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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • natwnatw Posts: 2
    I am in Northern CA, and looking to buy the exact same car. Talked to several dealers and all of them mentioned price increase for RX350. Car with older invoice are almost sold out and the one with new invoice price is $700-$1000 more depends on the options. Had anyone heard of price increase? And I was told dealers with older invoice car refuse to trade those cars with other dealers.

    I was wondering if I should wait for the facelift in May? Since Lexus is likely to reveal the new RX350 in 2 weeks in the auto show, I wonder what will this affect the price of 2012 model? Should I expect the 2013 be more expensive?

    Please comment.
  • upashiupashi Posts: 3
    edited March 2012
    I am based in Houston. I contacted 4 local dealers and I am very unhappy the way Lexus dealers are responding. All I need is premium package + Nav (not a must), but they keep pushing cars with a lot of extras I don't need or want. Out of the 4 dealers, 1 did not contact me at all. 1 other is about 2 hours away, but the lady did call me. I told her I need at least 10% off MSRP and she said that she is in car business for 20 years and would not deal with me at that price. (It's below her invoice.?)

    I looked at RX350 with premium package, navigation + other extras on Friday with 3rd dealer. (He is closest to my place.) MSRP was $48617. I offered him $44,000 + tax, title. The dealer said that I was offering him below his cost & the best he could do was $46,300 + tax, title. I told him to contact me if he agrees with me and walked out. He did not stop me nor has contacted me yet.

    Now I got a call today from another (4th) dealer. (about 1 hour drive from my place). This vehicle is without NAV system. (Premium Package, Towing package, 19" alloy wheels, backup camera, park assist, heated/ventilated seats, wood/leather trimmed steering wheel, Z1, 3T) MSRP is $45,582. I offered him $41,000 He said that he would sell for $42,500. I told him pretty much same thing I told first dealer. He would not commit to $41,000 price on the phone or email. So he said that it would help negotiation if I went to dealership personally, so that he could convince his boss. I told him that I am fine with it if he at least agrees to the price in principle so as not to waste my and his time. He said, he will get back to me.

    Based on this experience, did I offer way too less ($44,000) in the first case? Is $41,000 offer good one in second case? Do you think they will agree to 10% off MSRP. I am in no rush to buy the vehicle, but would but immediately if the price is good.

    Thanks in advance.
  • dyskdysk Posts: 10
    Houston dealers do not negotiate a lot. Best of luck.

    You may want to try Dallas. All the dealers compete there.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited March 2012
    From what you said here, it's only been a day or so, with your first dealer. Probably the waiting game right now. Give him another 3-4 days, to see if they contact you. Any good sales person would at least contact you and try to get you to talk some more.You can bet his manager is telling him what to do or not do right now.

    Perhaps that first dealer has little inventory ? Sometimes they play real hard when so, hoping for a better offer. If you don't hear from him, I sure would work on the next dealer that calls you back. I really think you made him(first dealer) a good offer, and he has profit still in that offer, PLUS he does get his holdback, and any factory to dealer incentives we don't know about. I'd hang in there and wait a few more days with him, and if he does call , be ready to buy, and at least go back in with your checkbook, and tell him you are ready for your deal, right then.

    Also, the week days are usually much slower for dealers, and usually a better time to make your deal than weekends.

    These dealers in your area sound like they are not real aggressive as many of us have found out here in the west. Especially the Calif dealers, want to move cars, and seem to be overstocked..always a winner for we buyers.They have large allocations, as they sell so many, with the large population.

    Keep in mind here also, that the more options on the car..the more mark up % in it. No matter where the car is.

    Also in your favor is the 2013 'Refreshing' RX due out in a few weeks. Just a grill and bumper change..and dealers should want to move the 12's.

    And , as another said here, perhaps a trip to Dallas would be worth it if the Houston guys don't decide to work with you.
    I traveled from my state of Arizona to Calif, and got my deal there. I saved almost $2400 by doing so, as the dealers here in AZ don't have the inventory, and are tough to deal with, except one..and he was iffy. Glendale Lexus was terrific for me and a couple others on this forum.

    Hope you keep us posted.
  • Nazzy100 was the tax you paid in CA delivery the same as you would have paid in AZ. I live in TN and found the car I wanted in CA at a great price, I wanted to fly out and drive back but would have had to pay CA taxes if delivery is taken in CA. Just curious. No one in my area wants to deal much either. Only two Lexus Dealers in Nashville and they are owned by the same person, no competition.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    Yes, I paid AZ sales tax, and left there with all the proper papers for our MVD here, for Registration and licensing.

    I was in and out of our MVD here in 20 minutes with a Plate and the new Registration.

    Where in Ca you planning on going ?
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited March 2012
    Here's something important to consider also:

    Lexus made a INVOICE price increase on all cars invoiced sometime during that monthFeb). It was a big one too.

    So, it's important for those still trying to buy, to see the actual MSRP sticker, and see when that car was invoiced to the dealer. Get the date. If it is a newer invoice, the discounting will not be what many others here have received. You might notice that most of those great deals, where on cars that were invoiced prior to this increase.

    This increase means that the mark up from actual invoice to MSRP is much less than previous. Thus, less discounting will be had. And, Lexus Corp also changed the dealer holdback amount...and this will affect the amounts of discounts.

    The problems you might be having with your Houston dealers is they have mostly newer invoiced RX's on the lot now.

