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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got one... $36504 for the AWD With Nav. He wanted 37504 and initially i agreed. I was supposed to go to his office this am but i called him and told him I'm not buying from him anymore as i was quoted 36100 by another dealer (who is 300 miles away from me and it was a real quote). I told him to give me a call if he has another offer. He called me and gave me 1000 off. Now i'm happy with this price.Thank you for the help... The problem now is with the finance rate :)
  • Hi Anyone has luck in the tri-state area for a deal that is about 10K off MSRP? I tried couple dealers and they only quoted me 36k.

  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    Is Lexus offering any special financing before the promotion ends on Feb 2? I am guessing they will offer it after Feb 2. If so, can we lock in the price now and double-dip for the special financing on Feb 3?
  • danxpdanxp Posts: 35
    it was tri-county... they had 2 at that price... good luck... i'm gonna wait to see what kind of deals appear after the 2010s come out...
  • mpw215mpw215 Posts: 4
    Hi. To respect the request to not post salesmen

    You can email me at mpw215 nyuedu for the wilkes barre sales. They were able to get me a really good finance rate too.
  • Would you mind to email me the name of your sales person? I would really appreciate if you can share the info with me

  • mandm2mandm2 Posts: 1
    Can you please share the sales person's name. Thanks for your help.
  • Hi all, it seems like $34,000 to 35,100 is the best price for AWD including Nav.

    Is that true? I live in Seattle WA. They quoted me $39,500 before the crazy negoation. ;)
  • Mafuwah,

    i donno what other options you are going for but generally you should be able to get $9k-$10k off the MSRP for models with NAV.

    I am also in Seattle area and will be making a purchase next week sometime. if you want to negotiate together, post your email address and i'll contact you. btw, which dealer(s) have you contacted? I've contacted all 3 local lexus dealers and i think they're willing to take my price. i think negotiating to buy 2 will help us leverage even more. let me know.
  • Whoa! It is a small world. Anyway, I agree with you on the price. Sounds like crazy but my father bought a Lexus ES and he got $9K off.

    My email address is Do u think we should actually go there or email him?

    I've an email from Lexus of Seattle Jeff Mattson General Sales Manager. See email below.

    b>The 2010s will be here first part of February. For NAV pkgs, the pricing is expected to be around $46-$47k+

    I have a few 2009s remaining. You can get one for under $40k
  • paguy2paguy2 Posts: 26
    Do you mind telling which dealer (in Philly area)?
  • worked with the internet sales dept of Wilkie Lexus.

    He said he would give that price to everyone from this message board. So far I was the 2nd to purchase from him from this board.
  • I'm looking at buying an '09 RX350 with nav. MSRP of 44,026. I have been quoted 34,888, and a dealership in my area has told me they can beat it. I am going down there tonight to find out what they can do for me.

    Does anybody know what they're stopping point is? I can't be too far away from it at 34,888. I just want to get the best deal I can. Thanks!
  • yunyayunya Posts: 6
    Where are you located? I was able to get the same car for $33,900 in the SF Bay Area. If you are not too particular about your color choices, you might be able to get an even better deal by waiting until the 2010's get on the lot.
  • degirldegirl Posts: 45
    I'm sorry I could not locate your previous post to see what the details were regarding pricing and options from Wilke Lexus. Could you please give me the info?

    Thanks alot
  • I'm in Los Angeles. I would think I would be able to get the same deals here as in SF, we are in the same state... so that makes sense.

    I'm a little particular on color. I can't stand the Bamboo Pearl. I was hoping to go home with silver.

    I was at Keyes Lexus in Van Nuys last night, I wouldn't recommend dealing with them. I was there for an hour. They knew about the previous quote of 34,888, and said they would beat it. We talked for the entire hour about pricing, but they were unwilling to actually SAY a price they would sell the car for. Don't waste your time there.
  • degirldegirl Posts: 45
    Have you gotten any feedback regarding anyone wanting to buy in group to attain the best pricing? If so what dealership and what are they offering?
  • Hi degirl.

    We had quite a few people interested and we got together and got what I think is a good deal. If you are interested you can email me at advantagejk [at] aol [dot] com and I can fill you in.


  • Got the 2009 RX 350 AWD premium plus package no navi MSRP $43,591.

    Price paid was $33,890 +TTL
  • degirldegirl Posts: 45
    Thanks for the info. How did you communicate with the dealership. Were they honest and easy to deal with? Did you say they will honor the same deal on other vehicles. I am intersted in the smokey granite mica with premium plus package and w/o navi. How far is Wilkie from the DE/PA line?
    Thanks again Enjoy your new car.
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