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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gwalnutgwalnut Posts: 5
    Thanks to cysd for the info. I got the deal from Escondido Lexus, CA last night and like to share:
    2012 RX350 AWD. with premium pkg and a few other options. msrp $45808. I got it for $39465. plus TTL. I am happy with it. Also been told that today will be the last day of the clearence.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82

    That has to be pure nonsense. I'd report that guy who told you that.

    Call another dealer, or call Lexus at the 800 number. 1-800-255-3987 option 2.
    They will tell you it's pure nonsense, and I hope you'll report the dealers who told you that.

    Now, if that dealer doesn't have a RX FWD with Nav in STOCK, that could be, but that's a long way from saying you can't get one without AWD .Hope you got the name of the sales person who told you it can't be done.
  • I went to Lexus Dealer in KC on 5/29 and told them I'll buy a 2012 RX350 w/o NAV for $5,000 off MSRP and they didn't budge. They said 2013 is selling for $1,000 off MSRP. I told them to give me a call when they change their mind. Should I try a different dealership or this is how it is in the Midwest.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited May 2012

    Remind that dealer that you are not after a 2013, and don't care about it being only $1000 of of MSRP, you are offering on a 2012, not a 13. His point is apples to oranges for you.

    'Dealer's Discounts' especially on a 2012 now, do vary by parts of the country for the most part and change often depending on his supply and demand. As well as his allocation.

    Also, Factory incentives to the Dealer directly definitely make a big difference how much a particular will and when discount a deal. Those usually only happen once in a while each year.

    So when most dealers won't budge much at all on price, it's usually because factory incentives are over for a while, and he's on his own really. Usually Factory direct incentives to dealers bring about large/often TV ads for the particular models, i.e. advertising blitz at the National level. Similar to say Subway national TV ads, with the $5 sub deals. As franchise owners of Lexus or Subway, the Dealer gets help from the factory, not only for the ads being run, but usually at certain times, a cash incentive also per unit sold, above and beyond, the usual Holdbacks etc.

    One thing we know for sure- California especially southern CA dealers on Lexus have really been giving large discounts compared to the rest of the country. They of course have the traffic and huge population, thus they sell volume, and volume sales mean more allocation for Lexus. More inventory means good deals .

    Those dealers in smaller populations with less car buying anyway, have less inventory, and need more mark-up per unit to offset their lack of volume.
    However, those same smaller dealers , remember, still do get the once in a while cash incentive from the factory, all their dealers do, Lexus does not discriminate on that, so then, they can also do better for the buyer.

    Several car makers operate the same way.

    One tough issue on the Lexus RX is, that it is so popular, still, I think the number one luxury SUV sold in America. It's a Sellers(dealers) market, lots of the time .

    Just my food for thought.
  • sailakfansailakfan Posts: 28

    So much for shopping long distance over the phone. Today the sales person called and said they cannot finance out of state buyer and said if I want buy it for cash.

    I guess they sold it for a better price, well they too have to make a living. Now back to square one again. Hope there are some more 2012s left in the configuration we want. Good lesson.
  • sailakfansailakfan Posts: 28
    My deal fell through and it was Keyes Lexus so anybody in the future beware. I think it is okay to disclose the dealer's name without violating the forum's policy. This would help any future buyers.

    sysd and gwalnut, thanks for the info and looks like if they still have any, Escondido will earn my hard earned dollars. :)
  • sailakfansailakfan Posts: 28
    nemesis, sorry I just saw your post. Sewell, both Dallas and FW did not budge and they sold bunch of 2012s 500 over invoice on memorial day and I felt sorry for the buyers and just left.
  • slsmartinslsmartin Posts: 2
    Congradulations on your New Lexus! Sounds like an excellent deal. What options do you have on your car? And what part of the Country is this dealer.

    I also bought a RX 350, but not quite the deal you made! I am amazed all the negotiating was completed by phone prior to your visit. That is truly one of the best aspects of your purchase!

    Thank you
  • hemi57hemi57 Posts: 11
    I spoke to a dealer in Sanfrancisco who offered me 5K off of a 2012 49K RX. But they cannot provide financing because of lot of paper work involved for out of state buyers and wanted cash or find a bank/CU myself.
    Localy, the best I could get is $2500 off
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited June 2012
    Try Lexus of Glendale.

    The southern CA Lexus dealers do the best on discounting because of so many dealers down there.Competition is fierce. Not so in the Bay area of San Fran.

    Unless you truck your new car to your state, you will have to pay CA sales tax. The dealer has to do that if you drive it off the lot. State Law. Then you can bet your state will hit you again. Having it transported solves that by law.

    Be careful.
  • cysdcysd Posts: 8
    Update on my previous deal.

