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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jc12456jc12456 Posts: 4
    Ok hope you can all help me - first time buyer in the US and really appreciate any assistance on working out price I should actully be paying.

    Have been quoted MSRP of
    Base car $39075
    Optional Equipment $9167 (Comfort Pack $1950, 12 speaker stereo $110, 19" alloys $660, nav $2465, park assist $500, premium pack $2400, towing prep $238, wood wheel $330, cargo mat net ec $255, cross bars$259)

    Dealer delivery processing fee $875

    Total MSRP $49117 plus TTL

    Dealer saying best price is discounting MSRP to $47482 plus TTL

    Based on above should I be offering $49117 x 90.5% =$44,450 plus TTL

    Want to just cut to the chase and get to a fair price without hours of haggling. Hearing all the sob stories about how they are only making $500 per car at the price they are offering and I am just about at the point where I will give up and try one of these car buying services.

    Again as first time US buyer appreciate any advice on the correct price to offer into which I need to then add TTL. Wife is desperately wanting a car.

    Many thanks
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18
    edited March 2012
    $44,450 plus TTL

    is a estimated invoice.

    Now comes the fun part.

    How much profit do you feel comfortable giving the dealership?

    500 or 1000 (start 500 over and work yoru way up to 1000, or maybe max out at 1500, its up to you) IMO 1500 over 44450 (45950) is more than fair.

    Is the dealership a top selling Lexus dealership? The bigger they are the better chance you have at getting your price.

    Are you fine with submiting a few emails / offers to dealerships as far a 100 miles away? A car buying service might help you reach out.

    No need to visit the dealership until the price is 100% agreed on, that way you are not wasting your time driving.

    Good Luck
  • jc12456jc12456 Posts: 4
    No me seems to want me to buy a car - they are all sticking to 46500 plus TTL

    Any other clues ? Getting to a point where I will be something other than a Lexus.

    Appreciate any advice
  • texaspatexaspa Posts: 5
    You may want to wait until the end of the month and repeat your offer.
    I live in Houston and had to make a deal with a Dallas dealer to get their attention. Houston ended up matching the deal on March 31, 2010.
  • ekroppekropp Posts: 1
    edited March 2012

    I am looking at a 2012 Rx350 awd with a MSRP of 49,360

    True Car has an invoice of 46,600 which is higher than what everyone else here is referencing.

    The dealer wants to sell me the car for 46,600 - ie true car invoice

    less 1500 rebate for trading in a BMW so 45,100.

    I am looking at a 36 month lease with 15,000 miles/year

    Residual is 57% and money factor is .0013

    The dealer is quoting me 2000 down (first month, bank fees, title etc)
    then 600/month for 35 months

    Is this a fair deal? Can I do better? What about the invoice price does that seem accurate?

    Thanks in advance for any input
  • hchiutxhchiutx Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    Hi Everyone, I am in the market for a new RX350 for my wonderful wife. Greater Seattle area. I am quite confused by the options as the Lexus website, Edmunds, BestPrice each forces me to select different optional packages. I hope you experts out there can clarify this for me. My wife wants:

    Nav system
    Backup monitor
    Leather interior
    wood trim
    6-CD + sound system
    NO backseat entertainment system as that will ruin my kids' eyesight. They can watch stuff at home

    Sounds simple does it? Yet some web sites allow Nav system added on individually, some allows moonroof only with luxury package and not premium, some says Nav only comes with rear seat entertainment system. It's very confusing. Which options packages should really be selected based on these?

    Can anyone shed some light on this please? I can't get a read on MSRP if I don't have the right options selected. By the way I have not seen any postings on Seattle - anyone know the best dealership for an RX? Thanks!
  • upashiupashi Posts: 3
    Here is the latest development & whole story. As mentioned earlier, I contacted 4 dealers. 2 didn't even bother to show in any interest, so I was left with 2. The one near my house had MSRP $48617. I offered him $44,000 + tax, title. The dealer said that I was offering him below his cost & the best he could do was $46,300 + tax, title. He never called me back.

