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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Please share the details, dealership names, prices paid and options included.

    I'm shooting for a '08 RX 350 AWD Premium + without NAV, entertainment system and rear camera.

  • Hi KrisV: Yeah, the wife won this war. I was looking at the new Highlander as well. It's a very plushy vehicle. But after all the options we've added it came up to 3K less than the RX. So the RX won. I am dealing w/ Jim over at Rockville. Very nice guy. No pressure, very easy going. I haven't purchased yet because, I am guesing the price of the RX will go down further as the Highlander becomes more popular. I am also interested in finding out what's this year's Dec. event going to offer as well. So I have some time to wait. We'll see.

    But the Highlander is really worth looking into. The only complaint I have is the second row seating has turned into 2 individual seats instead of bench-style. More comfy but have to stretch to take care of kid in childseat.
  • Since you compared Lexus and Highlander in your post, I want to add my observations: for similarly configured cars, the quote I got for RX350 is 41,100, and for Highlander Limited 4x4 is 37,334, less than 4k difference. But note that Highlander is the new model, the same frame the next-generation RX will ride on, while the RX is the last-year model. I don't want to elaborate the differences of new vs. old models since this is a price paid forum, but it is good to drive a new-model instea of a old model....
  • Folks,

    Last week we bought Lexus RX 350 AWD, bought for $500 less than the below invoice, with 2 extra service and tank filled, in chicagoland area. Wondering if any one got a better deal?
    I got so much help from here and thought would share my research. I know, week of 9/23/2007 would be a better time to buy as it is the final of the qtr, when they would like to meet the incentive targets.

    Invoice (* items are negotiable)
    Base: 33,174
    Dealer hold Back: 766 *
    Whlsale Finance: 388 **
    Premium Pkg: 1,120
    Heatedats & RS: 532
    Tow Pkg: 128
    Cargo Mats: 55
    Wheel Lock: 41
    Destination: 765
    Toyota Advt: 582 ***
    Total: 37,551
    Note: They said invoice for the above pkg is $37,561.
    Navigation Invoice quote was: $40,659
    * - Money Dealer gets back from Toyota after the sale
    ** - Money Dealer gets if you make a credit application
    *** - One dealer said it is $515. Dont know if this is something you can negotiate or may be not, so marking it starred.

    Spoke to all dealers nearby, and provided the dealer's internet managers multiple links from this forum. Here is my list of dealers: Woodfield, , Naperville, Bredemann, McGrath westmont and chicago, Arlington ,Peoria.
    I visited few of them and Arligton was the worst in terms of waiting you out and test your patience. I had a very similar experience with Honda in Schaumburg 2 years before. Seen all over the internet that BobRohrman dealerships are bad plus they ripe you off in service. The Peoria Lexus manager was pre-conceived that i would not buy from him since I am calling from chicago area, wheareas i would have bought from him if he had the right price. Come dealers mature - your trick of service etc., is standard requirements from management. Every dealer has to meet the std, if not you are fired.
    As for the car - it is made by toyota and no question on quality. It is great!!!!

    Another thing:
    Save your $39.99 to be spent on "FightingChance". If you were planning to buy do not buy. It does not give the entire break down like the one above. They infact roll up the first 3 items making me beleive that $34,338 is the invoice price. I got tricked into their cut right pre-buying conditions - led me to beleive they know a lot more. The other info they have is easily available in and
  • Hello All,

    Just wanted to share my experience. Bought at Prestige in Ramsey NJ. Salesman was Andrew Floyd. Car is a silver '08 AWD RX-350 with Nav, Premium Plus, Towing, 7-spoke wheels, Heated seats with RS wipers, cargo mat and wheel locks. MSRP was $45, 866. We paid $40,500 before taxes and tags.

  • Hi all,
    Got tons of help from this forum. Time to give my experience. Just bought the rx350 last weekend from Seattle dealer (not the Bellevue one).