    Went back to the dealer oday and checked out the car I was interested last weekend. Found out it has 100 miles on it already. They said it was because the car was at a different dealership and got driven over. Was able to talk the price down even more because of the mileage. Ended up getting $37400 +tax&fees (MSRP $44674).

    Also got offered a express total care package which includes paint & leather seal & 5 years of total care for $1895+ tax which I fell for....

    Didn't go for the extended warranty though. Do ppl actually go for the extended warranty? I thought the whole point of getting Japanese car is for their reliability.
  • freddynjfreddynj Posts: 10
    Hi all,

    New poster here. I just bought a 2012 RX-350 AWD, Japan built at a dealer in Colma, California. I dealt with the internet sales associate.
    As you can see, I live in NJ,but located this silver RX with all the options I wanted, prem, comfort, nav, towing pkg.

    I actually flew to SF,was picked up at the airport,and got a great deal over 5,300 off MSRP with installed mud flaps, window etch.
    Yes, it is true about transporting the vehicle to home,which I am doing now-1,495 extra.
    Thanks for all the great info all. If you live in the bay area ask for the internet sales associate who helped the Jersey, NY Giants fan!
  • kbtmomkbtmom Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard what, if any, incentives are available for June? I heard that the RXs sold at a great clip in May. For all of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, only Dec 2011 sales beat last month's numbers. I assume that the big seller was the 2012 model to make room for the 2013. I also thought that Lexus was trying to beef up sales this year after being outsold by MB and BMW again last year. I am holding out for a 2013 due to the saddle interior. Besides waiting until Dec, what might be a good month to buy. I assume end of month is typically the best time regardless. I can only find $1K off a 2013 model, nonNAV, PP, heated seats, Towing prep.
  • sailakfansailakfan Posts: 28
    edited June 2012
    Hello freddynj,

    I don't know if it is too late but Escondido dealer was offering $7200 below sticker yesterday and between Carlsdbad, their sister dealership, and them looks like they have around 200 2012s still according to the sales person but the one I had been quoted is not a Japan build, but Canadian.

    I am not trying to start a war, but does Japan vs Canada make any difference?

    Also, is the shipping for open or enclosed, if open you might want to check out Intercity. Excellent service and close to that price.
  • freddynjfreddynj Posts: 10
    Hi sailakfan,

    The quote for 6,000 or 7,000 off includes Lexus loyalty money(It was my first Lexus), active military(not anymore), my NJ dealer wanted 1,800 more than this Lexus of Serramonte dealer.
    As far as is Japan build better,in my opinion it is. But I know the Canadian factory won awards, but I have been lucky with Japan built vehicles, my 2007 Honda CR-V, Subarus,Toyota. So I wanted this Japan built. I know it cost more in time and some money. I feel it's worth it since I'll have the RX for a number of years.
    The transporter,Hanover Transport was recommended by the dealer,and was a little less than the unknowns that I received quotes from.
    Since it's June I'm sure it will arrive ok(I'm sure a little dusty.
  • freddynjfreddynj Posts: 10
    Hi again sailakfan,

    I just noticed why the prices are lower,the marketing assistance went to 2,000. My luck,lol. Oh well. I was told by various dealers that the 2012 Japan built RX I bought,with the packages I wanted was in extremely short supply. If I waited it might have been sold.
    So,I'm still a happy camper.
    The total for this vehicle is a lot less than the BMW X-5, And Porsche Cayenne I was testing and configuring.
    OK, now back to important matters like Yankee baseball.
  • hemi57hemi57 Posts: 11
    edited June 2012
    Hi freddynj, Did you get financing from Lexus or dealer?
  • freddynjfreddynj Posts: 10
    Hi hemi 57,

    I did get the 0.9% from Lexus, I opted for 48 months. Still a little ticked off that I missed the extra 1,000 marketing from Lexus, but I know that if I waited till now or later ,the RX I bought would have been sold.

    So it's off to AC with my Wife to see if I can make up the 1K!
  • sailakfansailakfan Posts: 28
    Hello freddynj,

    That was a good decision and doesn't matter what you paid as after a while we tend to forget the money we spent in the past. I am really happy for you to found something you wanted for a lot lesser. I did not mean to say you paid more, as soon as I saw your original post wanted to share what SoCal dealers where offering and if you have not bought yet and since you are already in the west coast might want to give a shot.

    As far as my deal still have not worked out anything yet and once it is finalized will keep everybody posted.

    Have fun with the new toy!
  • freddynjfreddynj Posts: 10

    Good luck with your deal. My RX is on it's way. The fees at the dealer in Cali was inexpensive, only $55.00 doc fees, mud flaps installed were over 225.00 cheaper than here in Jersey, also all security etching with the plan was thrown in for good measure, so it was close to $6,000 off when I add those in.
    Some dealers are asking way too much for doc fees,be aware.
    Can't wait till the RX I bought will be in my driveway(next Monday).
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