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Porsche 944 and 924



  • I recently purchased a 1984 Porsche 944 from the dealership where I work for $2000. This 944 came in on a trade, so I took a chance (always wanted one) and jumped on this one owner winter stored pristine looking 944. I fell in love once we checked the car on the hoist and found a near perfect survivor car that is completely original including paint. Driving the car home is where I ran into the first of a few problems I didn't catch back at the dealership. The most devastating experience of the drive was going into my first ramp (slow pace), I down-shifted to third, and as I began to release the clutch the rear end seemed to hop and vibrate.. I immediately clutched again and coasted through the turn. I have now found out that I can't downshift to any gear, when I release the clutch in a lower gear the rear end hops and vibrates pretty badly. Any one have any guesses before it goes on the hoist?
  • The drivers side floor in the rear of my 86 944 turbo is soaking wet even after days without rain. I know there is no roof leak. any ideas where this is coming from? and how to fix it
  • With the exception of a couple of rare occasions, it's almost always due to a leaky sunroof (on the 944).

    In particular on the 944 specifically, the power sunroof tends to stop working and the rear retractable arms tend to become loose. The 944's sunroof requires an extremely tight seal not to leak.

    The best thing to do is to have a friend or your girlfriend / wife get out the garden hose and literally douse the top of your car while you sit inside. See if you see any water dripping. You'll be surprised at where it comes from.

    Sunroof maintenance requires that you use a rubber conditioner on the seals to keep them plush and not worn out. Also, there are 4 rubber / plastic lines that attach to the drain holes on all four corners of your sunroof opening. These need to be CLEAR of any blockage as your sunroof will almost certainly leak. The best thing to do in this situation is to use your air compressor (you will need one, otherwise buy a can of compressed air) and use the rubber nossle attachment. Place it in the hole making a perfect seal and just have at it. You might find that there was all kinds of garbage in there.

    When the sunroof leaks, it's USUALLY in the rear, and it typically pools in the footwell of the 2+2 seats in the back.

    If you are 100% positive this is not the case, then the only other place that the 924s and 944s will leak from, are from the quarter glass gaskets and the hatch glass. The gaskets around the quarter glass can go bad. This causes water to fill up in the gasket channels and kind of drip down. On the hatch glass, if you install new hatch shocks, this will almost certainly cause the hatch glass to separate from the hatch frame (yeah, it sucks). Water can then leak in from there.

    If you have water leaking on the passenger floor board, then it's probably a rusty battery tray.

    Hope that helps.

    Oh yeah, also make sure the drain holes in the rear fenders are open. Water will often drain down in there and you'll want to make sure they are open. Also make sure that the two rear drain holes are properly situated so the end of the hoses actually exit the fender.

    You'll want to clean this up bad, and if it continues to leak, you MUST cover the car until you can take care of it.

    Porsche 944s have a rather unique kind of insulation and padding in the carpet (old school 80s sound deadening). A combination of foam rubber, with jute and cardboard / paper backing will retain water and moisture practically forever. Mold will develop within a matter of weeks, and it can and will get to the point where you'll need to replace the entire interior. I just went through this entire process on my 84 Porsche 944, and it was NOT cheap.

    Really, it's kind of a poor design. I've had my 1987 Fiero SE / V6 outside it's entire life, and it has the original sunroof gasket, and the original sunroof, and it's never leaked a day in it's life. It has over 160k miles on it and I used to take the sunroof off almost every time I got in it!
  • i just bought my first porsche 944 little things need to be fixed , i was told that this car tops out at 130mph but if i remove the limiter it will top out at 160 is this true if so where is this limiter
  • Well, lets look at things from a couple of different perspectives. The first question is, what kind of 944 do you have? If it's a NON-Turbo Porsche 944, then you're not going to be able to achieve 160 miles an hour. The TURBO Porsche 944 can achieve a speed of about ~140-145 miles an hour depending on the model, maybe 150 if it's in perfect shape with some modifications. The NON-Turbo 944 is a pretty nice car, and it was certainly impressive for it's time, but by today's standards it's not overly powerful. For it to even get to 130 miles an hour (which is possible) would be rather taxing on the engine. 130 miles an hour is still pretty fast, and a car needs to be in PEAK condition to be able to achieve speeds like that, safely. Any Porsche 944, by this point with at least average mileage on it, will have a completely worn out suspension, busted shocks, and a stretched timing chain. The engine needs to be in perfect tune, otherwise expect the belt to shread itself the minute you hit 100. If your suspension is shot, I recommend highly that you fix it, otherwise the car will become floaty at triple digit speeds, and you'll probably fly off the road, out of control (to your death).

    There is no "limiter" or "Governor" on a Porsche 944 as they didn't exist back then. Governors didn't start being installed in vehicles until around the early to mid 90s. (really when OBD2 came into effect in 1996).

    Any limiting factors of the 944's top speed would be gearing and / or horsepower.