    2008 AWD 350
    Premium Plus package
    Liquid grahite 18" 7 spoke
    Towing prep
    Cargo mat
    Wheel lock
    Heat front seat and rain sensoring wiper
    MSRP + Destination: 45,101 + 715 = 45,816
    Price paid: 40975 + tax on 9.25% + 50 doc + 180 license = 44,980 (around).

    They are very professional and helpful. Just showed my quoted price from another dealer and get the price match immediately. The process is very straighforward, highly recommend them.

    Btw, there is an option to install the transparent 3M film paint protection for fron hood. It looks good but charge $1290 on this, does anyone try it before and do you think it is worth it? thanks.
  • Tom,

    Can you give me a contact information of the dealer? Please, e-mail me.


  • Were you able to buy? I got a 40,300$ price from North shore wilwaukee, without taxes etc, performance package (premium plus)correction 41,300
  • Has anybody bought a RX350 2008, performance (premium plus package deal) in WI or Chicago area,advise please
  • :confuse: Anybody bought a 2008RX in WI/IL/MN area? I have been offered a price of 39,000 Premium (Lux value) without NAV,with cruise.Includes destination charge. Title/Taxes/Reg extra. Any comments? I have a RX300,53K miles trade in offered 18.8K? Any comments on the package deal or suggestions
  • I am looking at a Program car that will be certified with 14,000 miles. This car was used as the loaner for my local dealership. Has the premium package.

    Out the door price is 34,200.00. Is this a good deal?

    My other choice is w/toyota: 4Runner - limited model, '07 new, out the door price 32,600.00. MSRP is 39,036.00

    not sure which is better - help and thanks."

  • Sounds very reasonable,
  • Which part sounds reasonable? the lexus RX350 or the Limited 4Runner. thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,629
    Have you driven both of these vehicles?

    In my experience, the 4Runner is a much less refined ride than the RX.. Not necessarily a bad thing... Much better AWD system and more rugged.

    For the price, I'd take the new 4Runner over the demo RX..

    But, that's just me...

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  • Please share with me your experience if you bought the car in mass area recently or you got better quote than mine.

    I'm looking for 2008 RX350 AWD w/Nav + Premium plus in Massachusetts area. MSRP is $45,866. Got several quotes from local dealers. Best quote is $41,300. Although we noticed that the base invoice is $33,174 on one dealer's invoice, other dealers won't admit it. They insist $34,338 is the real base invoice as found at Any good advice to negotiate the price down?

    2008 RX350 AWD
    Premium Plus package
    Liquid grahite 18" 7 spoke
    Heat front seats w/ rain sensoring wiper
    Towing prep
    Cargo mat
    Wheel lock
    MSRP + Destination: 45,101 + 765 = 45,866
  • Looking for 2008 RX350 premium plus. Willing to travel anywhere within california to get the best deal. I hear people are getting less than invoice price. Since this is the final year model clearance, it should be possible to get well below invoice. Anyone who got any good deals in CA, please post. thanks in advance.
  • Here is the deal I got in first week of August from Lexus Glendale, CA.

    2008 RX 350 FWD
    Premiuim plus package, navigation system, 18 inch wheels, heated seats with rain sensing wipers, wheel locks, cargo mat, tow prep package.

    MSRP - $44,306
    Dealer Invoice - $39,513
    Price Paid - $38,213
    Doc prep fee - $55
    Sales Tax (CA 8.25%) - $3157
    DMV electronic filing fee - $28
    License fee - $301
    CA tire fee - $8.75
    Smog fee - $12

    TOTAL OUT THE DOOR - $41,775
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    Looking for feedback on the following deal...

    2008 RX350 AWD with Navigation System, Premium Plus, Rear DVD Entertainment System, Heated Front Seats/Rain Sensing Wipers, Wheel Locks, Cargo Mat, Liquid Graphite Finish 18" Alloy Wheels, Towing Prep Package, Tow Hitch Receiver w/ Ball Mount

    MSRP $48021
    Invoice $41361
    Dealer Quote $42877 +++
  • thanks for the info. enjoy your car.
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