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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey Giantsfan2,

    I read ur post yesterday and right off felt that you had overpaid. I mean I am getting a fully loaded 2008 AWD with nav, PP & rear entertainment with all the towing package, wheel locks, etc for 44.5k and I feel thats a bit too high as well. Did you shop around for other financing options. Banks are usually a tad lower than the dealerships, and in a place like DC metro area the Fed Credit Unions are offering 5-5.5% for new cars for 60 mos.

  • Thanks mbawhizguy, I did'nt shop at all, this was my first Lexus dealership that I when in, then got home and read some posting here,then the dealership call and made me a offer and I accepted. I thought it was a great deal when they gave me a 7000 discount and no back and forth hassel. I believed I can still go out and shop around for a loan at a cheaper rate, right?. Was your 44.5k out the door. Thanks for your posting-giantsfan2
  • Thanks for the tip. I too was trying to work with Lexus at Chantilly. Now I am thinking about calling up Lexus of Rockville.

    Would you be able to share the specs and the price you paid for your RX 350.

    If anyone else has had any experience with Lindsay Lexus or Lexus of Silver Spring - then do share.

  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    andy1993 - my quotes in the Atlanta market are probably a little higher than what you'd be looking at because I'm interested in the AWD with the Nav AND Rear DVD system. With that being said, I've gotten initial quotes from all 5 of the Metro Atlanta dealers and Nalley in Smyrna came in lowest on the first round of internet quotes. In the next couple weeks, we'll go in for more negotiating before we finalize anything. One suggestion - I don't know where you're located in Alabama, but our first stop in negotiations is actually going to be Lexus of Chattanooga, who came in lower than all the Atlanta dealerships. You might want to check there as well as Atlanta. I've sent emails to all the Alabama dealers as well and none of them came near either the Atlanta or Chattanooga prices. Good Luck and let me know what you find.
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    Hey MBAWhizguy, Looks like your vehicle has almost the same options as what I'm looking for. I'm in Atlanta and finding an AWD vehicle here is near impossible. Where are the dealerships your working with? Was $44.5 out the door or car price? We're willing to travel to find the car we want at the right price. Up and down the east coast is not an issue. If anyone can provide info on a '08 AWD with Nav, DVD, and Towing Package I'd appreciate it.
  • Heu CrisV, Crackberry....I did not buy the vehicle yet, am in no hurry and actually just got back after test driving an ML 350 Benz. If I am paying approx mid 40's for a Lexus I might as well get the Benz. Anyways I am going to help you guys with all I can provide:
    The Pohanka Lexus at Chantilly rejected my 43.5k out of the door offer on a 2008 AWD, PP, NAV & DVD. I think he was looking at 44.5k OTD
    I spoke on the phone with CS, the internet mangaer in Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria and he quoted me 44.7 OTD for same config.
    Attached below is my email transcript with "SD" the internet manager of Lexus of Rockville:

    "Venu, Leo had shown me this email, so I decided it is best for me to respond. Edmunds is not the true source of getting information for Lexus vehicles. They do not inform the customer of the actual features on a Lexus, so when customers decide they want this feature and don't want that feature it is not how Lexus sells their vehicles. We have 3 different models in the RX 350 without navigation, with navigation, and with navigation and DVD. The information that I will provide is from the manufacture themselves. That is where the real information comes from that Leo provided $500 over invoice on the RX 350 with navigation/DVD not Edmunds.

    The information that you sent over is for the 2007 which the 2007's are long gone. The 2008 RX 350 which is shown below. information that I found on this particular vehicle is so far from correct it is not funny. On I found states that the MSRP is $47,445. The real MSRP Lexus tells us is $47,395. Optional equipment $7770 cost is $4673 wrong....actually the package is $7880 the invoice is $6615 in which does not show you the correct invoice since they do not add the features to the vehicle. I can offer $42,653 for this vehicle. Again, $500 over invoice."

    Sounds like they are willing to give it to me for 42653 + TTP which amounts to mid 44k. HOPE ALL OF THIS HELPS!! Keep me posted with your decisions. I will wait to get mine!!

  • hetnhetn Posts: 5
    Do you know what would be MSRP or invoice for your package? Thanks.
  • Would like to purchase the above asap - premium plus w/ nav. Have a quote of $41,907 from Lexus of Madison, WI not incl any fees, ttl, etc. Can anyone pleeeez help me with a better option in WI or IL? Would obviously like to pay less. Thanks so much!!
  • 2008 RX 350 FWD (Southern California - 8.25% tax):

    Nav + Premium plus
    $3,000 drive off (includes $2K cap cost reduction, 1st month's payment, tax, registration, bank fees, etc.)
    $500 per month for remaining 35 months INCLUDING tax
    57% residual after 36 months on a MSRP of $44,356
    12K miles

    I have to close on this tomorrow. Would appreciate any feedback.

  • All,

    Here is the quote at Oxnard, CA:

    2008 RX350/Flint Mica

    FV Liquid Graphite Finish 18" 7 Spoke Wheels
    HH Multi-Stage Heated Front Seats with Rain-Sensing
    NV Generation 5 Navigation System with Bluetooth
    TO Towing Prep Package
    C1 Cargo Mat
    WL Wheel Locks
    MSRP $44,466; Quoted at $39,975; OTD = $43,614.60

    Sounds pretty good to me. What do you guys think?
  • Hi Leung:

    Sounds pretty comparable to my deal on east coast: MSRP 45700 paid $40,700 (before tax, docs, reg) except mine has:
    AWD (+$1000),
    5 spoke 18' wheels vs your 7 (-$100),
    no cargo mat (-$100),
    and mine has Premium Plus package.
    Get them to throw in the cargo net (-$120) installed to your deal!
  • It was from Dallas. Contact person is Jerad. It was 2007 model. 2008 RX 350 with Premium package and Navigation Drive out would be $43300.
  • I am in the process of buying a 350 RX( and nav. system) at the Rockville dealership. I'm paying $40,900+tags and taxes. Nice dealership..better than Pohanka and Lindsey.
  • I'm in the process of getting the same deal from this dealer but they waived the $100 doc. fees. What was your final price with the tags,taxes and registration? Are you happy with your car and the dealership? Thanks
  • hi bundynike13 and crackberry. I am interested in getting the same deal. Can you email me your rep and does th 40,900 include dest charge as well? So all I pay is 40,900 + tax and tags? thx for the reply. i think that's the best price i've heard so far! I think also, they may work w/ you more since the new highlander came out as well.
  • What is the MSRP on the $40,900 you paid? Thanks.
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    Hi Coolblue123 - It's KrisV...looks like we've both decided the Lexus won out over the MDX. Did you ever get the name of the rep at Rockville? Sounds like they are giving great deals and we're willing to travel to get the best one. If you can email me the name or post here that would be great.
  • After not being able to find a nice 2005 for low 30's, I would like to find an 07 for 2500 under invoice. I am looking for AWD NAV only....local dealers do not have any 07s left over.

    Does anyone know where 2007s can still be found in stock?

    I am in Baltimore MD
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    Good Luck trying to find an '07. The 2008's came out in February of this year so that's why you are having trouble finding an '07. You might want to look on and search for New 2007's there.
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