    I would suspect that the motor would run out of horsepower before it runs out of gearing. Being that it only puts out 160? horsepower, you'll probably find yourself stuck at 125-130 miles an hour with an extra 1500rpm left on the tach. At this point the wind resistance exceeds the pulling power of the vehicle, so the motor stops accelerating further.
  • kool thanks for the imput since this is my first porsche there are alot of things i dont know about them but iam learning
  • ok first does the engine turn over(spin) if so then i would look at the ignition coil. if it dosent turn over(spin)then i would check the starter it self
  • On my 1977 Porsche, sometimes the voltmeter needle goes all the way to the right and the all the light becomes very bright. I took the car to an automotive store to have the alternator tested and I was told that the alternator is charging ok. What could be the problem?
  • It sounds to me like the Voltage regulator has failed or is failing. This CAN cause the alternator to overcharge. This can be a bad thing as it can damage your battery. It shouldn't be too expensive. It's external from the alternator (I believe) in the older Porsches.
  • thomasstthomasst Posts: 1
    My husband just put a deposit on a 2007 Porsche Carrera S with 4305 miles.... Can anyone out there let me know whether $97,495 seems to be a good deal or not?
  • For a 911 as new as that yes, that is a reasonable price. You could maybe get it about a thousand less because of the miles, but your doin good. Enjoy the car. Any problems feel free to email me with questions!
  • I have recently begun the lovely and exciting idea (what the hell was I thinking) of restoring my 1985 944. Everything has gone pretty well until I have just recently hit a spot that I am stuck. I am removing all of my carpeting and replacing with new. now all of it is out except the very front where the driver and passenger legs go this seems to be a major pain in the *%#. I would greatly appreciate anybody who could help and if possible step by step instructions for this removal and install.
  • Here you go, check this website. It is for proffesional auto technicians and they can definitly help you out quickly.
  • todd82tatodd82ta Posts: 32
    Hi Pitboss! You'll need to remove the dash. I know, it sounds like a huge pain in the [non-permissible content removed], but there's almost nothing to the Porsche 944, even the 85.5+ models. There are a couple of 10mm bolts holding it down under the dash, and then near the tops under the dash. I think it's five 10mm bolts all together. I don't believe your 85.5 (does it have the new interior?) uses a speedometer cable, but if it does, you just need to remove that. Everything else should be able to lift up. You can then access the carpeting. It's easier to re-install the carpet this way too.
  • cejr3cejr3 Posts: 2
    I have a 1986 Porsche 944 non turbo that the cruise control doesn't work on, any suggestions on where to start?

    Thanks in advance,

  • todd82tatodd82ta Posts: 32
    Yeah, there is a cruise module located under the hood, just in front of the battery on the passenger side. This sometimes goes bad. The only thing you can do really is just replace it. The 944 doesn't use any computer control for the crusie control, it's just a motor style module that connects in the engine bay.
  • cejr3cejr3 Posts: 2
    Thanks so much Todd! I am going to switch it out.

  • 1985 944 . The battery is discharging. finally heard the blower motor running (very faint) when I was replacing the battery once again. The blower screen/cover in place I could hear the faint sound of the motor running. Is it a RELAY, or the switch on the dash?
    not knowing were to look,can I replace the relay first ? Need Help !!
    Tom :confuse:
  • Hi IronHorse,

    Couple of things to consider. As with all Porsches, they are often over-engineered. Believe it or not, when you turn the ignition key in an early 944 to the on position. Even if the car isn't running, the VENT fan will run at 1/2 it's lowest speed. This is part of the mandated "flow-through" fresh air venting. The Porsche 944 actually has TWO cabin fan. There is the primary fan which is mounted front and center in the cowl area, this is called the "VENT FAN". The secondary fan is built into the A/C system under the passenger side dash. Although it's really odd... there are two fan controls (as you'll see). There is the huge A/C fan (which only recirculates air through the cabin) and the vent fan which brings in fresh air, and that is controlled by the knob a little bit lower down (to the left of the vent sliders).

    So, as I mentioned, the vent fan will ALWAYS run when the key is in the ignition and anywhere other than OFF. If it's running with the key out of the ignition, then you have a problem.

    HOWEVER... don't be confused (more about this overengineering stuff). When you've driven your Porsche 944... one of the radiator fans will remain ON (in a slow speed) when you shut the car off. The reason for this was to help lower the temperature of the radiator in case you start the car up again within a short period of time. The technical reason why this happens is because the fan switch is nothing more than a temperature sensor that is mounted on the drivers side rear of the radiator. The fan has a constant hot on one end, and a ground that persists through the sensor. When the sensor is hot (even when the car is off, and the key is out of the ignition) it will run. This is normal (although a bit annoying).

    As long as you can make sure that this is what you've been worried about, then you shoudl be OK!
  • Thanks for the reply,,BUT...the battery is discharging due to a closed contact,leaving the battery to died after a week or so. There is NO key or start here. the car is stored
    in my garage & not a daily driver,so after a week or two the battery is dead or at least needs a jump. the faint noise is from the the engine's bay, cowl near the firewall/windshield location. I believe the faint noise is the blower unit not turning off. If I disconnect the battery ,it goes off. place the cable back on the noise is there once again. No startup or ign. is needed to cause this problem. So I have to believe it's a relay or switch causing this "closed" circuit ? Where do I start ,the relay ; fresh air blower relay G1 sells for about 10 dollars. Is this it ? & where is it located on the dash? If it's not the relay ,can it be the switch on the DASH as you mentioned?
    I can get both parts but would like to eliminate the battery discharge now. Perhaps its the Ign switch ,some one said,but with the key out can there be this problem?
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