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Nissan Murano MPG Real World Numbers



  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    The first tank from the dealer i got 15.8 i just rounded it to 16 mpg.The last couple using 93 gas i got a high of 18.75 MPG with 95% city driving.The lowest i got with 93 was 17.8 and that was 100% city with lots of stop and go.It seems to get better the more miles i've put on it.I don't let the tank get close to empty before i refuel.
  • abanksabanks Posts: 3
    Look guys, I have read your postings and I keep hearing "my computer shows me getting this or that mileage... You are wasting your time and mine with the computer mileage. "IT IS INCORRECT" the only way to know what your getting is to top off your tank and reset your trip odometer, use most of your tank and top it off again. Then divide your mileage by the gallons you put in it. It is the only true way to check your mileage. I have bought several new vehicle in the past several years , and the trip computer averages lie. They are not correct. Stop wasting your time with it and check it the right way, then see what you get. Allen
  • abanksabanks Posts: 3
    you must be kidding me you are a mechanic and you believe what your trip computer tells you? It lies, you can only get true MGP reading by topping off your tank and check it by gallons used vs mile driven.
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    I don't see the problem?Thats how i have been doing it from the first tank off the lot.The first one said 16.9 or somewhere in there on the trip and i was only getting 15.8.When i filled up with 93 gas and did the same miles divided by gallons on my own i came up with 18.75.The trip said something like 19.5.The trip does over estimate the MPG BUT the numbers i've stated were done the right way.
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    I filled up today with 266.4 miles on the trip and i topped it off with 14 gallons of 93 octane.My trip said i was getting 20.2.I was really getting 19.02 MPG.My MPG have got better with the worse being 15.8 with the dealer tank.This was my best at 19.02 so far.Thats pretty much 90% city driving.I'm pretty happy with the MPG for the city.I wish i was getting 21 or so but it's such a nice ride i'm happy.I'm still in the break in period with 1,150 miles.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I'm surprised to see so many post suggesting not-so-hot mpg. While I don't race this car around like a teenager, I don't "grandpa" it either. I've filled up 7 times (top it off, premium fuel, and figure the milage with a calculator) and have averaged a tiny bit over 20mpg. It's all around town mostly between home and work. I'm delighted but would not be if I was getting 15-16mpg. My last vehicle was an 06 Tahoe and it consistently got 15+mpg.
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    My last fill up i got 19.6 with 90% city driving.I use the caculator as well.My trip said i was getting 20.7 but it is always high by a mile or so.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Current MPG with 50-50 HY and City @ 17.6 MPG according to my trip computer. I'm using 89 octane ( mid-grade ).
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,523
    I had a rental S AWD, that wsa brand new, when I got the Murano it had 80 miles, and when I returned it, it had 502 miles. I averaged 16.5, this was 50-50 pure city driving as well highway (70 mph).

    What has other gotten with just a non-AWD S ?

  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    I have noticed that when it is cold i get worse MPG.I was getting a high of 19.6 mpg on 93 octane.When it got cold for a week in here Ohio i got a low of 17.5 mpg.Now that it has warmed back up i have seen better mpg.My trip as i type this says 20.7 BUT it is always high by one mpg.When i fill up i expect to be in the mid 19s again.This is a 07 SL AWD and i drive 90% city.I have 2500 miles on it.I drive with the mpg showing on the monitor.I have noticed that i can use a light foot and keep the bar at around 30 mpg.Stop and go kills that in the city but if you drive with a light foot when you reach your desierd speed you can keep the mpg up pretty high.This will help with the over all come fill up time.I have'nt broke the 20 mpg mark with the caculator yet but i hope to.
  • hpgatorhpgator Posts: 39
    Does it really matter all that much for this car? The dealer told me that 87 regular would be just fine, but I wonder if it really matters to get 93 octane for the fuel efficiency? I mean, if you spend $4 more at the pump, for example (20 cents more for premium * 20 gallons), does that equate to at least 20 miles (one gallon) or more in driving distance? If so, it more than makes up for it.

    From what I'm assuming, you'd need to average AT LEAST 1mpg more than when you used regular.
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    The dealer tank netted me 15.8 i assume that was 89 octane.I went to 93 just cause it's better gas and my mpg has gone up pretty well.My first tank after the dealer i got mid 17s.Now i've been getting mid 19s with 90% city driving.It's a 07 SL AWD
  • hpgatorhpgator Posts: 39
    That would pretty much make the change worthwhile for sure... you spend more at the pump, but you get more out of it. Premium also keeps the engine running in top form for longer.
  • glendowerglendower Posts: 32 Really.
  • carnut21carnut21 Posts: 38
    Just came off of a 550+ mile round trip and averaged about 26.5 mpg. This is the best that I have ever done. Because gas has increased to $3+ per gallon (I run 87 octane), I saved $10-11 on the trip based on the last trip where I got 23 mpg. Not much money but allowed me to travel an extra 75 miles and 3+ less gallons that the oil companies got to sell.

    Speed makes a difference and speed cost money.

    With the fight about 87 vs 93; the engine is rated at 245 with the 93, with 87 there is about a 4-6 hp drop if I am not mistaken because the timing is backed off / retarded.

    In town, the Murano gets about 21-22.
  • carnut21carnut21 Posts: 38
    It should be noted that I dropped my speed from 78 to 68 to get this increased mileage. This included round trips over Mount Eagle Mountain outside of Chattanooga. That mountain kills mileage!
  • kbear2kbear2 Posts: 6
    Don't drive a whole lot as I only have 15,000 miles on my Murano considering I purchased it in April 05.

    Mix of highway and around town using regular gas always. Have averaged between 21-22 mpg with a bit better on a long drive. Only twice did I get just under 20 mpg and both times were during very cold weather.

    Am a conservative driver with no jack rabbit starts and coast to red lights, etc.
    And I don't speed, trying to keep under 65 when traffic will let me.

    Car is in immaculate shape with no problems. (knock on wood) :-)
  • we just bought a 2007 nissan murano with 9600 miles and traded in a 2006 pt cruiser.we knew we would'nt get the mileage the cruiser got but so far we've been very happy with the murano.we live approx. 26 miles from town and so far average 24 mpg which is about the same as the cruiser.this is one hell of a cool car and have to fight the wife to drive it.we're going on a road trip to laughlin,nv and we'll be able to see what mieage we get on the road.i guess i don't worry about it as long you're having a great time driving it. :D
  • Well like many others mine shows about 15-16 MPG on regular gas. Rarely close to 17. It is stock 2005 S, and my wife has a lead foot :)
  • We have an 07 Murano that we got in October 2006 and have about 21,400 miles and no we do not use it for business. My wife just drives alot.

    We have maxed at 26.5 mpg on a trip to Florida and worst at 20 mpg. We average about 23 most of the time except when we travel from middle TN to east TN and get about 24-25 most trips but going across Monteagle Mountain always causes us to lose at least 1 mpg on the average.

    We have had ZERO problems with the car and will trade it for a Rogue in January. It will be a little smaller but with the miles my wife puts on a car, the extra few mpg will add up and the lower lease payment will be nice as well.

    You can not go wrong with a Murano!
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