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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    Hi all,

    Posted earlier about pricing on a 2013 Lexus RX AWD. I am leasing, and the first price came out to a grand total of $58,000 - so as suggested I started doing my research and comparing dealerships in my area. I am in MA. Thus far this is the best deal I have seen...

    For 36 months, 12,000 miles
    One-time lease payment: $19,200; with tax dealer estimated more like $20,420
    Residual (buy-out price): $29,900

    Total: $50,320

    2013 Lexus RX AWD
    Nebula Gray w/ black leather interior
    Comfort Package
    Navigation Package
    Premium Package
    Cargo Mat
    Intuitive Parking assist
    Wheel locks
    Wood and leather trimmed steering wheel and shift knob

    I am doing a one-time lease because it saves some money versus monthly installments. Also, I feel that after 3 years I probably will want the new RX that comes out.

    Would love to hear what others think of this price. Thanks in advance!
  • Price is mentioned as 46430 with the options and without the taxes/tags/fees/protection packages etc.
    The cost of the car is listed as 41888

    Let me know if this is a good deal
  • hungtlamhungtlam Posts: 5
    Does that include comfort package (HID). I was offered a similar package
    MSRP is $49,679
    Invoice is $46,932
    Dealer offered for $45,932 + tax/fee
  • chipper90chipper90 Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    Can anyone tell me if $41,000 plus taxes/fee is too much to pay for a used 2012 RX 350, it has only 2,560 miles? The previous owner had it for 6 months and decided to trade up. It is red, tan leather interior, navigation, FWD, premium package, 19" wheels, sunroof. I am buying it from a dealership.

    Any help would be appreciated before I sign the papers.

    Thank you
  • can you tell me what region you are in? I'm trying to see what is the best price I can get for the same $46430 vehicle in the Boston area. Thanks.
  • astuffastuff Posts: 8
    I'm not sure if one time payment leases work the same as conventional leases, but the normal rational is to put down as little as possible, in case the car is totalled or stolen.

    Your auto insurance may only pay off up to the balance or the value of the car, whichever is less. For instance, it's a $40k car, after the $20k payment, it's a $20k balance left. The car gets totalled on day 2. Your insurance pays off the bank of $20k. You could be out the rest.

    I would do some research before putting down $20k.
  • I got a quote for:

    MSRP: $49,045

    Selling Price: $45,300 (including remote starter and destination & handling)
    NJ Tax 7.4%: $3,352.20
    Registration, temp tag, lien fee, title fee: $406
    Doc fee: $299

    Total price including everything: $49,357.20

    Vehicle options:

    Comfort Package
    Navigation System
    Premium Package
    Intuitive Parking Assist
    Wood & Leather Wheel & Shift Knob
    Cargo Mat, Net, Wheel Locks & Key Gloves

    2013 Lexus RX 350 AWD in Nebula Gray with Black interior

    Good deal?

    I'm considering sitting on this due to the fact that lexus is offering NOTHING on moving the 2013' special financing, rebates, etc.
  • Chipper, sounds about right from what I am seeing in the tristate, however, for $4000 more you can get a 2013? Are you getting 0.9%? I was told that special ended.
  • chipper90chipper90 Posts: 3
    We have not talked financing yet so not sure what Lexus will offer me. I have excellent credit so I am hoping to get a low rate. Do you know what there used rates are? Even though the car only has 2,560 miles I'm assuming it will have to qualify as used in the financing end. The car is being shipped in from FL to OK so I have to wait until next week before I actually see the SUV and start the paper work.

    I would get the 2013 BUT they are no longer making the Matador Red Mica in the 2013. The red for the 2013 is a darker color red and I do not like it.

    Thank you so much for getting back to me.
  • They are currently selling 2012 brand new awd non-navs(prem/towing/prefaccessory packages with heated and ventilated seats) for 39,400 including destination(left overs). Considering yours is fwd but you have nav, i think your price is ok.
  • If you have 750+ score, lexus fin will give you 1.9 for 60months. Alternatively, there are a few credit unions who are doing 1.99 for 72 months and 4.49 for 84 months.
  • In the Jersey/PA area.
  • chipper90chipper90 Posts: 3
    Thank you hondaguy28. Yes, my credit score is 800+. Hopefully in the Oklahoma area they will be offering the same rates. Those are the rates for used cars, right? Being a 2012 and 2,560 miles I consider it new but it will be sold as used since there has already been one individual owner.
  • Yep. 1.9% .

    You should probably use the credit union to get 72 months for the same apr instead of 60 months.
  • saaab298saaab298 Posts: 5
    Which dealer is this? Can you please send details.
  • I am scheduled to pick up my car tomorrow pm but I have another dealer who is willing to give the same car for 43250 along with 200 dollars worth of all season mats.
    Not sure which way I should go now...
  • this is the 2013 rx350 AWD right. which dealer is this can you post the name and the state.
  • martin2498martin2498 Posts: 22
    edited July 2012
    Hey everyone,

    Have been posting in here concerning leasing at new 2013 AWD however after looking into it, not sure it's the best decision. I want to buy the RX bc I love the car but spending over 40k isn't really what I wanna do. I am looking into a 2012 AWD with 13,000 miles, comfort, navigation, premium, and preferred accessories. Also installed options include Cross Bars, Intuitive Parking Assist, remote engine start, wood trim and leather steering. It is listed at $43,987 online. In MA do you think it is possible to get this vehicle for under 40k? Or should I really just be looking at 2011s?
  • kwhkwh Posts: 66
    This purchase (2013) will be my 4th RX - I still have my first one (2000) that I had to order from Japan to not get one loaded down with thousands of $$$ of stuff I don't want. I have written two dealerships about a base model but no response at all yet - guess business is good. I have never seen a RX on a lot without a sunroof - don't want to pay 2 or 3K for a feature I don't want at all. Will post if I can gt a price for a base model RX - the Display Audio Package & the Accessory Connector are the only things I want on the car.
  • Finally, I closed the deal yesterday. $41303 is the final selling price of this car. I took an optional tire protection for 580 for three years.
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