is 49000. Is it a good deal? How much is the tax and fee I'm looking for? I only ask OTD price so I don't know the before tax price. Your help is much apperiated.
  • Hi Terry!
    The RX350 that I purchased had 14k miles on it and it was a service loaner vehicle. Lexus dealers in the US usually will not sell a new vehicle to Canadians. You can always buy a low mileage demo or used vehicle and then import to Canada. Just make sure that you get a Canadian built vehicle. The VIN # on Japanese built models start with a J, whereas Canadian built models start with a 2t in the VIN. You must have a sales invoice, title document, and a recall letter from the Lexus head office. I got a recall letter from the dealer, stating the vin # etc, signed by the sales manager and the dummies at RIV would not accept it. So I called Lexus of California and they got me a letter out the next day stating the same damned thing and it was accepted. RIV sure knows how to piss off the Canadian public. After getting all the documents I went through the border ok.
    You will have to get the daytime running lights wired up with a relay so that they cannot be turned off. These lights must be on when the engine is running. Then you will pass the Canadian Tire federal inspection.
    Hope you find a vehicle you like. The 2010 models will be selling for a better price now that the 2011 models are out.
  • Hi!
    Looking at clearance pricing on 2010 RX 350's you should be able to get at least 5000. to 6000.$ below the MSRP. They have lots of room to move from list, so I'd make them an offer of $43,000. and walk away if they don't at least counter your offer. The market is slow for new vehicle sales and the dealers are hungry. Taxes would be extra of course. Check with the dealer for that figure.
    Good luck. Do you intend to lease or pay cash? That may make a difference on your final price?
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