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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What is monthly payment? And how much is for lease end purchase price?
    I'm looking for PP& Navi now. Lexus provides special lease now, but i'm not sure yet.

    Thanks :)
  • beemertimebeemertime Posts: 20
    don't forget ppl, that your quotes and prices are for the west and south area of teh country. Which means they are most likely FWD.

    I got my RX 350 in one of the northeast states. I got quotes from NY ray catena for a RX350 AWD w/nav fully loaded for $41,200. Another one from CT for $41,400.

    Those are the range i would shoot for when ur are purchasing one in the east coast.
  • chamya23chamya23 Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy the RX350 FWD with the following options: NV and PM.

    MSRP: $43,705
    Invoice: $38,387

    How much should I pay? Anybody have any experience buying in the Chicago market? :confuse:
  • apjmoapjmo Posts: 1
    Bought: FWD + Premimum Plus package + DVD NAV package
    From: Stevens Creek
    MSRP : 45023
    Invoice: 39878
    Paid: 38728 + tax + lic. fee + tire fee + doc fee

    I got comparable deals from 4 dealers and went with the nearest one that had the color I wanted (Flint Mica + grey interiors)
  • rajftprajftp Posts: 3
    One of the dealers in Bay area is mentioning that Lexus is not releasing its Neptune Blue Color and mentioned that it would take almost 6/7 weeks. I have already been waiting for last 5 weeks with a deposit to the dealer. Is this correct information? The dealer also mentioned that they have 4 people in line for the same color. Does any one have any experience with respect to this.
  • ragftp,

    It is a rare color. Most dealers I talked to wanted to custom order it; it sounded like even then it's a waiting game. I am frustrated as well.

    A few days ago, Cerritos showed 3 Neptune Blues (2 AWD Prem Plus and 1 FWD w/NAV) in their inventory, if you are interested. They are not what I wanted.
  • mookie18mookie18 Posts: 15
    Here's the AWD/PP/Nav deal I got mid-May from Pleasanton :

    MSRP : $46,583
    Selling Price : $41,262
    Lease Term : 36mos, 12k/yr
    Residual : 59%, $27,484

    Money Factor : .00155
    Due at lease signing : $1450 (1st month, etc)
    9 Mos into MSD : $4500
    New Money Factor : .00065

    Monthly Payment : $427.41 or $462.67 (with 8.25 CA tax)

    Although it looks like some are now getting below invoice on the FWD.
  • I'm in the Houston area and we just took delivery of a RX350 FWD w/ Premium Pkg from Westside Lexus comparable to the quote you mentioned. The best quote I got from around Houston and the sales consultant, Don Smith, is exceptional. He's willing to work with me to match whatever deal I got from others and work to get my trade-in at better than CarMax and with the tax benefit of trade-in. My wife is so happy now. Should you want to get a Lexus from the Houston area, contact Don Smith for the best quote and service. Keep in mind that the prices for each area/region are different from the other. The best prices in the town you live (and purchase from) are more relevant.
  • patwongpatwong Posts: 2
    $39,762 is for the AWD and is with the Premium Package that includes the Navigation System / Mark Levinson Package as shown in the RX350 brochure. It was $1,500 below the sticker price.
  • bm3coupebm3coupe Posts: 5
    I was ready to pick up a 2007 AWD RX350 with NAV, premium plus, 18" wheel at the Lexus dealer of Rockville Maryland this afternoon for $42800 out of the door. MSRP is about $46,500. The sale man agreed that price on the phone. He said the car will be ready for pick up at 5pm. They lied and tried to get me to the dealer. When I got there another guy came out and said he is a sale manager and did not want to sell the car to me at that price. He wanted $43,200 out of the door. A couple other dealers in DC area want $41,000 + Tax and Tag.
  • jsevjsev Posts: 1
    I'm in the process of buying a RX350 (without navigation)from the Pleasanton Dealership. Their current offer is $40,000 out the door. That puts the price of the vehicle somewhere around $36,000+. It seems like a good deal. Any opinions?
  • mookie18mookie18 Posts: 15
    Not sure what the MSRP is, but if 36K is about 4K less than the MSRP it might be a decent deal. Tho if you look at patwong's deal (post#30), it's now possible to get less than invoice price.

    I shopped around and showed Pleasanton the lowest price I got from another dealer. And they knew I was willing to walk away if they couldn't better it.
  • Best price I have gotten here on the East Coast so far is 41, 260 for a Premium Plus with Nav. That was the 1st go-round so I'm sure it is no trouble to get it into the 40s, but they don't have the color I want :( All other dealers are so far 1-3k higher.
  • lmcjcaolmcjcao Posts: 16
    I checked with one dealer in Dallas area, they quoted me $38214 for FWD/Premium Pkg/18'' wheel... seems the optional packages in Texas (or Southwest) are really limited, eith Premium or Premium + Nav. HID comes only with Nav package or on AWD, I'm hoping to pay $39000 out of door, not sure if I can get a deal in the area. Will keep you all posted.
  • I got quoted for $38190+TTL at Sewell in Dallas. I am looking for one, but not willing to pay at that price. It seens like Californian has better price..under invoice. Let me know your result.
  • smartkidsmartkid Posts: 5
    WOW. I just sold my 02 Acura MDX. I yesterday received my brand new Lexus RX350 in Crystal White. What a beauty. The engine is powerful and the interior is better than any i have seen. If anyone was wondering about buying this car, i would tell you that there is no question about this car. All the stories i have heard about the car having piston problems and rattling noises, they must have gotten a lemon :lemon: . The lexus is way above the Acura. The lexus makes a joke of the Acura's safety, performance, reliability, interior and looks. :D
  • lizacolbylizacolby Posts: 14
    Has anyone had any good experiences in trying to buy a Certified Pre-Owned RX 330/350 lately? If so, where? I'm wondering if the mad dash for the 400h and new RX 350's is having a positive impact (at least for buyers) in the market for used RX's that are Certified Pre-Owned. Are people paying retail KBB on the CPO's or are they available for less?

    Also... does anyone know if Bluetooth in the RX is new to 2006/07 or if it was available in 04/05?

    Thanks for any help!
  • leo11leo11 Posts: 9
    Hi lphantom134,
    What price did you pay OTD on the lexus. Looking to buy one and I am in the houston area.
    Any help appreciated
  • qwiktradeqwiktrade Posts: 1
    I am interested in buying an RX350 in the DC area with the Mark Levinson system but no one seems to have it. I would not mind travelling to pick one up. Does anyone know of a dealer who has one?

  • jfertljfertl Posts: 8
    Has anyone seen the residuals and money factor for July. I understand that Lexus extended its Special Lease terms until July 26. Also looking for any info on lease pricing for awd with nav in the Midwest.
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