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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You have indeed negotiated quite well. Best of luck. Never hurts to ask :)
  • Can you send the info to Secondly, can you give me what the MRSP price before the discount.
  • dyskdysk Posts: 10
    that's a great deal. it would be good to know how you negotiated. Let me know if you could get the coupons on top. what are your specs/msrp?

  • I went to Westside Lexus today. They told me that they had sold the one car without Comfort package on Dec 2 and the price was 45K +TTL. Can you confirm that it was you that bought the car on that date for 45K+TTL?
  • Thanks to this forum and all your help. I picked my new RX350 today. 2012 model, Silver with light grey interior. FWD+ premium package+rear view mirror+heated and colled seats, wood and leather steering and shift knob and a few odds and ends. MSRP = 43950. Purchase price 38791 + TTL. I believe I did alright...not the best deal maybe but a pretty good one

    Thank you all once again for all your help.

    Best Regards,
  • Cubes, you got a very good deal!

    Regarding the coupons, it is entirely possible that the price you've already negotiated includes the coupons being applied. When we negotiated, and agreed to a price, it included the cost. There have been a few people posting who've gotten some incredible deals, and I am betting the coupons were applied to the cost already!

    Good luck!
  • Actually, I had to sign the coupons, with the VIN put on it by the salesperson. So you would know if you got the coupons or not.
  • rx2012awdrx2012awd Posts: 7
    edited December 2011
    Hi cubescubes,
    That is a very good deal. Could you please share the location of the deal and the dealership?

    Thank you.
  • sree5sree5 Posts: 6
    Cubes and any other new owners,

    Did you have to pay the $607 advertising fee. Could you give us a breakup of the charges - ad, doc, ttl, reg, any other ?

  • Yes, I had to sign the coupons. I was just letting people know that the price some have negotiated, the dealer might include the coupons - at least that is the way for my purchase.
  • No. I did not pay any ad fees. The breakup was as follows:

    Car: 38791
    Theft deterrent: 99 (this is more due to the particular dealership)
    doc fee: 55
    Lic fee: 253
    Transfer: 80
    Tax: 3212.

    I did not get any coupon discount. I came to know of this quite late in the game. When I asked for this discount, the dealership flatly refused. They claimed they did not have any left and noted that they would not apply to this particular car even if they had any coupon since the purchase price was already low.
  • cubescubescubescubes Posts: 10
    edited December 2011
    Lexus of Serramonte, near San Francisco
  • Thank you for the info.
  • cb6cb6 Posts: 10
    I picked up my new RX350 2012 AWD from Lexus of Serramonte today, car has comfort, premium, Nav (MSRP 50003), they sold it for invoice and used 2 coupons ($1000), I guess it's not the same as invoice - 1000 since I have to pay taxes on the $1000. Anyways a fair deal and it was easy since they agreed to it over the phone. Putnam in Redwood city was willing to go invoice - 500 plus the 2 certificates but that car does not have comfort package which is what I wanted. I actually have to sign the coupons and they have to put the VIN number on them. Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays!
  • Just for the record, if someone refers to you a specific dealership, please ask permission to use their name as a referral when quoting a price. I provided dealer & salesperson information to someone with some general pricing, who then emailed the dealership, cc'ing myself, basically calling the dealership liars. While most of us have a goal of getting a great deal on our vehicles, and like to share info to help others out, I was very uncomfortable with this, and feel it is a breach of the message boards, as I never gave that person permission to use my name. My lesson is now learned.
  • In the Washington DC area it is impossible to find a 2012 RX350 FWD. Plenty of AWDs. Anybody has a suggestion?
  • sree5sree5 Posts: 6
    Two in Long Island New York., select the model, view inventory, zip code 10010 radius: 100 mi, drivetrain: FWD should show em
  • Well... on this board, we don't allow personal information to be posted.. for the Edmunds member or for dealership personnel.

    I'd be very careful to give out my personal information to someone I didn't know... I'm sorry for your bad experience. That would make me uncomfortable, as well..

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi All,

    Just picked up my gorgeous new Lexus AWD RX in tungsen pearl with light gray interior. I'm over the moon happy! Now I have to spend all day learning all the gadgets lol. Tough work but someone has to do it ! This is my first AWD so maybe this year I can actually get up my driveway in our CT snow.

    It has Nav, Comfort, Premium, Preferred Accessories pkg, Parking Assist (what a hoot that is), Wood/Leather steering and the 12 speaker prem sound.

    Total MSRP $49,360.00 Invoice $45,161.00 (includes the $607 ad fee all the dealers up here add in.) Could not find a dealer in the Tri-state area (CT/NY/NJ) who would even fess up to the coupons and few had the color and equipment I wanted. Bravo to you all who got that extra $1000 off. I felt bad at first that I couldn't get that too but my final negotiated price was still a decent $261 under invoice and they gave me a better trade in price on my 12 year old Acura, which was more money off the price and less tax. That was an absolute plus. The dealership and their service dept are great and they are only 11 miles away.

    Waiting for my body side moldings (forgot about getting them til I picked up the car rofl) to come in early next week and I'll be all set. BTW, I took the service plan as Lexus seems so expensive for every little thing. It will save almost $1500 in the long run for my plan.

    Thanks to Hondaman and all the rest of you kind folks who responded and held my hand through this process. My first experience here was buying a new Honda for my Mom this summer at a great price too. I'm glad I came back and hopped onto this Lexus forum for all your kind help. I know it saved me big bucks and actually got me in the driver's seat.

    Wishing you all a happy healthy holiday season and a great New Year in your new shiny wheels!
    xox diva (now the car matches the attitude! LOL)
  • Congrats! I think you did quite well considering our region is pretty tough to negotiate on SUVs during cold season.
    Happy holidays to you as well and enjoy your new car; I know I am..
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