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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Don't delay too long, although the incentive may last until the end of March, many dealers' stock of 2008 RXs are quickly being depleted. My 2¢.

    Pete :)
  • Did you price the car in Dallas or FW? I am interested in how I could do there since I have bought two there.
  • Just wanted to relay the experience I had with a local Toyota dealership and the Lexus dealership. As I drove up to the Toyota dealership the lot was full of young men and women who were dressed in wrinkled white shirts and cheap ties and looked desperate to make some kind of sell. I parked my car and I was swarmed like a stick stuck in a fire ant mound. They wanted to know if they could help me. I told them the name of the salesperson I had talked to over the phone and they looked like they had lost their last friend as they took out their cell phone and called him to let him know I has arrived. The salesperson took me for a test drive and we went inside the building to discuss price and options as if I decided to buy a Toyota it would have to be a Special Order. I was told to have a seat in a cafeteria/arcade like setting. I sat down at a fixed table with small plastic chairs as customer's kids played video games screaming and yelling. There were other people sitting around me eating, smoking and drinking. My salesperson finally brought me a print out of costs and demanded a deposit if I was serious on buying. I got up and left and could not have left any faster unless I ran. The next stop was at the Lexus dealer. I parked my car and there was not anybody on the lot. I walked through some glass doors with brass handles and was met by a very well dressed young lady who asked if she could help me. I told her the salesperson's name and she promptly paged him. She then offered to get me a soft drink, juice or bottled water if I wished. I was met by my salesperson who was dressed very professionally, white shirt, expensive power tie, every hair in place, shined shoes, etc. We took a test drive and then went into a private office that had a lot of mahogany wood and glass. Very quite and we then went over the color/options I wanted. We shook hands and he said he would give me a call as they did not have the RX 350 I wanted on the lot but would have to do a search. I was contacted later and a deal was struck over the phone, no deposit made and I am picking up the Lexus next Wednesday. Quite a difference in two different dealerships even though Lexus is made by Toyota. Also the last Lexus I bought from this dealership sent my wife a vase with flowers and gave us a bottle of wine. We were also sent a nice gold card that had the signature of every employee from the owner down to the car wash boy. I hate to say it but the Lexus dealership does pamper and spoil their customers like no other manufacturer.
  • pt838pt838 Posts: 16
    I was shopping for a RX350 today, I went to the local dealer and was quoted a price of 41,700 for a 2008 RX350 with Navigation. The sticker was about 45,700. I thought it was a nice discount until I started reading on this website about the 2009 RX350 arriving in February. Was the dealer actually trying to sell me a leftover model?
  • sredsred Posts: 1
    I was shopping for Lexus Rx 350 Premium package. I was quoted $35,700 with 3.9% financing.

    Is this is agood deal? Thanks
  • pt838pt838 Posts: 16
    It sounds like a better deal than mine, but bear in mind that the 2009's are out so you are buying a leftover. I was not happy that the sales person did not mention the 2009, so I felt he was a little shady.
  • There is no difference between the 2008 and 2009 models but you will pay about $1500-1600 more for the same options on the 2009 due to TMV for the 2009. It is a trade off. Pay more for the same vehicle in a 2009 but the vehicle is one model year newer or save $15-1600 on a 2008 which in my opinion is not a left over but a model that is still in the current calendar year.I am picking up a 2008 model this Wednesday and will enjoy driving it and know that the same vehicle for 2009 will cost somebody $1500 more for the same options that I have. Usually the new model years come out in the fall but since their is no difference between the 2008 and 2009 and rumor has it the 2010 model will have a body change to accomodate a 3'rd row of seats, Lexus is just playing a mind game with the consumer and their pocket book JMHO
  • Congrats on your new wheels, you must be excited.

    Please let us know the MSRP for your '08 RX, and the price you paid.

    Thanks, and enjoy your beautiful new vehicle.
  • Now that Lexus has lowered their pricing on the RX there is about a $5400 difference from the Canadian pricing vs US pricing. I was definitely going to import a US vechicle when there was a about a $13k difference,and may still do so. The local dealer tells me there is no problem with the warranty on US vechicles, but what they would not honor is their concierge service, loaner cars when the vechicle is in for service, pickup and delivery of the vechicle for scheduled service, car wash when the vechicle is in for service etc. $5400 difference off MSRP is not small change!! I know I would have to buy thru a broker because most dealers will not sell to a Canadian. has anyone had the experience of buying thru a broker, and what prices were you able to get. In Canada most dealers are getting very close to MSRP and before Lexus lowered their prices, local dealer would only discount a max of 5%. Please let me know if anyone has bought thru a broker and if it was a good experience.
  • bao1bao1 Posts: 28
    41,700 is too much for a 2008 with Navigation. Just closed a deal on a 2008 AWD model with Nav for 40K + TTL. MSRP was 45,881. With the 2009 models hitting the showroom, there's definitely room to negotiate on the 2008 models.
  • Has anyone bought the Platimum Plan for RX350? The dealer's price is $2350. Is this negotiable? How much is other people paying?

