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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • appa531appa531 Posts: 10
    Just bought 2012 RX 350 w/Premium Package. It costs me $44550 out the door and I got 0.9 APR. Did I over pay for it?
  • mrsunnymrsunny Posts: 6
    Did yours include the Nav package & AWD?

    If it is with the above two options then it is definitely a great deal given the fact that you are getting the 0.9% APR.

    My thoughts are...the interest rate itself saves you a minimun of $1500 over the loan tenure of 60 months.
    AWD and the Navigation package combined another $3000; So, IMO the deal factor(or Over pay) depends on the above criteria.
  • swamybswamyb Posts: 27
    Can you please tell me which dealership in Bay area? My deal to get 2013 fell thru, and I need to find another dealer..

  • mrsunnymrsunny Posts: 6
    Hello Swamy,
    It's Putnam Lexus in Redwood City, CA. My earlier post with all the details has been removed by the moderator yesterday as it included my email address I guess.
    The quote that I got from this dealership for the model you are looking for with all the options is $44837 where as the MSRP is $49619; The options on this model are:Nav Pkg; Premium pkg;Towing Prep Pkg; Cargo mat accessroies; Cross bars; 19" wheels; if you bargain nicely they may even lower the price by one more grand; Good Luck!!!
  • hemi57hemi57 Posts: 11
    I have been working with Lexus of Escondido for nearly a month on this purchase. I finally closed the deal and received my vehicle yesterday here in Michigan. They gave me a great deal and worth the wait.
    2012 RX350 Starfire pearl/Parchment
    AWD, Nav, Appearance package
    MSRP 49.3k
    Sale Price 42.6 +TTL +Shipping to MI
    I financed this purchase at 0.9%. If it was a cash sale then the process would have been lot quicker. The internet sales manager and his associate have been very patient & quick in responding to phone calls and emails.
    Thanks to all forum members & especially "Sailakfan" for providing the lead.
    -bye :)
  • Sounds like a great price for sure. What were all the options on the car. One doesn't go from AWD, Nav, and appearance package to $49K plus.

    All the best on a great deal...

  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    Hi all,

    Am looking at leasing a 2013 Lexus RX with all the bells and whistles, minus the remote start. So would have navigation, leather, fully loaded options. Looking at a price tag of $47,895 as the listed cost of the vehicle.

    For the lease it looks like $636 a month for 36 months. Will be paying that all up front, so looking at a price of $22,909.80 (total of monthly payments). Looks like the residual will be $31,781.75; now I am confused because my monthly payment total of $23k plus the $32k residual I would have to pay if I decided to own after 3 years puts the price tag of the vehicle at around $56k so it seems to me dealer is getting off really well and I am losing money (and or paying more than I would if I just bought the car outright)

    Does anyone have any input on this? Because $56k if leased and purchased after 3 years vs. $48k if purchased immediately seems ridiculous and or a bit off.

    Thanks for any and all help.
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    edited July 2012
    That 47, 800 must be the MSRP ?

    Why not buy it with that hugh down or less ? Or do you need a tax break ? That's a mighty large down certainly for a lease.

    When you lease, you need to negotiate the price down just like you are buying a car, so you need to do that if you must lease. You will get then a much better Monthly lease payment, and don' t let them play with that bring back value. You may not even want the car at the end of three years.

    You can buy that car outright for about 10% or better off the MSRP with some strong negotiating on your part..that makes the car about 43000 plus T&L, minus whatever you want to put down...and get that 0.9 APR financing(that's cheap money) to boot with good credit and maybe under $10000 down. I think on financing, a loan of EACH $10, 000 at 0.9% =$170 month payment.Multiply x 3 for $30000, etc. You can finance $35000 for under $600 a month payment at that %0.9. Put the cash savings into a Vanguard fund, and make some money on it or put it in your 401K/IRA.

    What city are you in ?

    Just my 10 cents asked. Hope others will chime in here.
  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    Thanks for your input - am putting down the money upfront because it would be easier for me to do so, no real reason - just want to get payments out of the way. Basically I want the ability to have the car for 3 years and either move on to another car or if I love it - buy it. The 47,800 isn't MSRP, dealer brought that down about $1,000, so was originally more like $49k which for a 2013 didn't think would happen. I am looking at Ira Lexus Danvers, MA - thanks again for your thoughts.
  • Hope this info helps others in their Lexus purchase.

