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Volvo XC90 Air Conditioner Problems



  • I own a 2009 xc90, and the battery has died twice in summer time and I have had to call a tow truck to jump start the car. I have talked to the dealer but they just simply will not acknowledge the problem. Needless to say they have also have the nerve to blame ME for the problem. The only good thing is that the problem only appears to happen during hot days, so most of the year I'm ok.
    I love my car but my husband is ready to change it. The question is what to buy, all cars have their issues.
  • taxman12taxman12 Posts: 1
    For the last couple of years we had to have the AC charged up as it had a slow leak. We were just told the condenser is cracked and they want to install a new compressor, receiver/dryer and condenser unit for about $2,000. Is it necessary to install a whole new system vs. just a new condenser unit?
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