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Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Real World MPG



  • fredvpfredvp Posts: 5
    Now have about 8200 miles on this car. mileage for the same trip has
    gone up to a steady 24.
    We just took a long trip and got a consistent 28.3 mpg at 65 mph on
    the highway.
  • exner60exner60 Posts: 11
    My display shows 27.7. When I press the Info button, I see 38. I'm not sure what this one means.

    By the way, I have the 4-cylinder, 5-speed manual with just about 8400 miles.
  • blumsteinblumstein Posts: 38
    I have a FWD Milan V6 Premiere with 15k and currently live in the L.A. area.

    I am getting 19.6 MPG at an average speed of 28 MPG. But, we are the #1 most heavily traffic'ed city in the country.

    Sunday, I'd headed for Vega$ so I'll see how it does on the highway.

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    You should try resetting the computer for each trip. THe computer appearently uses a declining average...

    As to K&N Filter, I added one to my 2007 Mustang and noticed a 3 mpg gain on the Highway.

  • blumsteinblumstein Posts: 38
    I don't know what you mean by declining average, but I do reset the computers to isolate trips.

    BTW, my Vegas trip averaged about 26 mpg. (And Spamalot was fantastic).

  • fredvpfredvp Posts: 5
    I just did a round trip to Boston. Avg 65-70 mph. Did
    30mpg. Mostly highway a little through some small
    towns when we got lost..
  • basiliskstbasiliskst Posts: 55
    Our 2008 Mercury Milan Premier I4 2.3 liter with the 5-speed automatic transmission is brand new (so not broken in) and is doing 27 average on approximately 60% highway/40% city. This is in Phoenix where big wide streets mean "city" is still 35-45 mph except in rush hour traffic (but the lights are long). At 55 mph highway it appears to hit about 32 mpg, but most of the freeways are 65-70 mph and at that it is pulling down 28-30 mpg. In slow traffic it is dipping to 23 to 24 mpg, still better than the 20 city / 28 highway EPA rating. I'm not burying my foot often except for the occasional on-ramp merge. And I tend to drive smoothly anyway. Still, I'm pleased with this mileage for a brand new engine and a decent size sedan with luxury features and space. The overall average after 300 some miles in 27.1 by the dash and a fill-up agrees that the gauge is accurate. It's not that much worse than the same engine with a 5-speed manual in our 2005 Ford Focus ST. (The Focus ST does have more acceleration.) I'll report again after more miles to see if this holds up over time. So far though, I'm happy and so is my wife (it's her primary work car). The Milan offers a very nice luxury interior with sporty handling (not disconnected, but not harsh either), capable of carrying four people in real comfort, and is still getting very good gas mileage at an attractive price.
  • bergy612bergy612 Posts: 1
    Wow I can't believe that a lot of you are only getting around 17 miles per gallon! I just purchased my Milan with 26,000 miles on it and have been getting on average about 24 miles per gallon and that is all city miles; I now have around 33,000 on it. Is it true that changing your air filter will help you get better mileage?? These days I will try anything to get even a few more miles per gallon. Even with getting 24 miles per gallon, I really notice how fast the needle drops when I'm driving. If anyone has any tips on air filters..let me know! I wish my Milan got a little better gas mileage, but I love the feel of it and have had no problems so far with it. The only thing I noticed was the chrome on the door handles have a tendency to chip!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    You must have the I4 - a lot (if not all) of the folks reporting 17 mpg have the V6. As for air filters - if yours is blocked then changing it will increase fuel economy. Some folks opt for a K&N or similar filter as opposed to the paper filters, but without a corresponding exhaust change it probably won't increase your fuel economy. Paper filters work fine as long as you change them regularly.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The other factor is not all cities are equal in terms of how one can drive. If "city" means downtown Chicago or NY, that is quite different from "city" when it means, say, Des Moines.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    I just got back from a 400 mile day trip in a rented 08 Milan Premier I4 (Hertz rental, 19k miles). I found the car very pleasant, but I did notice that it seemed to have to drop a gear or two on what I considered to be modest hills. Here's a summary:

    Terrain: mostly hilly (New Hampshire and Vermont)
    Roads: 3/4 freeway, 1/4 country roads
    Traffic: moderate but flowing, some stop & go in Montpelier & St. Johnsbury
    Speed: usually near the posted limit, with cruise control used when practical
    Weather: temps in the low 80s (A/C on all the time), slight crosswind for about 30 miles but otherwise calm

    Fuel economy, as measured by the vehicle display: 32.0 MPG

    It's better than my '02 V6 Accord would have gotten under similar conditions. But it's no better than I got nine years ago with a 3.8 V6 Olds Intrigue under roughly the same parameters.
  • jaco0062jaco0062 Posts: 8
    Ask the dealer if there is any pcm updates for these cars. U will need the vin number. If theh dealer doesn t ask for the vin then u know they are full of [non-permissible content removed]. be adament.
  • I installed Bosch "+2+ plugs in my beatup 1991 Geo Prizm with AT and 240K miles. Hwy mpg went from 30-32 up to 35 mpg and even higher(38 mpg!!) on flat land around Texas pandhandle. Gave me better acceleration all around, too. You might try them.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    That's just because you put in new plugs, not because they were any specific type of plug.
  • elkeinelkein Posts: 19
    Original Message:
    Fusion SEL /w AWD
    city only so far.
    19.8 mpg on the display.
    This car was purchased used with 3512 miles on it.

    Current milage 8,900 miles
    changes that could affect milage: added oem mudflaps(increase airdrag), hitch (30lbs weight,) Rotate and balance ( decrease rolling resistance,) touch pad keyless entry( don't laugh...increased airdrag ) Mobil 1 oil ( modified drivetrain friction )
    New mpg figures, 20.4 long term average, highway/interstate 25.4( as advertised for this vehicle!) worst tankful 18.4 mpg.
    I haven't trailered with mine yet, that is next weekend. Spare me the speech about it not being in the owners manual. I do use common sense, and I own a f-series truck for anything that really needs hauling.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Just having more miles on it will also increase mpg, due to reduced friction.
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 109
    I recently got a 07 Milan I Premier with the automatic. The DIC is always about 2mpg more optimistic than the actual mileage when I put pen to paper. A while back I had a 05 Ford Five Hundred with the same affliction. Anyone else notice this same thing?
  • I easily understand your statement, because I've experienced that very easily myself. However, I had new plugs (cheap Delco's) in first, then decided to try the Bosch "+2" plugs, and that's when I got the better mileage. However, since writing previous message, I have remembered some other things which helped me to get that much better mileage. So I still think the Bosch plugs are very good for my car, but they probably didn't give me the better mpg alone. Plus....I think the Bosch "+4" plugs to be overkill. However, I think that "+3" would be cool.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,613
    my '07 fusion is usually high by about .5, but the odometer undermeasures miles by about 2%. measured 40 mile run registered 39.3 on the odometer.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    I rented a 2009 V6 Fusion with 2,500 miles on it to tool around Nashville in last weekend. I spent some time on the freeways, country roads, and city streets. After over 300 miles put on the car, I calculated 21.1 mpg. That compares to about 24 mpg I got with a 4 cylinder 2009 Sonata rented the week before, with a comparable type of driving.
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