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Ford Ranger Starting Problems



  • adobeshadobesh Posts: 3
    So i finally fixed my truck starting problem. After changing all of the electrical components(Starter, Starter relay, Ignition switch, Ignition tumbler, and Clutch safety switch), It ended up being a cracked firewall :mad: . I was told from the tranny shop that it is fairly common in the rangers ( whether thats true or not im not sure). When i pushed the clutch pedal in, it was forcing the firewall out and not reaching the safety point on the clutch safety switch. HA who woulda figured.
  • I have a 98 ford ranger xlt manual transmission 4WD and I just replaced the starter on it, but now I have no power to the dash lights and it wont crank. There are no blown fuses and the battery is good. Any Suggestions?
  • Hi I drive a 91 ranger manual. I have had my starter and my alternator checked. I have a new battery in it and checked all the wiring.I had my battery charged and it ran fine next day dont start. It seems like something is pulling juice from my battery when it is off is that even possible. I have standard radio no lights left on ac turned off, etc... I mean you would assume you need to drive it to charge the battery, but to have a battery charged then put it in the truck drive home park it 2 days later its dead. I have done everything I can think of besides taking my truck someplace and spending alot of money. So any help would be great ty so much
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Do you know anything about electricity?

    Do you have a voltmeter and ampmeter?

    Can you find the fuse box?

    If you don't, take the car and pay someone.

    Finding an intermittent electric drain is a tough job.
  • I had a similar problem. Finally corrected it by simply taking off the battery cables and cleaning the inside of the clamps and the posts. Apparently, even though everything "looked" clean, that was not the case. After I cleaned everything, I sprayed them with the purple sealer stuff especially designed for that use. Have not had a problem since. That was a year ago.
    What may have caused my original problem was that instead of using the store-bought purple sealer, I used bearing grease to coat the outside of my terminals. I suspect that over time, the grease had invaded the area between the clamp and the terminal.
  • i have a 95 ranger, having a starting problem, when i turn the key all i get is a click i checked the wires and solenoid, noticed that when all i get is the click my dome light is also out as well as door chime, removed and checked starter, all was fine for about a week and then same problem again , is there something I am missing to check or anything else i can try
  • I have a 2000 4 cylinder Ford Ranger with manual transmission. Never had problems before. Parked 7pm last night, went back to start it at midnight, roll over good but no start. Push button switch closed, relays and fuses ok. Any suggestions?
  • I purchased a new 2008 ranger. And now I'm having this exact same issue. My truck will crank and then finaly would not start. It has been in the shop for over 10 days. it is under warranty and they kept stating is was fuel pump. They ordered 3 pumps, they stated the pumps were bad. Then on Dec 3 They stated finally got a pump that works. I picked up my truck. on Dec 7th had the same issue. Now I'm taking it back again today. Very frustrated at this point. I'm and IC and my truck is my living. I'm no idiot! guess what guys it is not the fuel pump. So now another claim needs to be filed and who knows how long this time till I get my truck back. I'm very dissapointed in this 2008 ford ranger. They are suppose to be reliable. HMMMM. So far heater accuator door went out (no heat or cool air), and now startin issues. Ans as for ford? why does it take 3-4 days to orders parts everytime the think they have figured out the problem. They must need the bailout money from goverment to stock parts needed to provide great customer service to their customers which they so proudly brag about.
    BACK TO THE SHOP I GO : :mad:
  • josh40josh40 Posts: 13
    ive ran in to this a few times my issue was the crash switch up under right side of dash the plug gets loose and makes intermitten contact
  • I have a 1994 v4 RWD but with 8 spark plugs. recently my truck had an oil leak that i was unaware of until the day it decided to break down. i've fixed the leak and replaced the oil but then it would not turn over due to electrical problems so i charged my battery. now it is actually rolling over but wont hold to actually start. Ive narrowed the problem to either the alternator or the engine itself. I was hoping for someone to tell me if it is at all possible to test the alternator myself without taking it out of the truck.
  • Hey all,

