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Hyundai Azera Accessories

donboy93donboy93 Posts: 14
Does anyone know where to order aftermarket Xenon headlamps for the Azera?




  • hugobeckerhugobecker Posts: 45
    I haven't seen them, but it would appear that Xenon's are an avaialble option on the Azera/Grandeur in other markets. So . . . ; -)
  • mechanic80mechanic80 Posts: 122
    Check out Ebay. There are kits for a few hundred dollars for Xenon conversion. I'm sure there's room in the engine compartment for the transformers required for this mod. I put "whiter" bulbs in mine for $40. and it's just fine by me.
  • sonotasonota Posts: 5
    I have had my azera for 3 1/2 months now I love this car.
    Got it after hyundai bought back the 2006 sonota lx that I purchased and was giving me some issues . I installed some aftermarket hid lighting kit I purchased off of ebay. I had a problem with one of the ignitiors after having it in the car about 2 weeks and the person I purchsed them from would not honor the warranty . Be very carefull when deciding on whom to purchase them from . I found a replacement unit off ebay from another suppler and so far no problem with them and they are 100 times better then the factory lights . The first kit I purchased i paid 155 for it . The second kit I justed needed the ignitiors so I ordered two for 140 . Please note the lights on hid are expensive if they fail will cost you 100 each but they are not supposed to fail . Good luck
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    Here's an interesting one I found digging on their web-site:


    It's a 6000K HID light ballast with bulbs for 850,000 SKW (South Korean Won) per side. That's pretty pricy, really - I worked out the conversion and it would be $1800 US for a pair... (but - obviously it is do-able!)

    Their web-site doesn't show the links, but it is found under the "HID/bulb/Lenser" link.
  • flatibbyflatibby Posts: 28
    HID Lighting can be purchased and installed to any of the vehicle through an Aftermarket shop. The only difference is most of the kits are at 8000K HID light ballast which emits more of a bluish light. Cost wise should be around $400 to $500 depending on what the shop charges here in the states.

    The picture you have on there is a Sonata. I'm pretty sure that Azera uses an H7 bulb for their vehicles.

    I currently have an 8000K HID kit in my Tiburon and I love it. Alot of my friends who uses the kit also said they love it and they would never go back to standard Halogen.
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    HID Lighting can be purchased and installed to any of the vehicle through an Aftermarket shop. The only difference is most of the kits are at 8000K HID light ballast which emits more of a bluish light. Cost wise should be around $400 to $500 depending on what the shop charges here in the states.

    The picture you have on there is a Sonata. I'm pretty sure that Azera uses an H7 bulb for their vehicles.

    True - I just hadn't seen one that was specifically designed to fit the Azera for sale. The 'generic' kits will work for any vehicle, but almost always require a little 'whittling' with a dremel or similar. Yes, the picture is of a Sonata, but the link is in the Grandeur area of the site, so it is bound to be an almost identical fit. As I've noted before, all European models have them standard, and there is already a spot in the fuse-box marked "HID", so - they're going to work even if the picture is outdated.

    My point wasn't really that it was 'revolutionary' - just that it was outrageous as far as price... Most cars where they are optional charge maybe $500 these days, though it used to be a bit more. They were standard on both my vehicles, so - no choice.

    The bulb in the Azera is indeed an H7.
  • windycity7windycity7 Posts: 24
    Yakima site does not list a roof rack for Sonata and does not even have anything for Azera. I have a Yakima from my Volvo and want to use it on my Azera but need new roof rack clips. any ideas?
  • donvickdonvick Posts: 38
    I just installed the front and rear mudflaps on the Azera. They came in a box with a package of brand new screws, so now I have started my loose screws and parts bin with the extra's. I took the wheels off and made it easier. Thought about using a stubby screwdriver like someone earlier had done but decided to see what was "in there" anyway.

    The rear flaps have an insert shaped like a toggle type nut on the bottom, you have to reach behind the lower fender and kinda hold it in place as you tighten the screw.

    I also noticed the lugnut studs were quite dry so I gave a very light lube of anti-seize prior to installing the lug nuts.
    I also installed a set of locking lugnuts to help keep the chrome wheels from walking off some night.
    The ones I received from the online Hyundai parts house are not very pretty but they work. They do not have a chrome botton on the end to match the other lugnuts.
    Going to keep an eye out for a better set.

    The jack and lug wrench keeper in the trunk is a nifty idea. The equipment fits in there nice and snug, no rattles, shakes or rolling around. In the Grand Am I had to wrap things up and pack them in just right otherwise we could hear the clanking and clinking back there.

    So far the car is doing well and we like it a lot. No second thoughts or lingering doubts. It was and is a good purchase.

  • I just bought my Azera in late July and just love getting comments from people who see it since they don't know what it is. I've only seen one other Azera on the road and that was back in April.

    I've sort of tweaked it a bit by adding side window deflectors by WeatherTech. Yes, they are custom made for the Azera and fit like a glove. No tools required and I installed mine in about 8 minutes on the four side windows. WeatherTech has a website.