    This increase by Toyota/Lexus Corp, and others, was done to try to keep the retail prices from going up on their cars too much, and scaring away we buyers. By doing this of course, the sales people and the dealers are left with much less to work with.

    Best I can figure is that cars made/invoiced in Feb sometime, have about 9.5 % max markup. And we don't know yet how the holdback has changed.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82

    See post 4803, for some changes on invoice !
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82

    Looks like that car, if a recent invoiced car after this new increase, has a invoice of about $43200, only.

    So, How much over invoice do you think it fair for that dealer to get is your decision IF, that has one of the newer invoiced dates I guess.
  • Thanks Nazzy.

    I was aware of the invoice increase before I bought the car a week ago. I was able to get one at $1500 below the old invoice. I was told all the RXs come in after 02/08 will have the new invoice (the difference is about $1000-1200). As someone mentioned earlier, the "old" car is scarce now.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    Good to hear , Vincent.

    So what was your final price before tax and license etc ?
  • This was last year and I had gotten a great quote from South Bay Lexus in Torrance, CA. The sales rep said if I take delivery in CA I would have to pay CA taxes instead of getting a temp tag and registering it here in TN.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited March 2012

    Technically, Ca sales tax(8.5) would be required, unless, you have the dealer there put it on a transport, and you don't drive it on the street there. This law has been iffy for a long time. These dealers know how to save you money on transporters.

    So don't let me mislead sure you check the rules at the dealer you might buy it from.And, by all means call your local DMV there and get their rules also.

    Sorry I can't give you any more on my particular deal.

    Good luck
  • bobbio56bobbio56 Posts: 37
    looking at 2012 AWD w/comfort package, nav system, premium pkg., wood wheel and knob, Accy pkg. cross bars - sticker is 46,619

    suggestions would be appreciated! this would be third car from dealer in 8 years.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!!!! - philly area
  • jc12456jc12456 Posts: 4

    That seems a good price - I had been quoted $46,731 in Houston 2012 FWD w/comfort pack, navigation and premium package, wood wheel, accry pack, cross bars and 19" wheels.

    Can seem to get much better than that price and the AWD are more expensive than the FWD. Can you share which dealer - maybe I buy and truck it.

    Equally anyone that can give me advice on what price I should be aiming for that will be great.

  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited March 2012
    If that exact car has a invoice after Feb10, it will have a higher invoice, than earlier 2012 RX's. Ask that dealer what the exact invoice date is on this car.

    So, if that is the case, a date after Feb10, I'd say the invoice on that car is $42424.00. If it has a date prior to that, the invoice will be about $1100 less.

    So, how much profit do you think it fair for your dealer to make on this car?

    Whatever that is, add to that number, and make your offer, ONLY if you are ready to buy right then .Me, I'd offer him $500 over($43000), but if necessary, I'd go to about $850 over. That's just me. And by all means, remind him you are a three time loyal buyer from him, and you want a terrific deal this time, to buy again from him.

    As far as 'holdback' goes, he will get it still, but I think Lexus changed it, and only pays dealers quarterly now. It;'s probably still 2% of the BASE price of your car. Not positive if the percentage changed or not. I personally, think the dealer is entitled to his holdback and should not be part of my offer. After all, he has 'flooring' fees on his cars he has to pay. That's why there is a holdback from the factory for him.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out.
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18
    babbio, nazzy am I missing something?

    Bobbio you said the MSRP sticker for a 2012 RX AWD, with nav, comfort and premium package was 46???

    The MSRP for a AWD is around 40475K, nav (2,465), com (1950), Premium pack (2400) = 47290 and that doesn't include the destination charge.

    nazzy you said the invoice with the 810 holdback is 41324?

    where did you get that number?

    Please provide the breakdown, bc I don't know where you got that number from. Not true car value that I use. Did you add the advertising fee?
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18
    This is what I researched.

    bobbio you said you have a 2012 AWD with nav, comfort, premium, wood wheel and knob and accessory package.

    MSRP/Sticker is 48,750

    Dealer Cost is 37, 846 - Base, 6778 in options, 400-600+ Regional Ad fees, and 600-800+ in Destination Charge.

    It has a 810 dollar holdback

    So the true invoice including regional adds, destination charge and subtracting hold back is around 44,800 - 45,300 K.

    If the vehicle was purchased by the dealer before feb 10 or so the price will be around 1100-1300 less.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited March 2012
    I believe he said $46600 was the full MSRP on the actual car he was after. And I said I thought the invoice was about 42300-42400.First Offer was $43000.

    Looks like the car you are building in about $2000 higher in MSRP ?

    MSRP is the FULL retail price of the car, including Shipping. Hold back is NOT in the MSRP. I don't think I said I was figuring the holdback amount in what I would offer, in that message. The holdback was an 'aside' comment only.

    If this(his) car was invoiced after Feb 10, Take 46600 x 90.5 %. Not quite 11-12% anymore.

    That is approx only invoice ,if he has listed the MSRP bottom line correctly.

    Invoice is what the dealer actually pays for that car, upfront. Holdback is not in the MSRP, and I did not figure it in the above. I believe the dealer is entitled to it, that's just me. Dealer/factory incentives, etc, are not figured here, if any. WE usually don't know what that is.
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18
    edited March 2012
    Got it.

    I believe his invoice price was wrong. No way you can have the packages that he listed and have a MSRP of 46K. It should have been around 48k.

    Your calculations make sense.

    My MSRP was 49780 and I paid 44050 (not including tax and tags). I brought a pre invoice increase vehicle.
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