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Toyota Prius Audio & Entertainment System Questions



  • Something ios definitely wrong with your installation. I had (did continue free 3 month subscription) a factory installed XM system in my Honda Accord and never had a loss of signal failure in the 3 month trial period. Always crystal clear.

    Most like cause is the antenna. I would go to a professional setroe or XM dealer to resolve the issue.

    Good Luck,


    Liked Local Talk shows, NPR, and FM Jazz station better. An CDs and Autoselect AM/FM stations on road trips. Also, didn't want to pay $13 per month.
  • The XM antenna on my Prius is located in the same location as yours. I have only experienced two minor "No Signal" errors, once when driving in a freeway tunnel and the other momentary no signal when passing under a high-power line.

    This is the third vehicle I've owned with XM and have never experienced the problems you are currently having. I would certainly take this up with your Toyota Dealer. When I spoke with my Toyota dealer, they would only install the antenna on the dash where ours is located for warranty purposes. I'll be interested in hearing how they remedy this for you.
  • Thanks for your response, also Midnight Cowboy&Jeffreyboy.

    Ironically I have an XM roof mount antenna already installed on my '06 Prius. This is because I had a "Roady" installed before the Toyota XM integrated unit became available. The Toyota installer obviously was aware of this, but it appears their policy requires windshield mount antennas.

    I've made an appointment for later this week with the XM dealer(non Toyota) who installed the "Roady". Hopefully the roofmount antenna can be connected to the Integrated unit although it might jeopradize the warranty.

    If that can't be done i'll have to take the matter up with Toyota.

    The radio itself is excellent with the screen being easily visible while driving.
  • I got my Prius mid last year (tatally love it!). I've been streaming my iPod through the radio using the FM transmitter. This, of course, is pretty bad, and I can't do it while driving in NYC. Does anyone know whether it's possible to hack an auxilary RCA jack into the 05 Prius? Thanks!

  • I took my '06 Prius to a non-Toyota audio dealer, he was unable to determine how the Toyota dealer had connected the Integrated XM unit to the windshield antenna, so he wasn't able to connect my "Roady" roof antenna to the Integrated.

    Instead he suggested a simple modification which was done within fifteen minutes. On my windshield antenna the silver metallic strip was attached to the front lower right windshield and positioned between the windshield and the black plastic rectangular antenna unit(also attached to the windshield). The technician's opinion was that this was likely to impede reception of the satellite signal.

    The set up was repositioned: the silver metallic strip is now flat on the dashboard instead of attached to the windshield and the black unit is directly on top of it with nothing between it and the windshield. No antenna part is attached directly to the windshield.

    So far the preliminary reception results appear promising, but i'll have to do more driving to form a definite opinion.
  • Does anybody know if any of the following work well in the Prius: Samsung D807, LGcu500 or Motorola SLVR? Thanks.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    The better Moto, the RAZR does. I believe I have read here the SLVR does as well. Toyota can tell you for sure. :)
  • Hey Cheryl,
    I think your reception should improve considerably with the new location of the antenna since it appears that it is in the same position as the one I have. Let me know how it works out for you.
  • Hey Terry,
    I have a Motorola RAZR phone that integrated perfectly. The set-up was quick and simple. I also know that the Motorola Z600 should work as well but the RAZR is much more user friendly.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247

    The guy who asked was in message #28. ;)
  • Oops... sorry terry.
  • I am the new owner of a red 2007 Prius with package 2 (single CD, no satellit radio) and need help to decide how to upgrade for at least XM radio, maybe with a new 6-CD changer if that's available. I asked the dealer when I bought the car, but they don't seem to know about the options.

    One source I found is Factory Interactive, offering an XM kit that integrates directly with the existing radio and Multi-Function Display (MFD). That sounds like a tuner and software solution that might be a good compromise.

    Does anyone have experience and advice to share please? Does Toyota sell any replacement hardware for upgrades like this?

  • Classic Toyota in Round Rock, TX installed XM satellite radio into several non-touring 2007 models on their lots. They skinned a few with leather seats, pinstripes, woodgrain trim plus other high margin dealer add-ons. I can't imagine them (or any other metropolitan area Toyota dealer) not being able to switch out the unit for a 6-cd changer unit for a small fee plus parts.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I was wondering if I can get the upgraded radio from say package 4 or so, the one that has the 6 disk changer and plays MP3 disks. That is really all I need, as most of the time I listen to AM talk radio, which this radio seems to do quite well, but there will be times when I wouldl ike to listen to music. I am 42 Years old, and dont need a cranker boom boom system, and not interesetem in XM. Basically, is is possible to change out the radio to a different one without modifications to the car? :confuse:
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Your dealer can add the 6 disk CD changer at any time to the lower "grade" audio system. It's a Toyota accessory.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Still trying to figure that one out, I went to the dealer, and the cd player they show doesnt look anything like what is in there, and doesnt look like it would fit without modifying the dash. I am wondering if the 6 disk MP3 player/radio unit from an 06 will plug right in and work as I found one of those.
  • Does anyone know how to work the mp3 player/Aux on the '07 Prius? All files on the player are .wma or .mp3's and when I plug it into the Aux it shows it playing but there is no sound. Dealer told me I needed to increase the volume on the player itself and increase the volume of the car stereo. That didn't work. Any suggestions??
  • charlahcharlah Posts: 1
    I have found that when I play my Palm (mp3)via the AUX output it only plays on the left side speakers. I am going to try a different connection to see if it will out put on both sides. Also need to make sure your balance is set correctly.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    You have to select the aux. jack input on the MFD Audio screen. Once you do that you should get full stereo. If you only get one channel, then you have a connection problem. Check the cable, make sure the jack is correctly wired.
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