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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just purchased a 08 RX 350 in Lexus of Seattle. This car is with navigation system, premium plus package, 18" graphite alloy wheel, cargo mat and wheel lock. Price $38.6K+tax+plate fee+doc fee = $42.4K. Great experience in Lexus. Call Mat and they only had a few left.
  • Replying to own message: Sorry, did not realize there was seperate forum for rx400h.
  • My 08 RX 350 AWD has the following options:
    PT Premium Plus Package
    HH Heated Front Seats w/Rain Sensing Wipers
    FV Liquid Graphite Finish 18" 7-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    TO Towing Prep Package
    C1 Trunk Mat
    WL Wheel Locks
    Bottom line price that included sales tax, doc fee and license transfer was $42.2K.
    At least that is in the ball park of your RX but mine does not have the Navigation system. I do have a road map in the glove box though ;)
  • My 08 RX 350 AWD has the following options:
    Premium Plus Package
    Heated Front Seats w/Rain Sensing Wipers
    18" 5-Spoke Aluminum Alloy Wheels
    Towing Prep Package
    Trunk Mat
    Wheel Locks

    The MSRP is $45,771. I paid $38,000 + tax, title, and license = approx $41,100
    in Northern New jersey. I got Silver w/ Gray interior. I was not pushed into buying any after market products such as etching, extended warranty, etc. I would be happy to share additional information, please let me know.
  • I got almost the identical came deal as you at Lexus of Alexandria today. I didn't get the extended warrenty though. Only bad thing about the whole deal was the salesman told me they had flint mica/black and when I got there they said they didnt' have it. Real deal was someone else was test driving it. Hell just tell me that, don't tell me you dont'know what happened. Other buyes deal fell through, I gave a hundred dollar deposit and it was MINE.
  • rashd60rashd60 Posts: 1
    Congrats on your new car. I am in the market for exactly the same specs as you got on your car. Can you please tell me the car dealer from where you got the car?
    Also, did you get this price on the internet or you had to personally go there?
    Rashmin D
  • I bought my RX from Prestige Lexus in Ramsey NJ. From reading these forums, I knew the going rates for the vehicle. I made an offer to a salesman at Prestige who I had been speaking with few a few months. He has an extrmely nice demeanor, patient, courteous, and not at all pushy. His initials are A.F. I would be happy to provide you his name, please email me at:

    Good Luck.
  • Hi,

    If possible could you Pls. let me know your dealer details?

    Best regards,
  • Parker Lexus, Little Rock, AR
    You can go back a page and read my buying experience as I have all ready posted. Good people to serve you but you are not going to get a deal like I have read from the California and New Jersey posts.
  • car1822car1822 Posts: 3
    I just brought the 2008 FWD RX350 in San Diego with:

    Navigation System, Premium Plus Pkg
    Mark Levinson Radio System (they still include a Cassette player... :D )
    Wheels, Liquid Graphite 7-Spoke Aluminum Alloy
    Heated Front seats and Rain-Sensing
    Towing Prep Pkg
    Wheel Locks
    Cargo Mat

    MSRP $45961, INVOICE $40687, PAID $38000

    I think the deal is ok.
  • Friends: I am looking for 2008 RX350AWD w NAV/Premium package/rain-sensing wipers in the Cleveland OH area. Any idea if the $2,000 under invoice deal is applicable in Ohio? and is it running only through end of March? All help appreciated. Thanks
  • destiny3destiny3 Posts: 2
    Hey a8man1, You got a very good deal ... Hope you are enjoying your RX .

    I was just wondering if you can let me know which dealer in Milwaukee/Chicago area gave you that deal . I'm in Milwaukee and planning to buy before 31st March .

    If you can give me some info it will be really very nice of you .

  • eswaraeswara Posts: 2

    Congrats on getting your new car. Could you please share the information of the dealer and the sales guy. I'm planning to buy one by the end of this month. I appreciate your response.

  • samassamas Posts: 1

    I am in the market to buy a 2008 RX 350 AWD with the Premium Plus pkg,
    I need to know what might be the best offer I can get, if I can pay in cash
    I have seen other post in NJ who have got it for $38000 + TTT =$42000. Can I beat that deal if I can pay in cash

  • lgarneslgarnes Posts: 6
    You may have waited too long... I sold our last 2008 RX350 on Thursday and I'm @ Prestige. I know Catena got rid of their last 08 RX on Saturday although they had 1 deal pending on a gold one with nav I have 1 car left thats a demo. silver ext / black interior. You might want to try Tri County , their inventory is smaller than Ours and Catena so I don't know If they have any in stock either. If you are interrested in the demo let me know by tuesday. The word is out that 08's have basically run out so If you find one go ahead and jump on it. :)
  • bigearsbigears Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I was looking for a 2008 RX 350 in the New York area because of the deep discount. I called most of the dealers in the tri-state area, but there are none left with the options that I wanted. So, I ended up getting a quote for a 2009 RX. I got an offer of $42,000 for a 2009 RX AWD with Premium Plus, Navigation and rear seat entertainment. Do you guys think this is a good deal? Thanks.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    Can you please share the dealer details.
    I too am looking for an MDX or RX...

    What made you choose RX over MDX?

  • car1822car1822 Posts: 3
    We brought it at Kearny Mesa Lexus but El Cajon Lexus should be quite competitive as well. Carlsbad Lexus was too late to return our call (they called us two days after we got the RX350). So shop around to see who want your business.

    As for the MDX, my wife does not like the interior and she think it is too big for her.
  • Just bought a 08 AWD with Premium Plus + heated seats ,rain sensing wipers + 18'' wheels. (basically all options without navigation) here in the Denver area.

    Experience was great, got it for 2K below invoice + 399 (dealer handling) + tax.
    Thanks to all the posts here which helped me negotiate the right price. The dealers here still have several 08 models on their lots.

    Also looked at the MDX, but thought the RX had a slightly smoother ride, and better instrument panel layout.
  • a8man1a8man1 Posts: 23
    Hi destiny3,

    I am happy to help, the dealer is Lexus of Northshore, go to and choose a dealer in the milaukee area, the e-mail goes to the person I dealt with (I think forum rule forbids from posting names).
    Anyways the vehicle is great, put together so well, the fit and finish is amazing! Only disappointment so far has been the gas mileage, getting about mids 17s in the city!

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