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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sc_rxsc_rx Posts: 4
    Hi, I am planning to purchase a 2012 RX350 with Navigation, premium, 19" wheels, ventilated seats, plus a few other options. MSRP is 46,959. Is 42,300 plus tax and license a good price? I am in southern california. Please let me know asap. Thanks
  • Could have gotten the Platinum Protection for $1,275 via on-line dealer.
    Everyone - Please don't think you need to buy the pan from the same dealer you bought the car from. Shop the internet, there's dealers out there selling these plans for alot less money
  • Looking for the best price on a 2012 RX350 AWD with Comfort & Premium Packages listing out around $46,513. Am seeing prices in the over $44K range but really would like to buy for $43K.
    Anyone know local dealers who are selling cheaper than the rest?
  • dyskdysk Posts: 10
    Looking for best price on 2012 RX 350 FWD with premium + navigation package, and optionally comfort package in Houston area. Getting prices above 45k. Is is it a okay price? Any information on local or regional dealers? I am trying to get the 42-43k sweet price.

    Also, when you get cars from distant dealers, possibly out-of-state, how does the maintenance or services work? Do dealers provide extra discount for this rather one-time service/sell?
  • Sounds good - what dealership? I keep hearing $43k for the same vehicle. I'm in NoCal tho...

    ps - is it FWD or AWD - my quotes are for FWD, Nav, no comfort pkg
  • dontburnearldontburnearl Posts: 15
    edited November 2011
    I've been offered a 2012 RX for $42,477, no navigation. Options are Premium Package, 19" wheels, heated seats, parking assistance, towing, wood/leather trim on steering wheel, accy package, cross bars. Seems to me that people are getting prices around this for navigation. This is in the Houston area

    Can anyone suggest a more accurate cost?
  • Is this a AWD or FW?
  • I work for a major Lexus dealership and hate to burst your bubble but you overpaid this vehicle....sorry.
  • Don't mean to burst your bubble but you overpaid for this vehicle....I work for one of the biggest Lexus dealers in the country....sorry!
  • dyskdysk Posts: 10
    so...what's a good price mate? ;)
  • Sorry I did not mention this. FWD
  • sc_rxsc_rx Posts: 4
    I just got mine today for 42k plus tax and license. Mine is a FWD. I dont think you should pay 43k. Good luck.
  • gavrikgavrik Posts: 27
    Can someone confirm if they are any rebates available for '12 RX350 such as Loyalty Rebate or Cash to Dealer?
  • That's a pretty decent price for that market. Figure anything between $41,500 & $43 is doing good
  • 43k is a good price if you can get it in TX.
  • ab10000ab10000 Posts: 127
    edited November 2011
    8k bellow MSRP on the loaded AWD with navi and appearance is the Target.
    So you should pay around 42k for the 49-50k MSRP. There is more cushin in the loaded Rx therefore it does not make sence buying the striped car.
    Check with lexus in Virgina Lindsay Lexus. Also go to a dealer with inventory.
  • dyskdysk Posts: 10
    Thanks for the reply!

    A quick , possibly naive, question :)
    I didn't exactly understand this: "There is more cushin in the loaded Rx therefore it does not make sence buying the striped car."

    Can you please elaborate a bit?

  • sandy111
    I have purchased the same vehicle with seemingly the same package. I am supposed to conclude the sale and pick it up today. MSRP was
    $49,500 I am paying 45,500. Now I am deciding on Lease of cash. Single pay lease at 15k miles is 23000. I'm not sure which way to go.

    The dealership is pushing me to the lease.

  • I. trading a 2006 4runner in on the same car you are buying. They are giving me $17000 for the trade and $28400 is my cash difference. total $45,400
  • I just concluded our agreement......I am now getting $17,500 for my trade so I will owe about $30,750 plus tax/fees. I think I got a pretty good deal.....thanks for your helo.
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