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Hyundai Azera Real World MPG

ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
No, I don't own an Azera, but maybe it's time to add this discussion so owners can boast/lament their fuel consumption issues.


  • limeelimee Posts: 2
    I have the Azera Limited. Fuel consumption is consistantly around 20mpg (Mixed driving) The best I have ever got was 25 on a 500 mile trip to San Diego driving at night non stop averaging 80mph. The fuel computer is a little over enthusiastic informing me I have gotten 26.5 when indeed I have managed 22.
    The initial break in for the first 1200 miles was a miserly 18.2 and that was gentle driving and acceleration with no AC.
    I use the car for long trips only now as thats where it excels in performance and comfort and makes very light work of the miles and one arrives refreshed and ready to go.
  • donboy93donboy93 Posts: 14
    I have 4,500 miles on mine, average about 21 mpg mixed. Driving from Aspen, CO to Denver I got 30.5 mpg computed by me, Azera computer reported 30.1 mpg. I was averaging about 75 mph, but Aspen is at about 8,000 feet and Denver is about 5,000, so gravity likely helped some. I consitantly get about 29 mpg on level highway driving at 75 mph.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    Just completed a 1200 mile trip (all highway) in my Azera My fuel consumtion according to computer was 25.2 MPG.
    A friend of mine made same trip in his new Avalon and had a fuel usage of 30.1 MPG, although he uses premium fuel and I use regular.
  • ricwhitericwhite Posts: 292

    Just completed a 1200 mile trip (all highway) in my Azera My fuel consumtion according to computer was 25.2 MPG.
    A friend of mine made same trip in his new Avalon and had a fuel usage of 30.1 MPG, although he uses premium fuel and I use regular.


    Regular vs. premium fuel is worth about 2 mpg in cost. So, although the Avalon uses premium, it is still a more cost effective engine than the Azera

    I think one of the reasons the Azera is lower is that it weighs slightly more.

    My gas mileage with the Azera is

    17.2 city only
    19.5 70% city 30% highway.

    Since I haven't taken a highway trip longer than about 40 miles yet, I can't say what my pure highway mileage is.

    But with gas prices what they are, it's too bad the Azera is a little better in this area.
  • w0bymagnusw0bymagnus Posts: 19
    I have a 2001 lincoln town car which is a pretty large and heavy car...I was thinking about getting an Azera but it seems the gas milege is about the same? I get about 19mpg city and 23mpg hwy with my lincoln.
  • donboy93donboy93 Posts: 14
    In true city driving in Denver I get about 18 MPG with my Azera. In open road, level driving on the interstate at 75 MPH I get a solid 30 MPG, 32 MPG if I drive at 65 MPH.
  • eagle2aeagle2a Posts: 97
    I do not own an Azera, but I do own a 2006 Sonata I-4.

    I have come to believe the Consumer Reports numbers to be accurate except for there town milage. They must use a test cycle that is more like a NY City Taxi driver's usage.

    However they say that they got 12 MPG city and 29 MPG highway on there Azera. One more MPG on the highway than the EPA got.

    There 150 mile test trip netted 23 MPG, and there over all milage figure was 19 MPG. I feel there Highway figure of 29 MPG is correct, for most drivers.

    I feel that a city MPG of apx 18 or 19 should be accurate for careful drivers, based on the figures I am seeing here and else where.

    Actually I feel these numbers are good based on my MPG of 20 to 21 city and 30 to 33 MPG highway, given the fact that the Azera is quite a bit heaver and a much more powerful car than mine.