    I've also added mudflaps behind the front & rear wheels. My dealer wanted $90.00 for the set (no installation). I found another place (HyundaiAutoWebAccessories) that sold the set to me for $44.16. This location has a website also.

    Although the floor mats that came with my Azera are not bad, I wanted really top quality floor mats with some personal embroidery on them. I found these at GG Bailey. Yep, you guessed it, they have a website. My Azera has the beige/tan leather interior. The exterior color is Pearl White. Being a Red Sox fan (and you'd have to be a Red Sox fan to understand this), I got "Green Monster" green thick carpeted mats with "Red Sox" embroidered on them in red. They really set off the interior.

    The last tweaking I've done so far is this. I love the fact that the Azera is somewhat of a "mystery" car to most people, so, I removed the individual HYUNDAI letters on the rear below the trunk lid. I left the LIMITED letters on though. Now everyone wants to talk and find out what kind of a car this is. Great fun.

    I'd love to know what others have done to enhance the appearance of their Azera.

    Does anyone know where the front grill without the "H" logo in the middle of it can be purchased? Several months ago, it could be purchased from a Korean Company, but when I contacted them they said they no longer had them.
  • I got an incredible tint job done on the windows. The rear window is non-metallic, of course, and one shade darker than the other windows. The quality of the tint job is amazing. It took two guys about 3.5 hours and cost $245. It really makes the care look great.
  • jcm68jcm68 Posts: 33
    Mannnnnnnnn these two are the only Aftermarket Grilles I found so far. I don't know if they look better than the OEM one. It is hard to appreciate from those pics. Need more angles pics!


  • obobobob Posts: 11
    Has anyone found a US source for the Hyundai OEM Rubber Floor Mats for the Azera?

    I was on the Hyundai Canada web site and noticed photos of these mats but no part # listed. My local dealer tells me Hyundai doesn't offer the rubber mats in the US.

    If anyone knows where to get these mats please advise and include part#
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    1. No

    2. He** no

    3. Yes
  • cdmuilecdmuile Posts: 152
    I really didn't like all the "H"s. I ordered an "H"less grill from EBay. I installed it and it looks great. The colors are limited. but I wanted flat black anyway. They sent me a triple black and I steel wooled it and sprayed it flat black. It looks really good. I didn't like the wheel centers. I was looking around one day in a car parts store and noticed those little round convex mirrors that people with peripheral vision problems mount on their outside rearview mirrors. They measured about 3.5" in diameter. This is about the same as the "H" emblem on the wheels. I mounted the mirrors and "voila" they look good. They don't look like mirrors, rather,like chrome. We'll see if they survive an Iowa winter. I also ordered an oval rear trunk lid emblem. These can be seen at the web site Check them out.
  • obobobob Posts: 11
    Hyundai OEM Rubber Floor Mats are currently not available in US but are offered as an option in Canada.

    If you go to the Hyundai-Canada web site and review the Azera Accessories page there will be a photo of the Rubber Mats @ $92 canadian. No part# is listed but I managed to get it when I ordered mine from a dealer in Windsor.


    These mats are very robust and use the same retaining pins as the carpeted mats

    Don't know why we can't order them here.
  • obob,

    Thanks for the tip. I checked-out the site, saw the pictures, then wondered: They seem to be black, with no mention of colors, i.e., beige for beige interior, gray for gray interiors, etc.... What do you think?

    Also, I throw out this question for everyone out there: I just took delivery of my Azera today, and kept the dealer's throw-away paper mats on top of my beige ones, for it was raining, and I didn't even want to put my feet on the new mats, since they are such a light color. Besides rubber mats, are there any REALLY GOOD fabric protectors out there, such as the spray-on kind? And, if I may pose a second question, I just cringe at the thought of my immaculately beautiful beige leather upholstery getting dirty and otherwise messy over time. Can anyone recommend a genuinely good leather protectant/cleaner that can be purchased at an auto parts store? I'd really like to hear answers to that one from people who actually have had first-hand, time-tested experiences with such stuff.., Thanks, Phil
  • obobobob Posts: 11
    I asked about color availability and was told that black is the only color OEM rubber mat. If you order from a canadian dealer remember that the retail price of $92 is Canadian dollars - not US
  • Thanks, obob. I think I'll also check to see what can be had from one of the vendors who advertise all the time in Motor Trend and similar magazines. Some of them offer custom mats...Phil
  • For what it's worth to anyone, I discovered in my impeccably neat garage yesterday an unused pair of rubber floor mats. They are listed as being for "Truck & Sport Utility", and I thought, "Oh, what the Hell.." I placed them in the front, and they fit just fine! They are tan, and I would guess that they might also be available in gray and/or black as well. I think that I bought them at Price-Costco . They are manufactured by KRACO, (# KM-1209 TAN), and they were $15. Phil
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