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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    That is what they told me first, all in bay area are willing to take 200 above, but I think this too much. Waiting for holiday Incentive. The MSRP price of the car is artificially inflated.
  • ahalyaaahalyaa Posts: 25
    Purchased today New 2012 Rx 350 AWD for $44500 plus TTL with no doc fee. MSRP at $50k.Options: Comfort pkg, 12 spk prem, Navigation, Intuitive park, Prem pkg leather, Wood & leather, Acc pkg with remote start. Purchased at Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria, Virginia. Stargazer black with parchment leather interior. Live in Chicago.Nobody in Chicago, Michigan or Missouri could match the price. Will pickup or truck it out.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,010
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  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    $5500 bellow MSRP is good and fair deal. Good work
    The dealer is very close to RX350 factory in Canada, therefore has access to lots of inventory. I noticed a trend of fair pricing on MDX and RX in DC area.
    I see inventory building up in CA at least 10 RX on lot and dealers are being more flexible than a month ago
  • ahalyaaahalyaa Posts: 25
    Purchased one more by relative today, same config as previous post & same dealer. New 2012 Rx 350 AWD for $44500 plus TTL with no doc fee. MSRP at $50k.Options: Comfort pkg, 12 spk prem, Navigation, Intuitive park, Prem pkg leather, Wood & leather, Acc pkg with remote starter. Purchased at Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria, Virginia. Stargazer black with parchment leather interior.Nobody in Chicago, Michigan or Missouri could match the price. Both SUV's are trucked out to Chicago and Ann Arbor, MI.
  • bdinobdino Posts: 4
    Thanks for all the great info ahalyaa. I'm relocating out to dc area and looking at 2012 rx, is there anyone in particular you'd recommend at Lindsay? Thanks again.
  • that's a great deal.. I'm looking to purchase a new rx350 myself.. from boston.. did you deal with them over the phone ?
  • Like to add my experience to the pot, started my search online and was given the run around by every dealer in the area to commit to coming in to get their best pricing, this wasn't true of Lindsay Lexus though, I was contacted by one of their sales reps and was given what I thought was a great price right off the bat with my choice of any color combo they had on the lot which was a lot, they even took me to their lot and let me choose. I ended up walking out of their in 2 hours tops after an easy painless agreement over the phone on a 2012 for 44,500 +TTL on a 49k car. The salesperson was top notch in every way despite his very young age and this was by far the best sales experience I've had. Since my initial purchase 4 of my friends and relatives have bought after contacting the same salesperson and were given the same great treatment and great pricing. Even if you're not local I urge you to check out this dealership, since one of the people I referred to him was from Texas!
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    Thant is not a good deal, all the dealers her in Northern California are calling me and begging for for 45,400+TTL on the 49K. You should have paid 43,400. The earlier post got almost 5800 bellow MSRP, which is about 11% bellow MSRP. So you paid too much, especially you will pay shipping which is at least $500-$900, so sorry at the end it is a lousy deal.

    I think the range is between 10-15% of MSRP. This is the worst economical times in decades and dealers with inventory want to move cars by Volume, the factory is next door in Canada. There is Hold back on these cars.
  • Thanks for the reply, I re read my post and I forgot to add that they added headrest mounted DVD's as well as a towhitch on @ that price, will edit my orig post, none of the other dealers in my area would even give me a call back at that number
  • Purchased an RX350 from Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria , Va. lastnight and it was the best car buying experience ever! The salesman was very professional and truly a pleasure to do business with. Their pricing was the best I received during my shopping and they had a great selection. This guy had my car ready when I arrived and it took me an hour to complete my transaction. I love the car and would highly recomend the 2012 RX350 and the dealership and my saleperson!
  • ahalyaaahalyaa Posts: 25
    unless u brought Non Navigation vehicle, it is impossible to get headrest mount DVD and towing hitch at $44500 because Lexus DVD cost around $2k and towing hitch with cost you $650 plus you need tow prep pkg which lindsay lexus doesn't have the Inventory.Something isn't clear in your posting.
  • ahalyaaahalyaa Posts: 25
    edited October 2011
    Basic MSRP: $50,080.00

    DOC prep fee: $350

    Total cost# $50430.00

    Price we paid: $44500.00

    Savings: $5930.

    Shipping: $600

    Total Savings: 5330.00 or about 11% off MSRP with shipping or 12% without shipping

    I am sure people will do much better in coming months but this what we have now and happy about it and there is no such thing called "lousy deal". I know lexus will come with either 0% or $1500 rebate in middle of November.

    Remember Lexus has raised the base MSRP with options by $1000 from 2011. I did similar deal,Dec 28th, 2011 at $42,184 with same options last year and with $1500 Acura lease buy back.
  • Car has navigation and you are correct about not having to prep package, they couldn't use a factory and had to go after market for 200,it's being used for a bike rack and not any heavy duty towing which is what I needed it for, and dvd's were 1500 so if you subtract that from the cost of the vehicle it would be 42,800 +++
  • can you let me know the sales person you dealt with. many thanks from a long time satisfied Lexus customer
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

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  • dbc12dbc12 Posts: 3
    I've been looking at the posts but can't seem to find leasing rates and residual for 2012 RX350
    FWD 36mon and 12k/yr. Anybody know/ Thanks
  • Email me at chrisa3410@ and ill be glad to give you info.
  • jr32jr32 Posts: 23
    Looking for some pricing advice. Does the following sound like a good deal:

    2012 RX AWD with Prem Package and Back-up camera= $41,750 + TTL


    2012 RX AWD with Prem Package, Back-up camera, Heat/Vented seats, Tow Prep package, Cargo Mat/net, Wood Steering/Shifter = $42,980 + TTL
  • Can you let me know dealer name and city who offered this price
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