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2008 Jeep Liberty



  • bristol2bristol2 Posts: 736
    I am considering the new Liberty (because it looks like the old Cherokee that ran forever and that Jeep should never have cut) and I have some questions for the Jeep afficianados out there:
    1. Is Jeep expected to put a diesel in this Liberty?
    2. How easy/expensive is it to get a rear swing-gate installed for the spare?
    3. Are dealers moving much on price right now?
    4. What is the availability of manuals like? It seems like I would need to special order since not a lot of dealers have them.
  • I read your thread about your Liberty and it sliding all over the place. I had a 2004 and it did the same thing. I tollerated it for about one month and upgraded my tires. Unfortunately the earlier Liberty vehicles were sold with standard non-trail rated tires. Many SUVs are "marketed" as trail vehicles and so people drive more confidently in them- however, they simply aren't. Once I put my Bridgestone Revo Duellers on it- it was a beast on the road. The off roading was increadible and my daily commute was great (and quiet).

    I now have the new '08 Liberty and enjoy it very much- I love it. It's fun- and well- I'm debating swapping out my tires before winter, but so far (and yes I have that feat that I will slide) I haven't slid. I was recently in a huge storm and put it in 4WD-- but that was after driving it for a while in conditions that I wouldn't have driven my other Jeep in w/o the upgraded tires.

    Believe me- it's in the tires. Huge difference- but depends on what your lifestyle is too. I trailer a sailboat- and need the traction for the muck at some launch ramps- and I love to play in the dirt/on rocks. My husband and I went off roading- I took the Liberty and he the Rubicon- I hung with all the Rubicons the entire time- the Liberty is excellent and you should explore more of its capabilities. A lot of fun!
    Good luck.
  • Hi SailingMystic/D.K.,

    Thanks for sharing your Liberty's nice to know the sliding problem wasn't just me. I should have done more research on the tires before getting rid of my '02, but my hubby was adamant about it so I didn't fight him. I simply cannot find anything else that excites me as much as this new '08 Liberty-- it reminds me of how I felt when I got my '02--it's great looking, I love the features, and I can probably get a good deal. I also have always liked the "comraderie" I see among Jeep owners. Right now, my research and requirements narrows my choices down to the Liberty, the CX-7 (which requires premium and does not offer bluetooth or mp3 connectivity) and the Saturn Vue V6, which I just cannot get excited about.

    The Liberty I drove was a limited version, all decked-out, and gorgeous in black with chrome wheels--very sexy! The features and technology just knocked my socks off. We are going on Friday to see if we can make a deal....I'm about to post a question for Carman to see if he can help me be prepared for the lease financing stuff....

    Thanks again, Happy Thanksgiving! I'll let you know how it goes!

  • Still loving mine, got 1600 miles racked up so far. it needs a bath really bad. I still have that litle buzzing noise when i shift into drive from park, but i will ask them when I take it in for service. it has also got a little squeek in the right side of the dask, i think its the glove box, only when you have a good jolt of a bump. but so far it has run flawlessly, and still loving it..
  • has anyone in their new liberty noticed when you turn your key to start it , it is delayed sometimes, and sometimes its works normal, i had an envoy, and it did the same thing sometime, is it normal?
  • ChiGirl you sound like me... as I was so excited about my 2004 Liberty - esp. when I took it off-roading - and now with the 2008 Liberty - it's just a great experience on road and off. I do enjoy the extras and I'm comfortable during my commute. I know what you mean about the Jeep comradarie-- it's nice to share this- on and off road.

    I don't hesitate when I take it off road. I would be with a Lexus (don't want to scratch) or a Saturn (could it meet the challenge), etc. With the Jeep I don't hesitate in any conditions. I know how to use the controls now (and there are many to choose from) and so I 'dive right in'...and it does so well (it's heavy and it's narrow which works well on the trails).

    My husband cracks up because he's the one who gets the new cars and details them constantly-- now I find I'm doing the same thing. I have the Brick Red color/Limited Edition with leather seats...very pleased. I sometimes open the garage door just to look at it-- that's how excited I am about it. It's fun.
    I hope you found something out there that you can enjoy just as much.
  • D.K.,

    We sound so alike! I know this is the vehicle I want. We tried to make a deal on Saturday (dealers are closed in Texas on Sundays), but they wouldn't give me anywhere near what I needed for my trade. Plus, there were no lease incentives on the Liberty, so we just couldn't quite get to the payment I want. I am a few months from the end of the lease on my Camry, so I will wait patiently until then, turn it in, then promptly go try again to negotiate a deal on the Liberty.

    I drove the was nice but boring and seemed tight on the inside in terms of space, and I also didn't like the fake wood trim. For the money, LIberty has all the room and technology/toys I want, as well as a really impressive look from the outside. I will wait.....and it will be mine!

    Thanks for sharing...I have a picture of it on my cell phone and will keep it until I can have the real thing. I'm sure I'll eventually be just staring at it every day in my garage, but until then, just admiring the ones I see, and being green with envy!

    If you have any other notes of interest regarding your Liberty as you continue to drive it, let me know!

  • Congrats on your new purchase! You are the first person I can find who has the new Jeep w/ the new roof. So after experiencing the skyslider for a while- what do you think? Is it quiet? Can you put a roof rack system over it?