    The one, about 1 hour drive away, was more receptive. He had a vehicle for MSRP $45,587 ( FWD, backup camera, 19" alloy wheels, Heated/ventilated seats, Intuitive Parking, Premium package, Tow Prep. package, Wood/leather trimmed steering wheel, Cargo-mat/cargo-net/wheel lock/key gloves, cross bars) Based on discussions here, I offered him $41,000 (10% off MSRP) He said $42,500. I told him to talk to his manager and get back to me. Next day, he said $42K. I still stuck with $41K. Then I went for spring break for a week. When I returned, I had call waiting for me. He said that he would give better deal if I showed up at the showroom, so I went there. The "manager" said best he could do was $42,500 and showed me invoice saying he was offering $1200 under invoice. I was still asking "he could do better". and THEN my wife blurted out "Why are you being stingy for $500, blah blah blah" AND I KNEW THAT I HAD LOST THE BATTLE. I threatened the dealer that I would walk away & actually did walk away from the dealership. But it was too late. On the way back home, my dear wife "convinced me" how wonderful the deal was & how cheap I am. So we turned back & got the vehicle for $41,500 + TTL.

    As a final revenge, I called Lexus and told them how useless their dealer network is and how they were not willing to do business with me. The lady politely told me: they are all independent businesses of Lexus (sort of franchisees) and they "independently" manage the business. Good luck. :)

    Not sure if it's a good price. But that is the BEST I could get. (It's about 9% below MSRP). If my wife is happy, then it doesn't matter. So far, my wife LOVES the vehicle & what a fantastic decision "she" made. ;)

    Thanks to ALL OF YOU from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful forum and all the discussions.
  • upashiupashi Posts: 3
    There is a typo above.
    The "manager" said best he could do was $41,500 and showed me invoice saying he was offering $1200 under invoice. (not sure if that is correct.)

    BTW, my wife got the color she wanted. (Black with Parchment interior).

    I got 1.9% financing for 60 months. I told him, my credit union is giving 1.9% for 72 months, but the best he would do was 60 months. I may refinance with my credit union for 72 months.
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18
    edited March 2012
    You did good.

    No need to be upset

    You held your guns and you got a great deal.

    Not to mention that you were able to locate a pre-invoice increase vehicle (purchased by the dealer prior to mid Feb)

  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited March 2012
    I say you did very well.

    $4000 + off which you got, on newer invoiced Rx's is a very nice deal. I think this was a unit invoiced after Feb 8.

    That $1200 under invoice the manager said he was doing is baloney.

    I'd say he made about $600 on the sale and will collect his holdback also of 2%. later. My opinion.

    I have no problem with a dealer making $500 -$1000 in the end, on a $45000 car.

    Again, he's entitled to his holdback in my book for sure. If you think about it, the dealer probably has 25 Rx's in his inventory..maybe. He paid for those , or is paying/ financing(flooring) as they sit. Just that one model on his lot, ties up approx $1 million of his money, until they are sold. He has monthly payments on them himself.

    Sleep well, no' buyers remorse' !
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18
    The invoice price increased 1200 -1800 depending on options on all models purchased by the dealer from the man. after mid Feb.

    So unless you find a dealer with a pre feb rx, you will have to pay the increase in invoice.
  • rich177rich177 Posts: 3
    I would say go lower possibly waiting till the last day of the month or last weekend day at least. Offer 45k before $1500 rebate.

    Purchased a 2012 RX end of January for $1500 under invoice. MSRP $49,7xx for $44,000 plus tax, title & registration and 1.9% for 60 months. Granted this was before the invoice increase but you should still be able to do similar. Dealer invoice on our vehicle showed $45,5xx.
  • texaspatexaspa Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if there will be any incentives in April before the 2013 comes out in May??
    I will not be financing so don't qualify for those incentives.
  • Does everybody pay a Doc Fee? Dealer wants 300 Doc this normal?

  • nit2nit2 Posts: 29
    I have had to pay that on the 4 or 5 car purchases that I have made so far. I have seen it range between $250 and $400 over 20 or 25 years and across different dealers and types of cars. My (limited) experience has been that dealers were not willing to even negotiate on the amount.
  • gqscholargqscholar Posts: 18
    I got hit with a $250 doc fee.

    I was told it was the $$$ needed to fed ex my plates and additional temp tag to me (70.00), file my paperwork (93.00), and pay for the empoyee/cleric time (86.00).

    I'm sure there might be some fluff in there, but I let it walk. My dealer said they had to charge fees bc the margins are low on the car. More likely its just dealer, talk, who knows. Some dealers lie so much, who knows what truthful anymore.

