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Ford Ranger Starting Problems



  • i have a 2002 ranger 3.0l 4x4 edge standard cab 5 spd. so with the key on i have power, the fuel pump starts and everything works.... then when i turn the key farther to start it something clicks and the power turns off like the battery is dead.... i tried jumping it, no success. i tried popping the clutch and it works. so i have fuel, spark, and air. but something happens when i turn the key. i am lost. what would cause the car to not turn over and kill all power when i turn the ignition from on to start?

    i am mechanically inclined, worked on cars a lot, but am at a complete loss and have no idea whats going on. if you have any advice please let me know.
  • rangerboyrangerboy Posts: 36
    My truck ran and started fine all day. Took the wife to the tanning store tonight and it will just click with nothing??? I have noticed my positive cable getting corroded and I've cleaned it a lot lately. When I keep turning the key it will click and my door locks will engage and disengage??? Is this an anti theft issue? I've tried arcing across the solonoid with a screwdriver. The battery is new. :confuse:
  • rangerboyrangerboy Posts: 36
    I started out the negative cable needed a new connector. Then I swapped all the relays around in the power distribution box. Still nothing. Guy at the Autozone said there might be some more relays underneath the dash. I found them and swapped them around and got nothing! I got to looking at the starter relay and figured it would be easy to change so I changed it. The truck still wouldn't start. I found my remote and changed the batteries to try and mess with the alarm system. I would hit the panic button and lock and unlock the doors. Next, I decided that I would tackle the starter since there is nothing open this weekend. Well, I finally got it off and had it tested. It failed! I put the new starter in and it fired right up! :)
  • abunoonabunoon Posts: 2
    My ranger was sputtering and it finally cut off. Now it wont start. it tries but wont turn over. I flipped the reset switch. any suggestions.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Bad fuel pump?
    Clogged fuel filter?
  • hyrockhyrock CanadaPosts: 2
    To All Ford Rangers that won't start when HOT !!
    My Dad has a 1994 with a 95-3 liter V-6, with coil type distributer.
    We had the same problem starts when cold, drive around for 30 mins, turn engine off, go to restart and usually won't ignite at all, until a couple hours later after its cooled off. Took to Ford dealer, crooks wanted to replace all sensors, analysis said it was DPFE sensor, replaced it but nothing changed. Replace the plug wires, and just maybe that worked because now the engine problem light on the dash has turned off -- waiting to see, our fingers crossed that this solved the starting problem, but I doubt it.

    Spoke to really good mechanic/friend who has own Rangers, he immediately said it is the square distributor cap (see website above); the problem is the stator/coil inside becomes faulty due to the heat, it is what divides the spark to the plug through a magnetic field. Probably needs to be replaced. The way to check it, is next time your engine does not start, lift one of the wires off of the distributor cap about 1/8 inch or less away from metal in open and see if a spark jumps when someone else turns the engine over. If not, that should be your problem. is lowest price in nation, $85.
    Good Luck!
  • adobeshadobesh Posts: 3
    First of all, i would like to apologize if this has been covered. I used the search but never really found my exact problem.I have a 91 Ford Ranger 4.0L 4x4. Yesterday, i went to work everything was fine. went to lunch, fine as well. After work, i went to start it and nothing. I get power when i turn the key and can compression start it. Also was able to jump the soleniod on the fender. So i replaced the soleniod and still nothing when i turn the key. I also bought a new starter and still nothing. I checked my fuses and ran my wires, everything appears to be fine. Any suggestions? Also, this may be foolish thinking, but oh well. I know my clutch is needing to be replaced. I have to push the pedal all the way to the floor and it starts to engage when only moved about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch :mad: could that have anything to do with it not starting? Because its not reaching its safety point? It still jumps from the soleniod with out any problems, so probably not. Just curious.

  • adobeshadobesh Posts: 3
    Nevermind guys, I searched alittle more and an going to try to replace my ignition switch and/or my safety lockout. Still curious if a going bad clutch would cause the same prob tho.

  • rainnrainn Posts: 3
    I am having the same problem with my 93 ranger, did you every find out what was making the starter keep spinning... :(
  • rainnrainn Posts: 3
    I am having the promblem with my 93 Ranger 4.0 I have replace just about everything and my starter is still spinning when its running.... is there anything you can help me out with... :cry:
  • I have a 94 ford ranger with a 2.3L. Its a manual and it will turn over without issue but wont fire up. I changed the fuel filter and plugs but the same thing happens. I need suggestions please.
  • Hi, I am experiencing the exact same problem with my '91 Ranger. I replaced the starter with a brand new one and it still wouldn't turn over. Just a loud click every time I turned the ignition key. I'm about to replace the starter relay because I'm guessing that's the problem, but I wanted to check and see how you resolved your starting issue - if at all. Thanks.
  • dimsdims Posts: 1
    My 95 ranger 2wd extra cab w/ manual 4 cylinder wont start. @ first I thought I might have turned the key to far to acc. and left the ignition on over night & drained the battery. But that wasn't it. it bump starts fine and re-started for awhile then stopped altogehter. Tested battery "Good", Alternator "Good", Replaced 9 yr old starter.( for piece of mind), and fender wall mounted seleniod. Now instead of a weak clicking sound theres a strong knocking sound from my starter, But still no start...:( I also checked all my fuses.... I need help
  • abunoonabunoon Posts: 2
    After sinking alot of money into parts thinking it was those, we realized the timing was off. Now it runs great. All i can say is the only money that was worth it was the $30.00 on a book on Rangers from the auto parts store.
  • I have a '93 3.0 liter with similar trouble.
    I beleive the problem may lie in the power distribution box.possibly in the contacts for the relay or grounding. i'm going to try cleaning the contacts with contact cleaner and oxy-acetylene torch tip cleaners.i will let you know if this helps.

    My truck is having intermittent fuel pump failure.I have swapped relays,changed fuel filter & fuel pump.Still having the same problem.If the problem is in the fuel pump relay contacts in the power distribution box then changing/swapping relays won't fix the trouble. The contacts may be dirty/corroded or become a loose fit.

    I hope this works, it seems there are a lot of rangers with similar problems.

    If any one knows or has any other ideas please reply. thanks
  • huntluhuntlu Posts: 1
    had the same problem with my 1994 replaced the fuel relays worked like a charm.
  • rhsmrhsm Posts: 1
    I keep blowing the fuse for the natural safety switch when starting. I have replaced the netuarl safety switch, starter &.ignition swicth. It will start a few times then the fuse will blow no matter what amp fuse I put in any ideas this a 1998 Ranger 4cyl with Manual tarnsmission With 233480 miles I also replaced the battery & starter relay
  • Truck began to start about half the time; other half only a click when key was turned. Replaced solenoid on fender wall and all was good for about 1-2 dozen starts. Then 1 turn of the key got the "click" response; after that another 10 or so good starts before total failure to start with only a click response. Replaced the replacement solenoid with no success. Jumping the solenoid yields the click but nothing else. Apparently there is sufficient charge in battery-lights etc are strong. What should I check/replace next? Thanks for your help.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    If the battery is truly strong, the first thing I would check is the battery cables.

    Both of them.

    Connections on both ends.

    Check for corrision inside the insulation.
  • Thanks for the advice Bolivar. I just checked the cables. I did not see any problem but I moved them to try to isolate them from any points of contact and it started a couple of times no problem. I hope this is not a red herring solution. Thanks again.
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