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Hyundai Azera Accessories



  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    From what I've heard, the two best to deal with is Seoulful Racing ( and Korean Auto Imports. Dream Ka is hit or miss really, besides...the other two offer way more stuff anyway.
  • psu3psu3 Posts: 15

    My bad! I think my typing was ahead of my gray matter. For some reason I thought I had seen these pictures before and your post was meant to encourage additional sales. I did mean the comments about the improvement and felt that the pictures would sell themselves and the commercial, unnecessary. Obviously, no commercial, but someone proud of their new look vehicle.

    Perhaps my focus on the OSU game has my thinking a bit wonky. :)
  • grayfoxgrayfox Posts: 166
    Thanks for the reply. I have bought several accessories from Dream Ka and saved quite a bit compared to Korean Imports with great delivers service. I am disappointed that they dont respond any more. I have never dealt with Seoul Full Racing.
  • rgb42rgb42 Posts: 40
    No harm done ... and yeah, I like the looks of the new grill and took pics to show it off. Surprised me they actually put them on their website after I sent them. Maybe I should now get a cut for every new grill sold there! LOL ... glad you liked the photos and look of the H-less grill.
  • rgb42rgb42 Posts: 40
    Just for your info ... I had sent an email to Dreamka4u about the H-less grill, but heard nothing back from them. Korean Auto Imports matched their price though, plus a small shipping fee and I had it in days. No, I'm not a salesman for them, but they do try to price match.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    The only issue I've heard of with Seoulful Racing is the shipping time frames as it's coming all the way from Korea. At least with Korean Auto Imports, they have warehouses so usually when you order's coming from a stateside location.
  • Does anyone know of a license plate bracket for the front bumper? The dealer says there is none; just drill two holes in it.
    BTW, heard on NPR this morning that Korean financial system is in worse shape than ours. Markets dropping fast despite billions from the government.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    I don't know of any license plate bracket myself. What I did with mine was put a clear plate protector in front of it, sealed it with some clear silicone around the edges of the plate, put a few strips of weather stripping on the backside of the plate and then screwed it into place. I've never had any problems with it at all.
  • 144tap144tap Posts: 44
    I received my radio remote from Dreamka4u this month :sick: and installed it no problem. Ah, it says "Air Mail" on the box, but I think they sent it on a plane heading West vs East. Two weeks for the part seemed a bit on the long side.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557 want a Genesis, but financially it just doesn't look like the numbers will work for you. Don't fret, I feel your pain. Well...for those that want one, get the next best thing!


    KIA - Azera Genesis Grille
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223

    This should set off that guy who posted that the Genesis was just a dolled-up Azera...
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    A dolled up Azera, huh? Must've been either Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder! ;)
  • grayfoxgrayfox Posts: 166
    How in the world were you able to get a response from Dreamka4u???? I have sent several emails to them asking about the availability of certain Azera parts and never got so much as a sneeze from them? I wondered if they are not selling on the american market any more. All comments appreciated. :(
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    If you're having such a problem with them, maybe you need to see if Korean Auto Imports or Seouful Racing carries what you're looking for. I know for a fact that KAI gets back to you and will even try to find what you're looking for if they don't have it yet. Another good thing about KAI is they are located here stateside, Seouful Racing is over in Korea, but they still respond to queries.
  • grayfoxgrayfox Posts: 166
    Yes Allmet, I know about Korean Auto but in the past, the things I bought from Dreamka4u were always cheaper including the very fast shipping from Korea. I am just disappointed that they dont seem to respond to my questions in the last few months.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557 would seem in this case paying a little more would eliminate the frustration stemming from the lack of response to email inquiries.

    I recall sending an email to them one time and never got a response, so I sorta wrote them off.
  • grayfoxgrayfox Posts: 166
    I guess you are right, Allmet.
  • I thought I read somewhere that some owners are not pleased with the way the net hooks up. I didn't like the way it was designed, but I found two holes under the back window in line with the trunk lamp. I used a 3/16" threaded hanger that I spread open to make a hook, used two nuts and washers per hanger , easy to put on using larger hole to get a finger in to put on washer and nut, tighten and thats it. Now I have each end of the net on the hooks, the middle hook on the net is hooked on the factory hook on the trunk floor and the other ends of the net are hooked on the large button hooks on the rear trunk wall. Ends up like a pouch across the width of the trunk. Holds umbrellas, window cleaner, whatever you don't want rolling around the trunk.
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    There shouldn't have been holes there, there should have been two thick plastic hooks that were designed to be used to hold the two middle net loops, forming (when the two front net loops and the two rear net loops are attached to the four metal "D" ring trunk floor fasteners) an inverted "V" across the width of the trunk, suitable for holding upright several filled grocery bags.

    Most times I leave the net flat on the floor (four D-rings only) and slide smaller bagged stuff under the net, but recently on eBay I bought a Sonata trunk net which is already formed into a pouch, having only two elastic loops. At the very front of the trunk (i.e., nearest the tail lights) there are two knurled plastic knobs, and when I mount the Sonata net to those knobs, I have a nice wide pouch right inside the trunk lip, for smaller stuff... :shades:

    Do an eBay search for "Sonata cargo net," they'll run about $15 with shipping...
  • Appreciate your response, but I didn't find the two thick plastic hooks, so I made my own and installed the net in a "V" shape using using the rear net loops on the hooks and the middle net loops on the floor "D" rings closest to the taillights and the other two neet loops on the two knurled plastic knobs next to the taillights. This very similiar to the hook up I had on my 300M. I will try to find a Azera on a car lot so I can see what the two thick plastic hooks look like. Again, thanks for the reply.
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