    I also had to pay 235 in registration and tag fees

    200 was to register my car for 5 years ($40.00 a year) and 35.00 for title work including adding lien, etc.

    Of course the 3.75 tax which came to 1600+ for my car

    Hopes this info helps
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited March 2012
    Yep, those Doc fees are everywhere, and vary depending on the part of the country, and the make of the dealership. Here in the West/SW they run around $350 at a Toyota Dealership, and Lexus dealers about $400.

    I also have a newer Toyota PU, and That dealer wanted $350. I told him to buy the truck, I'd only split those with him, after I made my best deal. What he did was discount the sale price of the Truck another $175.00, but had to leave the DOC fees where they were on the Purchase order. I think these dealers have their machines all programmed of that amount, thus won't change them on a individual deal, but, you can try to negotiate them down, as in my case. Bottom line is all we care about anyway, they can show whatever they want, as long as the final out the door total is what we agree on.

    Yes, they do make money on those DOC fees, so, that, plus holdback, plus factory /dealer incentives, plus the mark up on the car, left in the deal, is all theirs.

    Don't feel bad on on your $200 + Plate/Tag fees, out here they run about $450 on a Lexus RX(Based on value of the car here). And, 8.9 % sales tax !
  • alosmurfalosmurf Posts: 1
    Hi guys,
    Im a newbie in buying a new car. But i have my eyes on a car rx 350 2012, the mrs price is 39950 and include the option is 45k. So what is the best deal if i want to offer to the dealer ?
    And one more question : som of you said u buy the car for 46k + ttl. so it that mean u pay 46k and still need to pay for the ttl . Or the 46k is the out door price ">
  • coug1980coug1980 Posts: 2
    I am dumbfounded by the price being asked for 2011 or 2010 used RX 350s. They are so high, might as well buy a new one.

    I want a white/black leather RX 350, AWD, comfort, premium, 12 speaker, wood, backup camera and parking assist. Edmunds says that after $875 destination, invoice is $43,948 and msrp is $46,990. TMV $45,749.

    I live in Seattle but travel a fair bit, so I would go anywhere in west to get it. I don't think Seattle dealers are competitive.

    Any suggestions on a real obtainable price and where to buy with minimal hassle???

  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited March 2012
    Yep, sounds like Certified RX price's . Usually, very nice cars too. Those are high here in the SW too. And, they sell very well. Especially the 2010, and 2011's as they have the new body style changes.

    Keep in mind, there is room to negotiate in those too. That Factory/dealer certified warranty is a good one too,three years from your date of purchase, or 100, 000 miles. If you drive a lot it's a winner. You say you do.

    Check the blue book value, both trade value, and retail, and you'll get a rough idea how much room to negotiate in these cars. plus add another $500 to wholesale value, probably $1000 added on to the retail by the dealers.. It does cost the dealer to 'Certify' a Lexus( probably about $300 +). Keep in mind too, that not all Used Lexus cars will qualify to be certified either. Only the better trades or leased returned cars are. Some were dealer loaners also. Those are usually low miles also .

    When checking the blue book on these cars, you'll also notice they have them priced right up there at full dealer retail book. They will negotiate. These cars really keep there value, thus they get a bunch for them. Especially if the dealer has low inventory on new RX's .

    You should be able to buy a nicely equiped with NAV, certified 2011 RX, low miles( under 15000), for around $37-38000.00 by negotiating. Thus about $5000 to 7000 less that a new one. A 2010 probably another $3000 to 5000 less that the 2011.

    Regarding the 2012's , read back the messages here, and you'll see how the invoice on recent 12's was increased, quite a bit too. The great deals in the past are not possible now, Unless Lexus offers dealers some real incentives again.

    Several on here have traveled to buy. A few have bought from Glendale Lexus, and done very well. Don't expect their best price over the phone though, so you will have to travel some. I suggest you go to one if you can with lots of inventory, and do your homework first. Know how much you are willing to buy the car for. And be ready to buy if you get your price, right then. These dealers aren't going to do much for you, IF you aren't ready to buy right then, if you get your price. Be(really) ready and tell them you are, and tell them what you will pay, or you will go elsewhere.

    Important: If you are considering buying out of sure to check with your state on Taxes if you do. And rules by law for the state you are buying in.
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