    We just made a deal for a 2008 RX350 premium plus with navigation in NJ. The OTD price is 41.1K.
  • Purchased a 2008 AWD with Navigation with MSRP of 45881 for less than $39000 in Southern california. Definitely the best time to buy a 2008 before the $2000 marketing promo or special Leasing promo runs out by 3/31. :)
  • Congrats on you new RX, you must be excited.

    I am also interested in buying an 08 RX 350. Can you please let me know the breakdown of your 41.1k price.

    Price paid before taxes, taxes, other fees (license, doc fees, etc).

    Thanks so much.
  • Got a question for anybody. When you are wrapping up the deal on your new Lexus which I hope to do tomorrow, the finance officer will usually want to offer you some"extras" before the bottom line is completed on the sale. One of the things he will ask you is do you want to take out road hazard warranty on the tires ? The last Lexus I bought I did take it out at $25 per tire x 5 (spare). Since I have been reading the Lexus forum threads I have noticed that the tire wear is awful and they might only last 15-20K miles. There are a lot better tires that you can replace the originals with that will last a lot longer. I think the tire road hazard warranty would be a waste of money. Any body agree or disagree? Any other "extras" that you feel would be a waste of money?
  • I am a very big advocate of road hazard warranty's.

    If you get a flat tire, or any problem with the tire, nail in it, glass, etc. it is usually covered (except for vandalism ie someone puncturing the tires).

    That means that if you pay $125 for the warranty on all tires, it takes just one incident to pay for itself. Otherwise, you have to buy a brand new tire.

    I have been buying Firestone tires (Bridgestone potenzas) for my Nissan, and I always buy the warranty at $12 per tire. I have had a few flats, so this has paid for itself ten fold. How the warrenty works, if I get a flat tire which is not repairable, and only 20% of the tread was worn, I only have to pay 20% for a brand new tire.

    For me, I would probably take the warranty, but you need to do what you feel comfortable with.
  • Here is the breakdown price:

    Before tax: 38K
    Tax: 7%
    License and doc fees: ~$500

    Total: 41.1K

    Good luck.
  • I just bought about 2 weeks ago. MSRP was $45,881.00

    Here is what I paid for my Fully Loaded '08 RX350:

    Vehicle Price: $38,600.00
    Accessories (Ski Rack & All Weather Mats): $480.00
    Document Preparation Fee: $55.00 ( I can't believe I paid for this)
    CA Sales Tax: $2,900.00
    License Fees, Registration, CA Tire Fees: $326.00

    Total: $42,361

    Anyone know how much is the ski rack alone cost? I snowboards and I didn't know that the ski rack only holds 2 snowboards so I will be selling it. Anyone wants to buy it?
  • dd768dd768 Posts: 4
    What Canadian price are you looking at, and what US MSRP vehicle is this for?
    I just purchased new in the US through a friend - so in essence this was my "broker". Feel free to communicate with me at my above user name
  • Thanks so much, enjoy your new RX.
  • Just pickup a 2008 RX350 from Prestige in NJ last night ask for Bill Lamb. You are able to get either models for the Price of $38k. (MSRP $35,771 & $35,881)

    You are not obligated to use Bill as the reference because he gets the commission. Basically, he was only the paper pusher because I already made the deal with his sales manger prior. They were pissed that I got the car as such a good price and I had the nerve to ask for winterized floor mats. We took the car without the Graphite-Finish Alloy for $100 less and used the mats to cover the difference but they wouldn’t and got pissed.

    Do me a favor, if you buy a car from them, drive them crazy about the winterized floor mats. “Tell them the winterized floor mats will break the deal” haha

    Please note: Prestige is cocky because they have a large inventory.

    Enjoy... Please let know your experience with the dealership.

    Selling Price $38,000.00
    NJ Taxes $2,660.00
    Tire Tax $7.50
    Doc. Fees $149.00
    Reg. Fees $331.00

    Grand Total $41,147.50

    MSRP $45,771.00
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