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Mazda3 Audio and Entertainment System Questions



  • Yeah.. the 06 doesn't have it either. I have an 06 and all I want is a jack to plug in my mp3 (non ipod) I don't care where its controlled from, I just want to plug it in and play it over my car speakers. ANy suggestions?

    I have the 06 Mazda 3 sedan. Stock (base) stereo.

  • Also... Does anyone know of anywhere on the net where I can see an image of the back of the stereo that is stock in 06 Mazda 3?
  • Try this: I purchased it but have not installed it yet.
  • Many Mazda3 owners wished they could control their Ipod using the Factory Stereo. You should check this out:

    I purchased one but I haven't install it yet..
  • i have used many wireless transmitters with mostly bad results but I recently bought the Kensington "Digital FM Transmitter Auto Charger for Ipod" (whew!) and it is fantastic. I even bought a 2nd one for my wife's car. With rebate you can get it for around $40. I highly recommend it!
  • This may seem like a stupid thing to obsess about, but its driving me crazy! I have a '07 Mazda3 hatchback grand touring with the bose sound system. I have been all over the place trying to figure out how there are 7 speakers in my car (like this website,, and my window sticker said). I can obviously see where 6 of the seven are (two on the bottoms of the front doors, two tweeters behind the side mirrors, and two more in the rear doors), if anyone has any clue as to where the last speaker (or sub for that matter) is please let me know! thanks!
  • Im not sure if you are having the same problem as me, but i used to get a low end feedback noise through the speakers when i used the belkin "Auto Kit for iPod w/ Dock Connector" and ran the line out on the base of the belkin kit to the 'aux in' in the console (it uses a stereo headphone jack so it only requires a very small male to male 1/8th inch stereo cord). To get rid of the feed back i used a "ground loop isolator" from radio shack to go from the belkin kit to the line in and that solved the problem completely. Hope this helps.
  • From what I've been told it is under the front passenger seat. I went throught the same issues when I bought mine and went to the dealer and had them tell me where they were
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    I believe the 7th "speaker" is a subwoofer that sounds like its either near the passenger seat or in the center counsel from what i can tell. Or atleast thats my best guess.
  • Thanks! That makes total sense now that I've been listening for a while!
  • I asked the same question of the dealer when i bought mine. He said that Mazda only has a deal with Sirius and that the module for the mazda stereo will only work with Sirius. He said not to worry about it though because XM is trying to buy Sirius, or the other way around... i can remember which he said. Point being soon it wont matter which you have. If that deal doesn't work out I'm sure you can use a portable XM unit in the AUX IN.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Has anyone else had an issue with getting a hum out of the speakers when hooked up to the aux input? I put in a car kit for my sirius radio and the input jack makes a few of the speakers hum.
  • Check out post #28, that solved my problem completely. I spoke to my dealer about it and he said any device powered by the cars power adapters (cigarette lighters) and plugged into the AUX IN could create a ground loop which sounds like a faint hum or buzz.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    bunch more wires but it works great. Thanks alot!
  • I've read all the forums and am finding conflicting information about which radio option will play MP3 CDs. Can anyone tell me if the either the standard or the Bose will play MP3 CDs? Thanks!
  • I don't know if it's just my car (Mazda 3, 2.0) but no ipod fm transmitter works in my car from the Belkin to the Icarplay. I've tried everything. Did you ever find where the aux hole is?
    please email me if you have any suggestions or answers.
  • Has anyone swapped speakers for this car? I've ordered a set of 6x8 Infinity References for the doors, but I'm a little iffy on replacing the tweeters. They're 1", right?
  • mazdrvrmazdrvr Posts: 103
    The aux connection is in the center arm console; I wondered myself & found it yesterday... Hope this helped.
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