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Porsche 944 and 924



  • tguer1tguer1 Posts: 1
    I bought an 86 944 the week between Christmas and New Years and love it. I've owned BMW's, Audis, VW's, and even a Mercedes but I love my Porsche a lot more. It's a lot of fun to drive. Is there any 944 clubs in this country?
  • cogitojazzcogitojazz Posts: 13
    Hi, Everyone. Greetings from Athens, OH. I'm thinking about buying a 944, found several with under 100K in my region, including an 88 with 65K. Would be my daily drive car, between 400-600 miles per month. Need to know safety factor - people drive BADLY here, how is it in snow, and $ to insure. Also, following repair posts, how much of this could I do myself with limited tech skill and tools? Trading my 03 Nissan Maxima SE, 6 speed. Thanks!
  • Hi Athens: My advice, buy the nicest 944 you can afford. I tell people I have $9,000 in to my car and I can get $2,000 all day. The point is that mechanics if you are not handy are always expensive. In my area I find really clean 944's for say $5,000, It does not make sense buying one for $3,000 to get in. Knowing what I know, I would buy one for $7,000. You can substitute your own numbers. Jon
  • todd82tatodd82ta Posts: 32
    I completely concur... I bought a $1,500 dollar Porsche 944, blew literally $7,500 into it, completely replaced the ENTIRE interior (dash, seats, carpet, etc... even the buttons). Re-did the entire engine compartment, fuel pump, fuel lines, seals... even removed the quarter windows, replaced the seals, and re-installed them.

    I sold my Porsche 944 for $2,018 after my daughter was born.

    Spend the most you can up front to get the best one you can. If maintenance is not really your thing, get an 85.5+ so you don't have to worry about belt tensioning (as much).

    Honestly, they're not good daily drivers unless you know how to work on cars. A single screw costs like $5 bucks... a simple crank sensor (of which there are two) will cost you $175 a piece...
  • cogitojazzcogitojazz Posts: 13
    Thanks for the quck responses. I'm not very mechanically inclined - though I can learn - but I'm STILL interested in the 944, but also looking at a Mazda 6 Touring Plus 4 cyl. If I buy the Porsche, I'll post it! Cogito, ergo zoom!
  • todd82tatodd82ta Posts: 32
    Yeah, the 944 is an amazing car... I had TONS of fun with mine. But it's not a car for someone who isn't already knowledgeable about cars. Unless of course it's a secondary car... but definitely not as your primary daily driver. The car is simply too old. Even a 10k mile survivor garage queen is going to have issues come up.

    I would stick with the Mazda...

    Either that, or you can get a good used late 90s Porsche Boxster... they're dirt cheap. I see them going all day for like $5,000 with less than 70k miles on them.
  • cogitojazzcogitojazz Posts: 13
    THANKS! Good advvice. Whatever I buy has to sit outside all day and winters [as well as summers] are not easy on cars. here. I'll check the Boxter as well.
  • lemmerlemmer Posts: 2,676
    Where are you seeing Boxsters that cheap? Unless they have over 100K miles, I rarely see one for less than $10,000.
  • cogitojazzcogitojazz Posts: 13
    edited July 2010
    Hi, Everyone. I posted a few days ago about an 88 944 I was considering and got great advice from several folks on this list. The sales manager at the dealership and I have been in regular Email contact - I received this from him this evening, an HONEST assessment of what's wrong with the car BEFORE I bought it:

    "Hi again Michael. I just received the information from my Service Department. Here are the details.

    Turn signal does not cancel
    Power Steering has a small leak
    Both lower ball joints are loose
    Sway bar bushing is loose
    Drivers side window washer nozzle does not
    Rear wiper does not operate"

    AMAZING, they told me the truth. I'm not buying the car as I can't get all of this work done here, but this dude made a friend: White Automotive Group in Dayton.
    Thanks again. Maybe someday a Porsche for me. . . .
  • lemmerlemmer Posts: 2,676
    That is actually a pretty short list for a 944.
  • I just bought a 1984 porsche 944 from a used car lot. The car drove good for a week and then bam. I was pulling out of the drive way and started down the road, I made it through 2nd gear and pushed the clutch in to go into 3rd and the car back fired twice and shut off. I have not been able to crank it since then. It is getting fire to the wires and I looked through the peep hole and the timing belt is on still. How do i check the car further to get her running again.
  • maccomacco Posts: 5
    My cabin fan stops working every now and then. No speeds work, so don't think it is the resistor problem. Seems more like a short or loose wire. Seems to occur on hot days after driving the car and the engine compartment gets hot, too. I have had it happen only once that I can remember in the winter or cooler months. Sometimes going over a bump will cause it to come on slightly, then go off again. Leave the car in the garage over night and the fan works fine in the AM. I'm so far stumped. Any ideas of where to look for the problem. I called my old mechanic (we moved from OH to NC). He told me the blower motor might have an open short. I asked if there was a way to test the motor and he said, "No. You'll have to wait until it fails." Living in NC in 100 degree heat with out a/c is not an option. Can anyone help?
  • Hi- I have a 1986 with 59K miles. I recently had the clutch slave replaced. Car ran just fine for about 5 days. Then last nite while stopped at a light idling in neutral, when the lite turned green... put it into 1st and the car would not move. it was like I was still in neutral. That was the same for any gear....

  • Well, considering that you JUST had the clutch-slave cyl replaced, I would suspect that as possibly being the culprit. What is the fluid level like in the reservoir?

    The clutch has a spring on the pedal for immediate return, so pedal feel wouldn't be too noticeable. Can you tell however if there feels like you're not really pushing anything? Most of the effort would be from the clutch master cyl though, so it might feel the same.

    Check for any leaks near the slave cyl.. I would suspect this is likely the case.
  • Thank-you very much for your reply. You are correct it is hard to tell if any different. Although there might have been a slight differnt feel. I had the car towed to my mechanic, who currently is out of town on personal business. I may take a ride there to check the fluid level. The level should be low whenchecking the master cylinder, correct?

  • Hi-additional info... you can shift into the ngears but when you let the clutch out it is like you are still in neutral...


  • bontonbonton Posts: 2
    My son bought a 1984 Porsche 944 in December and about March a spring snapped off under his clutch pedal. We thought it was the clutch needing replaced but just found out from mechanic it is the slave cyl and the master cyl that are the culprits. He said its about $800 cheaper for the parts. Does anyone know about how much labor time is normally involved in these repairs?
  • Hello, I have been searching all over internet and this thread seems to be exactly what the problem I am having with my 85 944 and would be blessed if you could tell me what fixed your issue? I have put a brand new clutch system in car 2 years ago and now am having exact same issue as your thread describes? Thanks in advance for your response all is appreciated...
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Hi, 85944dh,

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