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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Real World MPG



  • wiredpairwiredpair Posts: 22
    Ok, I crossed the 10,000 mile mark yesterday (4 months and 1 day after purchase) and filled up at 10,076.7 miles. The computer shows 29.2 MPG and my Excel calculations show 28.2 - so the computer may be a little optimistic or I am bad at math.

    I have an SEL V6 Fusion (no AWD) and keep the cruise at 60 MPH on the highway when possible. My driving is approximately 80%-85% highway and 15%-20% City.

    I am happy with the fuel economy thus far.

  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    There is room for variation in the manual method. Most folks find the computer accurate within 0.5 mpg so that's not too far off.
  • I have an 07 fusion with V6 auto. I have owned it for 6 months and have 10000 miles on it. I make a 1600 mile round trip from Kansas City to Cleveland every other month. I watch the trip puter very closely and manually check my MPG every trip. I have found that my fusion gets any where from 25 to 30 MPG on interstate driving, depending on my speed. To get 30 MPG i have to put the cruise on 60 mph and leave it there. If i drive 85 mph the mileage drops to about 25 MPG. i generally drive about 75 mph and get about 27 MPG. I get around 450 miles out of a tank of gas on these trips. I have also found driving in the suburbs in stop and go traffic gets me around 15 to 18 MPG. I would also like to add that the my fusion handles and rides very well and is very comfortable on long trips. I have not had one problem with this car and am very pleased with it. The only negative thing i can say is if you are over 6'2", do not get the moonroof for head room is very limited.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    I now have about 17,500 miles on my 06 SEL V6 Fusion. Average MPG per the computer is now 24.7. My commute is about 60% freeway.
  • My last fill-up was at 17,721.8 miles and I was able to squeeze out 30.04 MPG on my commute (150 R/T per day nearly 85% highway driving) at 60 MPH with cruise on. This would include no jackrabbit stops and driving like I have an egg under the gas pedal.

    Overall, the computer shows 29.1 overall (never having been reset) and my manual calculations are 28.4 at the moment. The computer was as high as 29.5 when summer traffic was lighter.

  • I have a 2007 Fusion s I-4 engine (manual) it has 6k in miles. Average 60% city 40% highway. Average is 22 mpg. engine has a slight knock when first started then goes away after engine warms up. Dealer says every thing is fine; give it untill 8k or 9k for the computer to adjust. Any one else out there have similar experience? :confuse:
  • urnewsurnews Posts: 668
    engine has a slight knock when first started then goes away after engine warms up. Dealer says every thing is fine; give it untill 8k or 9k for the computer to adjust.

    An engine knock doesn't sound normal to me. I think I would get a second opinion from another dealer.
  • had 2006 fusion 2.3, 5-speed, got about 24mpg city, and once on the way to canada i got around 40mpg, but that was the only time i got anywhere near that. i noticed on the highway doing about 70mph im doing about 3k rpm, a 6 gear or a bigger 5th gear would be nice

    + the computer show you average, not current mpg.

    - had some engine knock when i would lug the engine, but that was it, i guess it is normal on the fusion, could just be spark knock or the VVT working
  • 2008 I4 5 Speed Manual, 600 miles total. Drove from Austin to Dallas and back and got 30 mpg. This was mostly highway with about 10% in town.
  • urnewsurnews Posts: 668
    A cause for celebration.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    First do you know what knock is? not being sarcastic here.

    most people define knock as premature ignition of the air fuel mixture in the cylinder. ON TODAYS CARS, KNOCK IS NOT NORMAL if that is in fact what you have. Knockis caused by: cheapo gas, not haveing enough octane in the gas, ie 86 octane is not regular, or in a car with lots of miles on it, there is carbon build up in the cylinder that retains heat from combustion and causes premature ignition.

    A bad O2 sensor could cause knock also as it causes the engine to burn too rich.

    If you do have knock then you probably also have a bad sensor some where. ANY KNOCKing would trip the "check engine light". A bad sensor would trip the check engine light.

    I'm inclined to think that you don't have knock and that you should get your dealer to test drive it because if you are telling him you have knock but your check engine light isn't on then I could see why you are being told some BS story about the computer breaking in.

    Cars that do knock really only tend to do so when under load such as passing or getting on the freeway etc. If you have knock at idle, you have BIG problems and your check engine light absolutely would be on.
  • well its not knock when idles, its under load

    example: manual fusion on hill, you lug it a bit and it knocks
  • It knocks when cold. After warm up it goes away. I use only BP, 87 octane. can't use anything higher as per the owners manual. The biggest reason for my concern is that my freind has an I-4 engine in his mazda( yes he beats his car) and it started with a knock before it blew. Temperature is not a factor because it was doing it during the summer. Also as for my gas milage I went the long way to go to a meeting (all Turnpike) and I got about 32 mpg. I guess in the city driving it literally sucks gas.
  • I posted a message a little while ago about my 2007 ford fusion's horrible gas mileage. lately I have been getting over come with the fumes and the gas milage has gotten worse not better as the dealership suggests it will. It now currently has 7,000 miles it has the I-4 engine and a manual trans. This is the first year that the ford did not put on a fuel filter in this model. I'm wondering if there is any one else that has this experience. Also i pulled it in where i work, put it on the lift and we found no leaks, but we still smell the fumes and the fuel pump runs constantly at idle. Am I alone in this? :sick:
  • I monitor webpages on behalf of Ford and I just recently saw your posting. If you smell fuel, I'd recommend that you take your vehicle to your dealership. The 2007 Fusion has a lifetime fuel filter that is integrated with the fuel tank. There is no maintenance required. Also the pump is designed to run continuously but there shouldn't be any fuel smell. If you have more questions, please contact your dealership or visit Thanks again for buying your Fusion.
  • When I pulled the car in to the garage we checked every thing. We expected the sending unit to be leaking. All was dry and the fumes were gone. I did take it back to the dealer and they could not find anything either. All we can figure out is that some gas may have gotten into the emissions canister. I've stopped filling up all the way. as for the gas milage I stopped using the floor/defrost ( which also turns on the a/c ). Now the gas milage has improved and there hasn't been any fumes.
  • I am considering the purchase of an I4 Milan with automatic. I drive 85-90% highway and drive about 67-72 mph. My commute is 144 miles round-trip. Right now, I get about 27+mpg with my '02 Maxima 6-speed manual. What could I expect with the Milan?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    According to EPA, you should get about +2 mpg with the Milan.
  • I was hoping I could get some "real world" numbers since that is the purpose of this thread. I have seen some members reporting numbers around 32-34mpg and I just wanted to see if they are just exceptions or if those numbers are consistently attainable.

    Thanks anyway though, :)

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I did not even notice the forum title :) . But I do think you will get a more accurate estimate by comparing what you get now to what EPA test shows and then assuming a similar relationship for the Milan.

    I don't have a Milan but do drive a Mazda6 automatic, with the same 4 cyl and I have gotten 32-34 mpg in pure freeway driving at 70-75 mph.
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