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Toyota Tundra Engine Issues



  • pikalpikal Posts: 1
    At 2:00 AM July 30, 2013 a friend of mine woke up when he heard what he thought was someone stealing his truck. He armed himself and made his way cautiously out to the truck to confront the thief/s. There was no one there! The truck had "started itself" with no keys in the ignition? He went and got the keys, shut off the truck and went back inside his home. Several minutes later it started up again without the keys in the ignition! This time he shut off the truck with the ignition key and removed the negative battery cable. The truck did not "start itself" this time. When he starts the truck with the ignition key now, he is unable to shut it off unless he slightly turns the key to the start position and then quickly to the off position. He then leaves the battery cable disconnected until he is ready to start it again.
    The Technicians @ Toyota Dealership were unable to use their Computer to try and diagnose the problem? Not sure why?
    Unfortunately the truck's warranty has expired and the Dealer is not prepared to further investigate the problem.
    ...this story is factually true and scared the hell out of him thinking someone was stealing his truck.
    Has anyone ever had a similar experience with this make and model???
  • My check engine light came on .so went do a code check, it gave me a 43 which is a purge value sensor, or replacement part. Please help with this so i dopnt spend a lot of money
    an not fix the problem. Thanks
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