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Porsche 911 Lease Questions



  • I don't have the 2013 model residuals for the 911..


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  • Thanks kyfdx!

    Last summer's deals (e.g. 991 C2 Manual, 24 mo, 12k mi/yr at 77% residual) was that a fluke or is it likely to come back for 2014 models at some point in 2014?

    Any ideas/suggestions ?

    Thank you all in advance!

  • No way to know, unfortunately..

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  • Hi there, I'm about to pick up my car soon and am weighing a lease heavily. What are you seeing for residuals on a C4S coupe for 2014? I did see the MRM at 126k and mine would be 130k after discount.
  • Hi Kyfdx,

    I just noticed that you've had the most activity on this thread. Is there a way to see the December rates for residuals from PFS? I'm about to pick up my car this week and wanted to be prepared for a fair negotiation on the drive away cost to lease. Like most, I'm looking at 12k miles per year.

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,889
    edited December 2013
    2014 911 C4S Coupe 36mo, 12K/yr lease
    .0020 MF and 55% residual

    24 month residual is 69%

    MRM is $126,530

    Residual percentages are applied to MSRP, not the negotiated price... so, the difference between the MSRP and the MRM is what really jacks up the lease payment..

    Those numbers are good for the entire 4th quarter of the year..


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  • Thanks Kyfdx,

    Appreciate it. I assume the residual value is not negotiable at the dealer. Is there anything else or any other angle that can be negotiated? For instance getting 12k miles at the price of 10k? Appreciate it!
  • No.. residuals are all set by the bank... Just make sure they aren't marking up the base money factor.

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  • Lots of helpful info here.

    Kyfdx, I'm looking at ordering a C2S cab this month. Do you know the residual for 36 months/10k miles? Do you have the MRM?

    If I negotiate a price below MRM, it sounds like the residual is still a percentage of the MRM and not the negotiated price. Do I have that correct?
  • Thanks Kyfdx!
  • 2014 C2S Cabriolet 36mo, 10K/yr lease
    .0020 MF and 56% residual
    MRM is $134,200

    Yes.. the residual percentage will be applied to the lesser of the MSRP and the MRM... As in any other lease, your negotiated price does not affect the residual.


    P.S.: Reminder... all 911 residuals assume manual transmission... PDK residuals are lower.

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  • Thanks for the quick response!

    And it will definitely be a manual :)
  • dalemadalema Posts: 20
    I've seen some posts on other forums of credit unions giving good purchase interest rates. Even as low as penfed at 0.99% and having a car buying program for further cash discount from purchase price. May want to check that out as an alternative.
  • Thanks money2536,

    I just got the car. Did a one time payment at .0020 for 24 months with 12k miles per year.
  • mp1512mp1512 Posts: 10
    Do you have the numbers for a 24 month @ 10 Miles?
  • In rough numbers or percentages, what were you able to save by doing a single payment lease, as opposed to 24 payments, and where were the savings (interest, taxes,etc)? Thanks
  • .0020 MF and 70% residual

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  • ag991ag991 Posts: 3

    I'm about to pick up a 2014 C2S manual transmission. Are there any special January lease rates? What are the most up to date residuals and what MF should I expect? 24/27/36mo? 12 and 15k miles? The as optioned price is $122k and I got a 6.5% discount. My credit union will give 1.99% for 60-72mo, but I'd like to consider lease options.

  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,889

    New rates come out on January 3rd. The numbers aren't released in advance, and it will be a few days after that before we have the information.

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