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Mazda3 Accessories and Modifications



  • mugwompmugwomp Posts: 21
    I can't find anywhere to replace all 3 sunbleached looking brakelights. The look kills me every time I look at it - so ricey. ANYBODY know WHERE I can get some normal traditional red brakelights for a 2007 MS3? Please help...
  • stallionrestallionre Posts: 205
    Yes, try this web site out
    This is where I get all my stuff and also the other forum people get al there stuff from here. Devin is his name.

    Hope this helps.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Another option is to take the bottoms tube off and use it as a short ram intake. Not true cold air as they say since its not totally under the engine, but would get it up higher.
  • ex_tdierex_tdier Posts: 273
    I wonder if these kits will work/fit with the GS models where there is no yellow lens and if the connectors are all the same as with the GT and Sport models?
  • markflirtmarkflirt Posts: 2
    I am considering an after market perfomance product called "Next Level Performance - G-Box (Gold Series). I love the performance of my Mazda 3 GT, but I am being seduced by the possibility of adding more power to the car. Has anyone used this product on their Mazda 3 or 3 GT? If so what have been your results. Any drawbacks to this product?

    In addition, I have also looked at a KN cold air intake system. Anyone had experience with this or a similar product on their Mazda 3. Does it help out fuel economy?
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    an intake usually does help your fuel economy...but it depending on the intake, can usually make your car sound very loud, without making it noticably faster; an intake is mostly a part of a greater upgrade, usually exhaust or other engine mods; it by itself wont really yield any noticable performance.

    this product that you mentioned...what does it do/enhance exactly? The 3 has a very small aftermarket, and its usually limited to dealer installed bolt ons, or visual upgrades. Unfortunately this is true for the speed 3 as well, since its pushing so much boost, you'd do better buying a bigger turbo for it; and thus just getting a regular 3 and buying a turbo.
  • ocsurfinocsurfin Posts: 1
    Other than the obvious Yakima or Thule options, has anyone had success with addition of a slick permanent aftermarket roof rack or sport rack for the Mazda3 five door? Something made and available in the US would be great.
  • sinjin1sinjin1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Mazda3 SGT with a 2.3L engine and I have been looking every where for anything to add power and performance to my car. My biggest problem rigt now is that I cant get past 115mph (governor), I am stationed in germany right now and speeding is a must on the autobahn ;) Does anyone know of or heard of a new computer chip? I am also looking for a turbo any suggestions? And just an FYI the car handles beautifully at 110 mph with no modifications. :D
  • sinjin1sinjin1 Posts: 2
    Not to discourage you from adding power and better fuel efficiency to your car, but I have never heard of something like this actually being worth that much money. It sounds like those scam (Mass air sensor) replacements that claim to improve your performance by so much, but all it turns out to be is just an ordinary transister, that does practically nothing but void the warranty. I would say the best route is to forget the G-box and go with the K&N Air intake. Much more reliable and easier to revert back to stock. Hope this helps.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I am also looking for a turbo any suggestions?
    I think Mazda heard you and came up with the Mazdaspeed. After all, after you install the turbo, you'll likely need to adjust the suspension, exhaust and will go for bigger tires ... all of which adds up to the Mazdaspeed3.
  • cinderycindery Posts: 14
    Mazda offers a Roof Rack in all other markets but the US. You can see the rack on the Mazda Canada website:
    or in Australia:

    I contacted Mazda USA with this info, they said they had no plans to import this item. You can get it in Canada if you want it.
  • edsmazda3edsmazda3 Posts: 2
    I just bought a mazda3 and one of the first thing I want to do is get a new exhaust. I'm debating whether to get the borla or the magnaflow...any suggestions as to which to get? Thanks.
  • shaw_jodyshaw_jody Posts: 1
    My 2005 Mazda3 hatchback did not come with factory side air bags, and I am wondering about adding them. Does anyone know if I can simply purchase new seats with the side air bags? Or are there additional electrical connections for the side airbags? I thought the seat bolster airbags were pressure activated, but I can't find any information about them, and my local dealer is baffled! Any advise is greatly appreciated.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Messing with air bags AT ALL is something you dont want to do unless you are a trained pro. Would probably be simpler and easier to just buy a M3 that has them already installed.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    And it's not just the side airbags in the seats, but the side curtains that provide the critical head protection. Quite an extensive retrofit to add them. As was said, may be cheaper to trade for a car that already has them.
  • I've been looking around on the internet but is the only spoiler available for the 2006 mazda3 from the mazda dealer? Can anyone recommend any sites that sell a variety of spoilers for the mazda3?
  • wingzwingz Posts: 1
    I don't really like the new wheels for the 2007 model year. I would prefer to get the 17 inch alloys from the 2006 or previous years for my 2007 Mazda3 S Touring. Are there any websites where I can purchase them instead of going through the dealer and paying a higher price? Much appreciated.
  • I drive a '07 3 Sport hatch w/manual tranny. Absolutely love the car! Only wish it had DRL's. (I'm in California.) I've seen posts for various other makes which allows you to make lighting modifications pretty easily. What I'm hoping to do, is to make the foglights on my "3" act as DRL's.
    Anyone have a suggestion?
  • I'm looking for navigation and good sound (and I'd like satellite and IPOD, and aux-in if possible).

    The GT with Nav costs about 3400-3800 more than a Sport. I think I've priced out an AVIC D3 (GPS HU), good speakers [aka better than Bose], amps, and installation for less than 3000.

    Has anyone else tried this approach? If so, were you able to have it integrated with the steering controlls, and did you lose anything? (LCD clock?)

    And more importantly, was it worth the time and effort?
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