    I just bought 2013 RX 350 FWD with following options:
    - 19" alloy wheel
    - Heated, ventilated front seats
    - Navigation
    - Parking assist
    - Premium pkg
    - Wood, leather steering wheel & knob
    - Cross bars
    - Cargo mat, net, wheel locks & key glove

    OTD: $46,357.
    I hope this is a good deal.
    FYI - I am in So. Cal.
  • Thanks for the inputs. the Original MSRP is 49789. Yes it comes with new car warranty.

    But I decided it pass it on. I would rather pay 1-2K more for a 'real' new car.
  • 12thmonkey12thmonkey Posts: 10

    The options you chose are pretty close to what I am looking for in 2013 .

    Your OTD price of 46,457 was that including taxes and other charges ?

    If so can you post what you paid excluding sales taxe.

    Thanks in Advance
  • Yes, my OTD price of 46,457 includes tax, title and fees.
    Selling price is $42,783 + fees of $109 not including the sales tax. Please let me know if you need name of the dealer.

    -overland0715 :)
  • 12thmonkey12thmonkey Posts: 10
    Thats a great price , seems like its 2K less than invoice I will see if I can get close to that..

  • shawn123shawn123 Posts: 1
    I just purchased 2012 Rx350. The M.S.R.P was $49117 and i got it for $42000 plus my trade and difference on taxes, So did i get a good deal or Not so much of good deal?
  • nazzy100nazzy100 Posts: 82
    No way to tell since you have a trade involved and we don't know the real actual cash bank value(appraisal) of it.
  • chughmanishchughmanish Posts: 7
    edited July 2012
    Sorry for late response. I did buy this vehicle and just wanted to update the post here for closure of the loop.

    Dealer did drop price at once as it felt in the posting on forum. It took few hours with multiple calls. From 38500 to 37500 bottom he took 1/2 hour. Initial drop from 40,800 to 38500 was really tough.

    I finally end up buying it on the same day at 37500+tax+$55Doc fee = On road around 40500. I got 0.9% for 48 months and 3 year 100,000 mile CPO.

    I am not sure whether it was the right deal, but at the end I got a closer to very new and cleaner vehicle which was regularly maintained and show it in car fax.
  • Nazzy, I just updated the posts here with above message that I end up buying that vehicle. But i would interested in hearing your comments on it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts in advance.
  • mrsunnymrsunny Posts: 6
    Just for those who are interested to knowing the pricing, equipment and options for the car I bought just couple of weeks ago here in Bay area, CA. My car's sticker reads the following...

    Vehicle Base Model ..........................................:$ 39310.00

    Lexus Display Audio package includes................$860.00
    [7-inch display screen, HD Radio with iTunes tagging
    advanced bluetooth technology, Backup camera,
    Single CD player, 12-speaker premium audio system]

    Heated and ventilated power seats...................$640.00
    Intuitive Parking Assist ...........................$500.00
    [Premium Pkg includes Leather Trim Int, One-Touch....$2400.00
    Open/Close Moonroof, Power folding electrochromic heated outside mirrors,
    Heated Outside Mirrors, Pwr Rr Dr, USB Audio
    Driver's Seat/Steering/Mirror Memory-3 settings]
    Wood & Leather Trimmed Steering Wheel & Shift knob..$330.00

    Sub-Total = $43,900.00
    Delivery, Processing and handling fee.............. $875.00
    Total $44,775.00

    But I paid only $42,500.00 Out the door inclusive of all Taxes, Title & Reg. I bought it on June 30th which was month end, quarter end and weekend :)
  • chimel07chimel07 Posts: 1
    Hi overland071. The deal you got seems good. I am thinking of getting the same vehicle. I also live in so cal. I own an MB, but don't plan to trade. Would I qualify for a 1,500. for opting for Lex vs. MB. ? Like everyone else, i like to lower the sticker price. What were some of the stadard feature, lik sound, tc.
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