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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Where do you get hte Costco invoice price ? i livfe in Indy, went on line to COSTCO and they would not quote the RX-350 ? any input on best place to buy in Indiana, CinCinnati, Columbus OH ?>?> thanks, GB
  • Hello folks,

    I am planning on leasing a 2008 Rx 350 with nav/heated seats/back up camera/bluetooth etc the MSRP of which is $45,866. I live in the chicago land area, the dealer is ready to give me at 40.5 which seems to a good price (based on this forum).

    When I went to buy the vehicle I noticed that the VIN number starts with 2T and not with 'J'. When I asked the dealer, he said, the RX 350 is made in Canada, not in Japan. Is that the case? I am not comfortable buying a vehicle made in Canada V/s Japan. Can anyone help me with this?
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I believe that as of September, 2003 all RX330 and RX350 models sold in North America are being built at Toyota's award-winning plant in Cambridge, Ontario.

    Pete :)
  • Carresearch, since you have been shopping Chicagoland, can you advise what dealer you found your deal at ? I am Indy and in the hunt. thank you, GB
  • Since I am planning on picking up the vehicle the coming week-end, let me finish the deal to make sure the price and lease deal are as committed by the dealer. I will let you know ASAP along with the sales person.
  • HI pschiffe,

    Thanks for your reply, but I saw the 2007 RX 350 and its VIN number starts with 'J'. Does it mean made in Japan? The dealer did say that for the last 4 years, the RX models have been made in Canada.

    So it should not matter whether it is made in Japan or Canada, there should be no compromise on the quality. Is that right? Just wanted to be sure, thats all.
  • I would also be interested in hearing about good expereience on purchasing a lightly used 2007 RX350. (ie price and dealer). I am interested in importing it into Canada.
  • I bought a 2008 Rx 350 3 months ago with nav/heated seats/back up camera/bluetooth etc the MSRP was $45,866. Ended up paying $40,500 plus taxes.

    Long story short, we are now expecting triplets!! We need to trade it in for a mini-van!! Anyone know what I can get for it? Only has 3000miles on it and condition is obviously like new.
  • m3wincm3winc Posts: 1
    Hello, I am looking for an 2008 Rx350. What color is yours and is it the AWD model? What city are you located in?
  • I am in the market for a new rx 350 and living in the delaware Area.
    I am in need of pricing for the following vehicle and any suggestions of a dealer willing to offer a good discount ( I am willing to travel to optain the deal)
    2008 rx 350 awd
    Navigation system/Mark levinson package
    rear seat DVD package
    heated front seats
    towing prep package
    cargo mat
    wheel locks
    Please make any suggestions and how best to package this car> it is my understanding that the car comes bundled with the Nav, ML sound system, DVD. I really do not want the DVD.

    Thank you
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    The first VIN number digit does indeed identify the country of manufacture:

    1 or 4 USA
    2 Canada
    3 Mexico
    J Japan
    K Korea
    S England
    W Germany
    Z Italy

    Pete :)
  • Can you provide details like color, AWD or not, and other options?
  • jim350jim350 Posts: 1
    Can some one guide me what is the good price for RX-350 (FWD)with premium package and navigation system.
  • As promised, here are the details of my purchase.

    RX 350 with nav, heated seats, backup camera etc. which has MSRP of $45,866, got it for $40,648. I leased the vehicle

    Lease of $669/month which includes sales tax for 36 months 15000 miles. I paid $804 at the time of signing the lease. No cap cost reduction, no security deposit. I think it is a good deal,but maybe wrong.

    The dealer is Arlington Lexus of Palatine. The sales person did not want me to mention his name, but I can tell you he deals with internet sales. I fixed all my prices and lease over the phone before visiting the dealer. It took just 10 minutes for me to complete the transaction.

    Hope this helps others who are shopping for this vehicle.
  • I am interested to buy Lexus 2008, AWD to import to Canada. I am thinking to buy pre owned Lexus with low mileage. Where I can find good deal.
  • I am interested to buy 08 RX, FWD with minimum set of options - premium package only would be ideal. The invoice price for this configuration is $34,984 according to KBB. What is the best price I could buy it for?
    Please share your price quotes from dealers.

  • Can any one recommend a good and fair dealer in the NY or NJ state area? I am interested in purchasing a new RX350 with a Premium Plus package with the intention of bringing it back to Toronto, Ontario.
  • I was offered a new 2007 RX350 FWD with Premium plus package along with heated seats and rain sensing wipers for $35K, according to KBB, the invoice price is close to $36.2K. I want to import it in Canada (Montreal), so I would have to pay something like $1000 for transportation (from Florida to here). So basically, I would be paying invoice price. Do you think that's a good deal? Any other suggestions?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    Importing to Canada?

    Check out this discussion: Importing Car into Canada from US

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I'm not sure about the wisdom of importing a car that is built in Canada back into that country! Since the loonie is now worth more than the dollar, it could possibly be advantageous. To answer your question, I've purchased two Lexus RXs from Dorschel Lexus in Rochester, NY, very satisfactory transactions both. Contact me if you'd like the name of my salesperson. And yes; I'm minutes away from another Lexus store in Amherst, NY that unfortunately has a very cavalier attitude in their sales department.

    Pete :)
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