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Porsche 944 and 924



  • 944guy944guy Posts: 1
    Hello Todd82ta, you mentioned a eurospec bumper??? As in the ROW front bumper? With the fog lights and tiny bumperettes? What color, and have you sold it?? I'd be interested if its in decent shape :surprise:
  • todd82tatodd82ta Posts: 32
    Hi 944 guy... so... I've done a bit more research on this bumper since I last posted. The bumper is neither a European spec, OR an American spec. It is a special Middle-East spec bumper that I think was ONLY sold in Abu Dhabi, and Kuwait (or something like that). Essentially, it is a normal US spec bumper (made out of aluminum). It has the slots for the headlight washers, but instead of the large American bumper pads, it has smaller bumper pads, and has the fog-lamps built into the bumper like the European one does. It looks EXACTLY like a US one, but has European fog-lamps built in. I've confirmed this on several sites, Rennlist, and the owner of 944 Online. Somehow, one of those cars made it to the US, and I saw it in the junkyard. I've actually since sold my Porsche 944. My daughter was born, and I needed to get rid of some stuff. But I did still keep the bumper. It's sitting in my attic, and I plan to use it on my next 944 that I restore.
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