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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fido_didofido_dido Posts: 1
    2010 Lexus RX 350 - mileage is 34,285 (no nav)

    Price is $33,000
  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    I am ready to buy my dream Lexus RX 350. Has anybody have any experience with pricing on 2013 model? With premium package, and heads up display on a AWD 2013 RX 350, McGrath Lexus in Westmont has a MSRP of $47,120.
    How much should I offer this car? I see a post where someone from Dallas got a good deal on this model with Navigation, Appearance and Premium Package for $42K+TTL.
    Since I am not looking for Navigation package, can I offer the dealer $42K inclusive of TTL in Illinois? Please suggest.
  • iamumiamum Posts: 1
    Yesterday I went to a dealer in Boston area and got a quote for RX350 2013 for 42500, with premium package and some other options (without navigation). But they can't do 0.9% financing.

    In the end I got a 2012 RX with premium package and no navi for 40000+TTL.
    0.9% financing.

    Is it a reasonable price?
  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    Also, does any of you were forced by a Dealer to buy an extended warranty or VIN etching or any other service which is completely optional?
  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    to me, it looks like a good offer.
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    I am working with many dealers in Bay area, most of them ran out of 2012 models. I really wanted to get 0.9% financing :-(
  • I am not finding the dealers around Chicago willing to do much on prices. On a 2012 one wanted to keep all the dealer cash ($2K) at first. Now they are calling me. Another one wanted to keep $1k after showing me a sheet with their supposed invoice costs.

    Does anyone know what most dealers really pay for RXs as a percentage of MSRP?
  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    that case, I guess I am going to buy my lexus out of state. Probably in Detroit.
  • love0582love0582 Posts: 1
    Hello cysd I read your post and your price is so good. I offered OTD 42k to the dealer but he didn't believe this price... I said from a net friend and he said they from internet are liar and unless i can show him the proof of transaction then he won't buy it.
    I am at WA a small city it's hard to make the bargin here...
  • harryhess1harryhess1 Posts: 33
    2011 ex 350 with prem. package, mileage around 6 to 10k, no nav., n. Miami Lexus selling for 34 to 35k, I mean rx model, all lease returns, I bought one a month ago, I think maby the 2012s might be around 38,ooo
  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    Please check your pricing here. I called Sewell Lexus inquiring about this config and pricing. The sales guy laughed at his [non-permissible content removed] on the negotiated price for this config. However, he came close (43200) to this price on a 2013 RX 350 with no navigation. Was that your config? I do see a Nav package in your post.
  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    Dear Hosts,
    Did you get any data on a great deal on 2013 RX 350? Please post it here. I see a road full of RX 350s here but nobody seems bothered to enter their experience here.
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    This is in Northern California. I will be visiting the dealer soon and would like to go with a pretty good number. Would appreciate your feedback...

    2013 RX350 AWD NAV, Premium, comfort pkgs, parking assist, and other goodies..

  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    I am hitting the road tomorrow for shopping. My target price is $42,500 or less with no NAV. Good luck and please do post your experience.
  • sveomasveoma Posts: 4
    Hello There !

    The best price i was able to get on 2013 RX-350 lease for 33 month / 10k a year was $565 with about $1800 out of pocket. I am in New York though
  • I am not able to find any 2012 rx350. everybody is running out of it. One I found in detroit area is a demo car at the dealership. It has 2800 miles on it. he is ready to sell it for 42500 + tax is it a good deal ?
    it come with Nav, some other options, remote starter etc ..
    pls advise
  • What are the other options on the car? What is the MSRP on the car? Is it a color you will be happy with? Are the options that you really want to be on a car you purchase that are not on this car.

  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited July 2012
    Ask that dealer to show you the original MSRP sticker, AND ask him if it was a 'loaner' car' not a demo. Not that 2800 miles is a bad thing. I assume he is selling it with a factory full warranty ? It's not a CPO car(never Tagged) .
    Since it was not previously owned, it may carry the standard new car warranty minus 2800 miles and time used , but not a CPO warranty. Find out for sure !

    Price- wise I haven't booked it, but as another said here, we need that original MSRP from the sticker..not one made by the dealer..only the msrp, and then we can help you with price.

    Let us know.
  • Hi, I am new to this discussion forum. And I like to seek your opinion on the offer ($40,900 + TTL, MSRP: $44,775) got on 2013 RX350 FWD with following options:
    - Premium pkg,
    - Lexus display audio pkg,
    - Heated ventilated front seats,
    - Wood leather trim steering & knob

    FYI - I am in Southern California.

    Do you think there is any wiggle room for further price cut?
    And I have a car to trade-in. Should I make a deal on the trade in value first or later?

    Thanks much,
  • mrsunnymrsunny Posts: 6
    edited July 2012
    Hello friends,
    Just bought a New 2013 Lexus RX350 FWD(Ext:Starfire Pearl) with Lexus Display Audio / Back Up Camera Package(No Nav) for $42.5K Out the door in Bayarea, California. The combined TTL fee for my county is 8.75%. So, I pretty much got it for the MSRP. My car's sticker reads the following.

    Premium pkg,
    - Lexus display audio pkg,
    - Heated ventilated front seats,
    - Wood leather trim steering & knob

    The dealer said that the 0.9% apr offer applies only to 2012 models and finally agreed for 2.09% loan rate as I have a good credit score. I also bought a 5 yr, 50,000 miles maintenance package for around $1895.00. So, the total cost was $44,500.00 including everything. The new car runs like a champ...I am loving it so much. Good Luck folks!!!
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