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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lizacolbylizacolby Posts: 14
    Sounds like you're getting soaked, compared to the other deals out there right now. I've seen folks on this board reporting prices for brand new (no miles to speak of) '07's for UNDER invoice. Look at the previous listings for info on where to look. You'd be better buying from a dealership in another state and having it shipped to you as you'll still get it for less than what they quoted you on a used (demo) unit.

    In any case -- have fun! It's a great car!
  • tiannetianne Posts: 1
    Was looking for a 2007 RX 350, but Silver w/Nav is pretty much nonexistent in the DFW area so I decided to bite the bullet on a 2008: Silver/Black leather - Premium Plus pkg w/Nav.

    Emailed the 2 Lexus dealers in Dallas. Got a quote from Park Place for $44,416 (Probably the MSRP - they didn't have one in stock but would have it in by 3/20). Sewell had it in stock & quoted $41,316 (MSRP $44,175). I hadn't driven the car before so went to Sewell to test drive today - Man, what a dream machine!

    Result: $41,000 + TTL (including pin stripes which they must put on everything & 4 mud guards). Guess I should have haggled down even more. I hate the whole car buying gig but this experience was the best I've ever had. No stress, no hassle - I may go to the dealership weekly just to hang out! Hope I didn't do to bad on this deal - but I'll be pleased either way cuz this vehicle rocks! ;)
  • chevy769chevy769 Posts: 12
    Thanks. Sounds like you did ok on the price. We bought from Sewell in 99 and had a good experience, too. We are thinking of waiting for the styling revamp for 09, but might go for the 08 before then if prices are real attractive.
  • glk2glk2 Posts: 13
    You're paying too much. Dealerships were given an extra incentive by Lexus to move the last of the '07's (at least that's what I was told). CA dealers are willing to go $2K below invoice on new vehicles (your salesman's #'s were correct in terms of MSRP & invoice). Check back through this forum and you'll find some dealer suggestions....Good luck!
  • squad44squad44 Posts: 1
    Just left Highland Park Lexus,
    07 RX350 AWD, Premium package, Heated seats/rain-sensing wipers, Tow package, Cargo mats and Wheel locks.
    35,900 plus ttl. My local dealer (North Shore Lexus) told me they could not/would not beat or even match that price.
  • amh4624amh4624 Posts: 3
    I just bought an '08 RX 350 with premium package, heated seats, 18" wheels, nav. for $40,511. Got it at Lexus of Tulsa, they were great to work with!
  • I bought my lexus today. The sale experience with this dealer is great compare to Hennessy Lexus at Peachtree.

    MSRP: 40,301 with premium package, towing prep,..etc.
    Paid: 34,715
    Doc fee: 399
    Tax 6 percent
    Title and Registration: 42

    OTD: 37,262.84.

    There is still few 2007 left.

    I contacted the internet sale department at Hennessy Lexus at Peachtree. They even quoted me higher with the same MSRP of $40,301. The internet price is $36,288 before Doc. fee, Tax and Title & registration. I walked in same dealer without mention the internet price and their sales staff offer me $35,301. I contacted the Internet sales manager again and told him that another dealer is offering for same model of $34,715. He told me he can not make a deal for that at price. I would not go to the Hennessy at Peachtree for my next purchase. Internet sales manager is very rude.
  • tiny361tiny361 Posts: 5
    A newbie question about buying the towing prep package in a new RX 350: I don't expect to ever tow anything. Should I buy the towing package because (1) The cooling system will be better on demanding days with all that excess capability? or (2) I will never be able to sell the car to its next owner without it? or (3) both? Or is this something I can do without if I don't plan to tow?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    Though I'm sure it happens.. I've never seen an RX towing anything..

    If you don't need it, then skip it...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    If you do need a hitch later on, there are very satisfactory after market models from suppliers like Hidden Hitch, in both Class II and Class III; which will bolt right on for a fraction of the Lexus price. Unlikely you would need the extra cooling system capacity in any case. My 2¢.

    Pete :)
  • klexusklexus Posts: 1
    Got my new Lexus Rx350 2008 today with Nav, Premium Plus Package, 18in wheel for $38,800 without much haggling from Lexus Westminster,CA.
  • I agree, the internet manager at Hennessy is still sending me hate mail, which I have forwarded to other poeple at his dealship. I would avoid them at all costs.
  • pep2pep2 Posts: 6
    Any guidance on best pricing for a '08 AWD RX 350?
    Dealers: Any '07's available at incentive pricing?
  • pep2pep2 Posts: 6
    Regarding my request #547 for pricing information, I'm in New Jersey but willing to travel. Thanks
  • Gatortale,

    I am very much agree with you on Hennessy Lexus Internet Manager. I would be avoid them too for making any hassle free on the car or any SUV.
  • marqevansmarqevans Posts: 29
    am about to lease my 5th RX, a 2008 rx350 with the first level premium package, heated seats and a towing hitch/ball. MSRP $42,100 My dealer usually offers to buy me out of my lease before I reach 3 years. The lease is a 36 month 15000 mile/yr lease with nothing down and sales taxes 7.75% rolled into the lease. The monthly payment will be $577, or $537 if I leave a $5,000 refundable security deposit. Does this sound like a good deal?
  • chevy769chevy769 Posts: 12
    I had a hitch installed by Sewell when I purchased my 99. I actually pulled a UHaul from MO to Texas, and used it for some smaller local transports. I still have the vehicle with 82,000 miles on it. No problems then or now with the cooling or with the transmission.
  • Pep2,

    I don't know how far are you willing to travel. There are few RX 350 left in Georgia. The exterior color is Black and Blue. The price is 34,715. The MSRP is 40301 plus the Dealer installed Grill. You can knock that down more around 300 to 400 since they are the last one on the lot.
  • pep2pep2 Posts: 6
    DOANMQUANG, yes I am interested and able to travel to Ga. Do you have specifics on the dealer or are you the dealer?
  • tiny361tiny361 Posts: 5
    Thanks all for the feedback on the towing prep package; it sounds like it's truly optional, and I'm going to take a pass on it.
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