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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cuddcudd Posts: 2
    It shouldn't be difficult to get an RX 350 at or below invoice. I visited Prestige Lexus in Ramsey, NJ last week to check out a RX 350 AWD without NAV. MSRP was 45,570, invoice was 41,850. I told the salesman that I wanted the car below invoice. He didn't give me an offer price in writing because I wasn't buying that day, but I definitely got the feeling that they were willing to go below invoice if I was ready to buy. The initial price they threw at me was 43K.
  • drmd1drmd1 Posts: 4
    Got confused as I am looking X3 too. I should have said Meade Lexus of Southfield. They offered 47k without taxes. Does your offer include premium and nav?
  • I paid $38,946 plus about $3500 sales tax, the "car care" package, and tag and title. I bought the weekend just after the tsunami -- which I think has to have something to do with the price.

    My car has no nav -- but it does have some minor extras like super dark Florida window tinting, mud flaps, and door guard thingymagigs.

    You should all know though that the car has had electrical issues. They were all taken care of very professionally by the dealer, JM Lexus, but because of parts issues I had a (free RX350) loaner for over a month. However, it's not what I expected for a car with 500 miles on it...
  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    Did not include Nav. It was based on a car with a $45500 MSRP. I think I could have done better but it still would be more than i wanted to pay. I don't think i am willing to pay more than invoice which is $41350. I think its almost impossible to get that price in Michigan. I am going to start looking out of state for some quotes.
  • drmd1drmd1 Posts: 4
    I agree. May be because Michigan has less dealers and competition. Mine friend got premium plus nav package for 45000$ last year. According to him that was great price.
  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    sounds like a good plan! Waiting on month end price cuts to increase their sales revenue and clear inventory... I heard from the salesperson that RX350's are flying off the lot. Unsure if the economy has suddenly improved !!

    Will keep you posted
  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    I think I'm done wasting time in Michigan, the dealers can keep their cars. I gave a dealer in Virginia a call and he gave me an offer 5k off MSRP without even negotiating. We all know Michigan is struggling, and for the dealers to expect us to pay MSRP is a joke.
  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    Can you forward the name of the dealership in VA.
  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    If you are willing to pick up in virginia i can negotiate a lower price fo the two of us. Let me know but they seem very motivated. There is also a dealer in Boston that I talked to to was also motivated.
  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    Thx for the offer. Just to let you know that the two of us can negotiate a better offer in MI (RX350+Premium pkg. - No NAV). The pricing currently is $42,200 + Tax/Title and CAN be negotiated (based on 2 purchases) even lower based on month end inventory reduction. Need response ASAP!
  • mi0007mi0007 Posts: 8
    I was quoted $41600 for an rx with a $46,600 MSRP. I know i can bring it down to $41,000. I would definitely rather buy from MI but i don't want to pay $1000 more and get less options. email me your phone number and we can talk over the phone.
  • ivy14ivy14 Posts: 7
    Looks like I am unable to retrieve your e-mail. Unsure if it's due to the setting.. any workaround! You can try sending an e-mail to me.
  • cbctcbct Posts: 1
    This is my first post. I am from Minnesota, which has only two Lexus dealership. Both owned by the same group. I am unable to get anything below $1500 off the MSRP of a $49,535 (AWD, comfort, premium, nav, etc).
    Can you tell us the name of the dealer in VA? Do you plan to drive the RX from VA to Michigan or do you arrange it to be delivered?
    Thanks in advance.
  • a8man1a8man1 Posts: 23
    HI CBCT,

    I faced the same problem when I bought my RX350 in 2008, your best bet is to get it from Chcago area dealers or Milwaukee....McGrath in Chicago (they have 2 or 3 in the chicago and suburbs), has over 100 RX350 in stock and they will deal, unlike Twin Cities area dealers....

    Good luck!

  • jojo188jojo188 Posts: 1
    I'm in the virginia area looking for an rx350 also, if you want to add my to the group... I can be reached at jekwone at the g type email
  • You should be able to get alot more off of the RX. Google the largest Lexus dealer in FL and email them for the best price, no negotiating necessary, they will ship it to you. It will be well worth it just tell them the color and options you want, its a done deal , easy, no haggle.
    Good luck, Susan :shades:
  • When do the 2012 RX350 come out? Also, Has anyone had an Acura MDX before, and could you compare to the Lexus RX350?
  • if anybody wants to email me at, i am in the middle of negotiating a deal for this weekend. Let me know we can get a better price as a group

  • @mi0007 just sent you an email. I'm in VA and would be ready to buy this weekend if we can get a good price. Let me know.
  • bhl1bhl1 Posts: 2
    Just purchased RX350 AWD with premium package, backup camera, heated seats, park assist, wood trim steering wheel and knob, accessory package and cross bars. MSRP of $46,071 and paid $43k with 1.9% financing. Did I get a good deal?
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