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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sud23sud23 Posts: 10
    I live in TX and am looking for a 2008 RX 350 with Nav and Black interior. I noticed that in CA, there is a $2000 manufacturer to dealer incentive. How can I take advantage of this and get the best price possible. If MSRP is $43k, I am looking to get a price of $36-$37k + ttl
  • sud23sud23 Posts: 10
    A dealer in CA quoted me a price of $37,400 for a Lexus RX350 that has a MSRP of $44,400. This price was given to me without any haggling. How much more do you think I can squeeze out of them? Also, I live in TX, what is the best and cheapest way to ship the car to me?
  • Book a one way flight on SW Airlines. They got good deals right now. Drive the SUV home. You will enjoy it and you will save a lot of money. Just have the dealer pick you up at the air port. I've done it only I bought my cars in your state Texas.
  • sud23sud23 Posts: 10
    I considered that but its a 20-30 hour the time I spend on 1 or 2 hotels and that much gas, it will come out to be like $400-500..shipping is $600-$800
  • I just bought a 2008 RX 350 for a dealer in the NW Suburbs.

    Vehicle has everything but the rear DVD system.

    Paid $40,500 plus tax, title and license.

    Sticker was $45,881.

    They are definitely dealing the 2008's as the 2009's are due to arrive any day per the sales person.
  • Retail price doesn't matter. You shouldn't even post it as a basis for determining cost. Goto NADA get the invoice price for the car you want. Tell the dealer you want to pay $1500 below invoice because:

    1. Market is low and other dealers will compete for your business (shows him you did your research and are will to go to another dealer)
    2. 09 are coming out now and they need to get rid of 08
    3. There are dealer incentives to get rid of 08
    4. You know they have $750 in dealer holdback and a few hundred in inventory/flooring credits (what ever they call it)
    5. You know they have additional dealer incentive on top of that

    That being said, I got my dealer to $1500 below invoice. If you can't do that, you can certainly get $500 below invoice and call it a day. Even AAA and Costco pricing starts at $500 above invoice. So why start retail and negotiate down when you can start at Invoice and go down - makes sense?

    one caveat - you may live in an area where the market may not play in your favor. I live in S. Cal.

    Also, if the dealer has CPO inventory, there is nothing wrong playing the two departments against each other? For me $7,500 saving between 05 and 08 is worth going CPO.

    The Dealer invoice for new 08, premium package was 37,210. Their CPO dept wanted $34,500 for same model but 05 - crazy. You'd be amazed how much mark up is on the used COP car :D

    Good luck.
  • I agree, list price is irrelevant.

    You negotiate from the invoice price.

    I too am interested in buying a 2008 RX, but I want to know if dealers are still getting the $3,000 incentive from Lexus that they got in January.
  • sud23sud23 Posts: 10
    The Price that the CA dealer is giving me is $1800 below invoice, however since I live in TX its gonna cost me about $800 to get it sent here. How much more do you think I can bargain it down?
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 28
    Thanks for the info. If you don't mind, would you please let me which dealership you got the car from and whether you dealt with the internet sales team. I want to make my decision soon since the selection of 08 is getting smaller by the day.
  • Unfortunately where I live there is only one Lexus dealer for the whole state. Can you say monopoly. I have bought one Lexus (ES330) from them and will probably buy a RX350 from them this week. They are still a little higher with the 2009 models arriving soon then the border state where I have bought before but I don't won't the hassle of flying to another dealer, pay the costs of inspections,etc. for that state and then have the paper work sent to my states motor vehicle dept. where I buy the tags, taxes, etc. I have done it and saved about $1000 in the past but my local Lexus dealer is now about $600 higher which makes the travel out of state questionable. I have tried the X amount over invoice before and they just laughed at me because they know they have no competition and they can sell the cars for what they want. Now I just wait before the next model year is about to come out and get a half way decent deal, but still not as good as one would get in my neighboring state.
  • We live in western Washington, and are about ready to buy a 2008 RX350 with the nav system and most options other than the rear dvd. We've read about some of the dealer incentives and great deals happening out there ... but what about in our area (Seattle)? Anyone have any shopping experience or know what kind of bottom line price we might negotiate at one of the 3 dealers within 100 miles of us?
  • I purchased from Woodfield Lexus in Schaumburg, IL.

    It is our 2nd purchase from this dealership.

    I dealt with the internet sales team and I was direct and upfront with them.

    Their intitial offer was $42,700. I countered with $40,500 thinking no way would they take that on a sticker price of $45,881 but to my surprise they took it.
  • Congrats on your new purchase.

    $40,500 represents the invoice price. They accepted the invoice price because they received an additional $2,000 plus from Lexus to sell 2008 RX's, as the 2009 RX's are arriving.

    Enjoy your new wheels.
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 28
    I could be wrong but it looks like the 2K incentive is regional and that's why on Edmunds it shows up as a factory to dealer incentive for a California zip code but there is no such incentive in the Chicago area.
  • Hello carlovernj,
    It appears that you have insider information about incentives, such as the 2,000 to sell 2008's. Where do you get this info? Also, my wife and I held off buying a 2008 thinking that the 2009 would be restyled. Now we hear that the 2009 will be the same as the 2008. Any comments on that? Also, I see almost no notes on deals in the DFW or Shreveport areas. I live between the two cities and have bought two Lexus' since 1994. We are driving an almost perfect still 1999 RX. Any information about where to obtain the best deals in DFW or Shreveport.
  • Hi chevy789,

    From reading these forums on, I was able to learn of the cash back from Lexus to dealers. I have learned so much from these forums, especially that the 2009 RX is identical to the 2008 RX (except for a few color changes, and the new "pebble beach" edition). I knew this a month or so ago. I know in January, someone in California bought for $2800 under invoice. I had spoken with a dealer in NY, and they confirmed they got incentives too. How much, I don't know. In addition, I don't know what incentives Lexus is providing dealers in Feb to unload the 2008 RX's. I would think that the incentives continued into February, as they need to unload 2008's. The 2009 RX's are currently arriving at dealerships. I personally wanted to lease a 2008 RX, but the cash back incentives to dealers are only on sales of the vehicle, not a lease. The lease price on the 2008, was nothing to write home about. So, if I was to lease, I might get a 2009 RX at some time in the future. Otherwise, I might try to get a good deal purchasing the 2008, if I can get a great price. Let me know how you make out.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Incentives for 08 RX is till 03/31.
  • I met with my Salesmen this morning at Arkansas's only Lexus dealer for the whole state and gave the go ahead to have the RX350 I want shipped in from a out of state dealer. MSRP is $43231 and the dealer wants $40,790, about $1200 over invoice. That's about what they sell their Lexus vehicles for around here as there are no other competitors in state. I was ready to sign a buyers order and give them a deposit but they had to contact the other dealer to see if the one I want is still available. I have not heard a word from the dealer in about 3 hours although my salesman had some errands he had to run after we left the dealership this morning. I had been looking at the Toyota Highlander Sport with specific options and none were to be found anywhere and would have had to be a special order which means I may get have gotten it in a month, 2 months, 6 months or never. Since I have owned 2 Lexus and currently have a 2005 ES330 I know they make great cars. I am all dressed up and no where to go at this point in time. Just waiting for that call.............
  • Great, thanks Praz.

    I guess I'll see the end of this month, how much under invoice they can go. At least I know, I have another month to do so if need be.

    Thanks again.
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