    My 2 cents.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Posts: 202
    I just got my new Azera and I'm getting 20 to 21 mpg in city driving. I haven't had it on a trip yet but I expect it will do much better on the trip. I don't use all those 263 horses all the time but I've tried them out. Gas mileage can be very dependent on the drivers style. My wife has a bit heavier foot than me but she is the one average 20 to 21 going to work. Not sure if I just got one of the "good gas mileage" engines but all of these miles have been in the heat with the ac on.
  • windycity7windycity7 Posts: 24
    3600 miles and I get 21 MPG mixed city / highway around chicago. makes a big difference if you don't do a lot of hard braking and fast acceleration. in the city with only stop and go, i can watch the mileage drop. also, make sure the A/C is not running even though the A/C light is not on. see other post on turning off the A/C compressor for vent only.
  • cookoocookoo Posts: 6
    Anybody compared a MPG with and without air-conditioner on?
    I got 19MPG and 27MPG avg. for the same 20 miles route with air-conditioner on and off respectively. The traffic conditions were the same and I reset the avg. MPG meter just before each trip. Don't you think the difference is too much?
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    That seems WAY off, cookoo! I'd like to hear from other Azera owners testing things under similar conditions... :confuse:
  • richwoodsrichwoods Posts: 53
    VERY disappointed withmy Azera's gas mileage.

    e oil changed at a Hyundai dealer at5,300 miles
    Have approx 8000 miles on the car, had th
    e air on constantly.
    getting 13.6 to 15-16 mpg - although herein Phoenix I have th

    AmI expecting too much?
  • cookoocookoo Posts: 6
    I just posted about avg. MPG yesterday.
    I got the similar poor avg. MPG like you around 15-17MPG and couldn't improve it even I drove very gently. Then I just turned air-conditioner off manually and took test drive and MPG was improved dramatically. I know your area, Phoenix, is very hot and not good for this test but just try it and you will see a big improvement in MPG such as 24MPG. Please post your result after.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    As far as fuel consumption goes...I've gotten 28 mpg (highway) on a trip to NC and this was with myself and 3 passengers, the A/C running and averaging about 75-80 mph and a loaded trunk.

    Living in DC, I generally do a lot of mixed driving and I've seen the numbers be from 17 mpg up to 20 mpg.

    These are numbers I was more or less used to with my '02 Sonata, so it hasn't been a big adjustment for me.
  • donvickdonvick Posts: 38
    We have 1569 miles so far and the trip computer indicates an MPG of 21.3 at an average speed of 38 mph. Going to reset in the morning at fill up. First reset since new with the breakin of 1200 miles.

    A/C has been on "Auto" the entire time, always working in this valley.
    Driving is mixed city & highway.

  • pahefner01pahefner01 Posts: 202
    I live in St. Louis and it has been hot and humid all summer. I have almost 2000 miles on my Azera and I am getting close to 22 mpg on every tank so far. The AC has never been turned off in this car. I'm not sure if the air in Phoenix makes a difference because I'm not sure of the altitude. While I use the onboard computer I have also checked the mpg by the old miles driven and gallons used and the mileage is accurate. Maybe the altitude is an issue.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Posts: 146
    cookoo, I am in Phoenix and our mileage is running about 17 in all city driving with the a/c turned to Auto. Any idea why going out of Autom mode would improve mileage? Can it be that the compressor doesn't run continually?

    I'm trying to figure why this would make a significant change in mileage.

  • donvickdonvick Posts: 38
    Wife drove from Fresno to Burbank and back, 425 miles on highway 99 & I-5. According to the trip computer average speed 56 mph and 23.5 miles per gallon.
    A/C on Auto throughout, traffic was thick so cruise control wasn't used coming or going over the Grapevine.

  • pahefner01pahefner01 Posts: 202
    Almost 3000 miles on my Azera limited and my mileage is improving. I'm getting 23 plus mpg combined city and highway. Haven't taken a highway trip in it yet.
  • We took our first long trip in our Azera. We started with 3000 miles on the car. Drove 300 miles one way or 600 round trip. On the highway mileage only we got 29.8 with the AC on all the way and running right around 70 miles per hour. The car had a great highway ride on some bad Arkansas pavement. It was a very pleasant drive and I'm pleased with the mileage.
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