    Just finished reassembling my engine after replacing my pressure tested resurfaced heads. I replaced every gasket and o-ring including the injectors since we had it apart anyway. 145,000 miles and this is the first real service we've had to do.
    Truck won't start.
    The battery was disconnected from Dec 14th until yesterday when we tried to start it. IS there any chance the computer needs reset, reloaded or something. :confuse:
  • Really check ur wires. I have a 1991 Ranger 4cyl 2.3. Even tho they may look ok from the outside they could be broken within the insulation. Yesterday I had the same thing happen for the first time "Drove it 2 blocks got back in and I could hear the solenoid engaging but nothing after that", cleaned everything, replaced the solenoid relay...EVERYTHING. To my surprise I took my ground and hot wires off and one was snapped within the insulation.....I think alot of these problems are simple fixes and are just bad connections "only talking bout the older rangers". CHECK YOUR WIRES. Especially if you cant jump the solenoid nemore its mos def a connection problem. I couldnt even jump my solenoid cause the CONNECTION wasnt there to jump it.

    If you turn ur key and hear the solenoid click "just once" then nothing.....most likely the battery leads or a dead batt. I was so mad when I fixed mine spent over 200 bucks on new parts just over a dumb wire lol But hey atleast I wont be replacing the new parts netime soon. ANother thing is OLDER rangers are oil leakers..... and if u trace ur hot wire back to the starter you will see the wire runs right by the oil res underneath.... I have had friends who had bad starts due to the oil leaking on to the hot wire and alas it wont start. I hope this helps neone who comes to this thread cause i was puzzled and really got no real answers online. So here is my two cents.


  • Also I would like to add that I had all power inside the truck "dash, door buzzer, dome light" all worked just the connection was too broke or low to turn the starter. I really hope this helps I stayed up all night tryin to fix mine.... and like i said it was something so small. CHeck the small stuff before u go replacing the starter.
  • my 97 ranger was running just fine. I was driving and had to stop at a light. light turned green and the truck then stalled and cut off. I coasted off the road. I then tried to restart the vehicle but got nothing but grinding noise, no turn over. please help with ideas
  • Phantoms I tell ya...phantoms. My issue wasn't quite the same. However, after rebuilding my 2002 Ranger V6 4.0, it wouldn't start. We did all the obvious things like clean the terminals of the battery, check all the connections (we thought), even the fuel cutoff was inspected. After discovering the cam positioning sensor was disconnected, (the little bugger hides behind a bunch of stuff) we connected it and the truck turned over just fine. It cut out again so I replaced the sensor and connector. no problems.

    I'm not a mechanic, just a weekend warrior.As an electronics / technology specialist, I do however, understand and appreciate the importance of good contacts and wiring in any electrical system. Inspect all your sensor contacts for wear and be sure they're secured. Also a good idea to use dielectric grease on your contacts too.
  • i have a 94 ford ranger v6 4.0 and it would start fine in the morning and wouldnt start when i got off work at 11pm it would turn over and not fire i took it to the mechanic and they pulled the codes and they said it was the engine temperature sensor and it has started perfectly ever since
  • Hi there Im have the same problem with my 2008 ford ranger. At 4000 miles they replaced the fuel pump, ran fine until today. Its doing the samething it did before,now i have 40000 miles and the wont doing anything about it. Just wondering how they got yours fixed. thanks
  • i need some adivce i have a 2000 ford ranger and it wont start there is power to the truck but when i turn the key nothing happens but the radio and all that stuf will come on ive changed the sparkpulgs and the coils and some realys but still nothing can any one help me
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Can you hear the fuel pump run when you first turn the ignition on? If not, the fuel pump or wiring is bad.

    On older Rangers, there is a 'rollover switch' which shuts down the power to the fuel pump. It is in the passenger footwell, near the tunnel, just behind the upper end of the carpet. There is a pushbutton on it to reset it. And/or maybe wiring to it is bad.

    I assume you've checked all fuse already?

    The fuel pump also has a relay in the fuse box. These go bad. There are usually 2 or 3 identical relays there which can be swapped around.
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