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Toyota Tundra Engine Issues

ppisanoppisano Posts: 16
I have the 03 v8 with 58k,, I started to get the po156 code for check engine. I replaced the correct sensor but just received the same stating "circuit malfunction". ive read here that there could be a heat issue to close to other pipes or something like that. Any ideas would be grand at this point.
cat system going bad??


  • I saw your post and this might be related.
    I have a 2000 Tundra. Last week the check engine light came on. My mechanic got a po135 code. He said it was for an oxygen sensor problem. He's a toyota mechanic but not a dealer. He heard there was an issue with Tundra oxygen sensors and suggested I contact toyota to see if it was a recall. If it was covered it could save me $250 plus labor. He's an honest guy. I tried the toyota web site, 800 number and the local dealer and none had any notices or recalls. I spoke with him today and he said try again, he thought there was a notice or something but he doesn't have any more information. He said some bad parts don't get recalled, they call it a campaign? They won't contact all the owners and offer the repair but if you ask they'll pay for it. At the least we can get counted as another owner with the problem that may eventually lead to a recall or campaign.

    I'm going to try again to see if I can find any assistance. I'll keep you posted. Please let me know if you learn anything. If anyone else has information to add it would be appreciated.
  • ppisanoppisano Posts: 16
    great thanks, the sensor was replaced after the first code then another came back about two weeks later. I have a few things to consider still, like the mass air flow sensor cleaning, is it the cat actually failing, there's nothing left to replace after that point.
    I'll keep you in the loop.
  • ppisanoppisano Posts: 16
    ok, the update.
    I replaced the spark plugs, I cleaned the KN mass air flow sensor. 300miles later I got the po161 code again. I'm really perplexed right now, I just may replace the cat system as thats all that left for thet system (i think), remember I already replced the 02 sensor and the code came back. I'm assuming it's noty the new sensor.
    Maybe replace the cat system.
    Any ideas left??
  • I am wondering will things function without these o2 sensors. Is there a way around it somehow?
  • ppisanoppisano Posts: 16
    Morning all, I have a 03 tundra and when my shifter is placed in "drive" the little green light won't come on, but when i shift anywhere else all the rest of lghts work fine (reverse, park ect...)
    Anyone have this one happen before???? any guesses???
  • gts4gts4 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 toyota tundra I just bought and notice that when I start it up when cold I get a lot of blue smoke for a few minutes than goes away I had it check out at the dealer and they said everything was fine, I really don't like it, I did not notice this when I bought it two months ago, could it be the oil? its running standard 5-30 oil,they say no, some say use synthetic oil does this help? I only have 36000 miles on it, it does have a superchager and headers with daul exhaust from the factory. any info would help.
  • ltdan2ltdan2 Posts: 17
    it sounds like worn rings or valvue guides.have a compression test run to see if all the cyl. are equal & up to factory spec.
  • alpsalps Posts: 2
    I was a diesel engine mechanic in the navy a long time ago,
    the other party that replied to you, is probably correct. I
    would probably suspect the valve seals and or the rings as
    the rulpret. And I want to ask, a supercharger or a turbo-
    charger. There is a distinct difference. Is it belt driven,
    or powered off of the exhaust. If this is the case, either
    way you are probably running to much boost; which would
    cause the seals on the valve or too much boost would be
    putting too much pressure to the indiviual block bores. That
    maybe why you are experiencing the deadly blue smoke. Be
  • buzzwabuzzwa Posts: 3
    Did anyone ever post a link to a PDF on changing the oil filter? What a hassle. Other than this, I love my truck!
  • I need that too. I put the o-ring in the wrong place at first ( at the bottom and not in the groove ) and now have a very , very minor leak from the bottom of the filter housing. I think i streched/niked the o-ring . The leak is hardly noticeable but drives me crazy. Of course the girlfriend says i should have taken it to the dealer for an oil change
  • I have a 2007 Tundra with the 5.7L engine. I was just wondering for all the people with the same engine size, how high your truck RPM's jump to in the morning startup, and about how long it takes before the RPM's drop below 1000. My truck's RPM's jump to about 2000 RPM's and don't drop below 1000 until about 45 seconds to a minute after startup. I know all about cold startups and how its normal for the RPM's to be higher in the morning due to colder temperatures, but I dont ever remember my truck's RPM's jumping that high and taking so long to lower to a normal RPM. So Im just curious as to how your trucks are in the morning?
  • I was told that on some Toyota vehicles that you have to replace the mass air flow sensor to realize the full benefit of a cold air intake system. Is this true? I am also curious as to the noise level of the Borla cat back system. I have decided to spend some money on my current Tundra to prevent the purchase of a new one. Thanks.
  • I have a 4.0 v6 2006 SR5 Tundra. Each time I start the truck it takes the oil pressure guage almost 6 seconds before it will register. In other words, after I start the engine, the guage reads zero pressure for about 6 seconds then it will shoot up to about midway. Has anyone else had this experience?
  • how do you change the air fliter on the toyota tundra?
  • I have a 2008 tundra and i have the same thing. Mine will rev to about 1800 rpm when i first start it the morning and hold that for about a minute, and then it will gradually start to come back.I only have 600 miles on it and will take it in and see if this is normal for this engine. I also have an issue with the oil pressure which i'll take up with the service rep when i take it in.I'm like you in believeing that this is a little high of a rev when you first start it. I'll let you know what they say about it when i take it in.
  • Does anyone out there know what LSD stands for? It is with the traction control section of the 2008 owners manual .
  • According to the service rep i talked to about my 08 revving on a cold start, he said that was normal for that engine. So i guess i'll just hang on when i start it cold.
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