    It sounds like it's really cool.
    I have the Limited with a sunroof-- and I enjoy the drive in this Jeep so much! It's a joy to drive. Good luck and keep us posted as to how you are making out with the skyslider :)
  • does anyone know when they will be offering 60 mos no interest? the 36 mos is just not enough!

  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    My local Jeep dealer showed 0%for 60months in this weeks ad.
  • I love my new Jeep except....

    The day the odometer rolled 60 miles it rained all day. I was a work and the car just sat in the parking lot. When I left to go home I heard this strange clicking sound. When I stopped to investigate I found that water was dripping in the back storage area from the roof, actually under the plastic header on the roof, that has the back light and back up warning.

    I immediately took it in and said fix this or I am not keepping this car (my mistake I should have told them to take it back, but I LOVE this car). They kept it for 5 days. Resealed the roof rails and anntenna, replaced the gasket, and eventually built up some of the welds around the hinges. This seemed to work. Lots of car washes no problem, but no rain and not sitting very long wet.

    I now have 2500 miles on the car. Still LOVE it...but. It rained last night, the car sat in the rain, and when I started to drive to work the same problem. The car is at the dealer now, who knows if they will be able to track this down.

    I am seriously worried that I have paid 32k for a car I can't drive in the rain. Anyone else out this have a similar story? :sick:
  • does the liberty have a low washer fluid warning, i thought for this nice a car it would have one, i dont even see a warning on the dash in the owners book.
  • I am considring a 2008 Jeep Liberty when my 2005 Jeep GC lease expires, for better gas mileage, so this morning when I took the GC in for 24,000 mile service the dealer sales guy at Pollard Motors in Boulder, Co let me drive a 2008 Jeep Liberty Sport home while mine is having service.

    Quite Impressive!!

    The new Liberty drives, rides and handles like 90-95% of a Grand Cheorkee. I fact, as I was taling to the sale guy on the drive home (he dropped mme off so couldn't "keep the Jeep") I amlost forgot that I wasn'tt driving the GC! Wow!

    PLus the room in the front and the overview view outisde seems as large as the GC. The 3.7 V6 has been tagged as "underpowerd" but I fetl none of that.

    Go get one today!
  • :) Good news they fixed the leak. I am crossing my fingers and waiting for the next rainstorm.
  • Incentives are the reason why I got the JGC instead of the Liberty....I had driven and fallen in love with the Liberty, but the dealers just wouldn't budge on the price, and Chrysler has only a $500 rebate and no lease incentives on it. With the $4500 in incentives (returning Chrysler customer) and a decent leasing interest rate (plus some hefty negotiating as well), I was actually able to get a 2008 2WD Overland for a much cheaper monthly payment than the loaded Liberty Limited I had test driven. Granted, the gas mileage isn't as good (I got the Hemi), but my payment is about $100 less per month than I was able to negotiate on the Liberty. That will buy me some gas, and I'm actually happy to have the extra space as well.

    I agree that the Liberty is awesome, but I'm happy to have "settled" for the Grand Cherokee. For me, the deal was just too good to pass up.

    Good luck--I'm sure you'll be happy no matter what you choose!
  • Hi
    My 2008 Liberty has the same exact leak!!! My dealer assures me that once he fixes it it will never leak again. It is going in next week for the repair I will let you know how it goes.
  • Curious- what was the outcome or where was the leak? Do they know?
    I haven't had any problems with mine. The only thing that I found was a noise near the passanger seat/door-- squeek really light, but noticable. I haven't had my first check up- but will see if we can investigate at that time.
    Thanks for the update!

  • I have to share my recent experience in some bad weather (tons of rain from one system to sleet/snow in another-- what most would consider a very yucky all day weather event -- and I was loving it!) The Jeep did great and my passengers loved the experience. We were all toasty warm and well- the sterio was a big hit as we sang to Christmas carols-- sober but keeping our chins up in bad weather :).

    The Jeep never slid and felt comfortable in hard fast turns. It didn't hesitate with a full load and the pick up was excellent. I'm very happy with it!! :). I was going to upgrade the tires but decided not to for now. Two features that I now can't live without is the "easy exit seat" or the way the seat goes back before you exit the vehicle (nice feature for those of us who have to be dressed nicely for work) and the remote start is something I can't live without. It starts from quite a distance and my heater heats up fast!! I've been really happy with it now-- 2,500 miles and 2.5 months :)
  • Not sure if they ever figured out what is causing this leak, but I'm having this problem. Just purchased an 08 Liberty, and it rained all day yesterday. I got in the Jeep this morning to drive 2 hours to my mother's home, and I had some minor water drops on the inside of the rear window. Seemed harmless, but the computer says "gate" as if the rear door/gate is open. I can't open my glass on the rear door, and the interior lights will not cut off. I figured Jeep wouldn't sell a POS, but I guess I was wrong, and just got suckered into a 5 year, $23,000 payment for a big POS. Let me know if anyone finds out what is going on.......
  • has anyone ever had the lightning bolt warning light come on. mine did for like 3 seconds when i took off the other day, it has never come on again. any suggestions
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