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Freelander Transmission Problems



  • gac62gac62 Posts: 6
    Unfortunately it is not a do it yourself repair. The transmission pan must be removed and there are 2 solonoids to be replaced. The biggest problem is that one of the solonoids (don;t remember which, but you can look at my earlier post) has been on back orderfrom LR for several months. That means you'll need to replace the entire valve body assembly. That's where it gets very tricky in that it must be reassembled with springs placed EXACTLY right on the top of the valve body during the reinstallation. The ~$800 you'll pay for a professional to do it is far better than the ~$5,000 for a new trans... :)
  • scardini23scardini23 Posts: 5
    You can't change the solonoid by yourself, many things need to be taken off the car in order to change them and supposedly it is a very tricky job to do. One of the parts was actually recalled and so everyone who got their solonoids changed has to go get them replaced once again....they were recalled when my car was in the shop, so it took a week longer but at least I got the new parts...I think this is why there is such a long wait through the LR Dealer...but if you go through a privately owned trans shop, they can get the part faster. It was 800 dollars with labor and the parts were less expensive than LR...I will never get my car fixed at LR ever again.
  • louishnlouishn Posts: 8
    My wife's Freelander had a post warranty transmission failure. I did make the discovery that the transmissions are from the Mazda Quest van and are de-tuned (Shift softer) because its a "luxury truck". ANyway, does anyone know of a current class action suit on the Freelander transmissions?

    To add to the previous comments, the first failure mode of the transmission was F4 flashing.


  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 894
    Do you mean Nissan Quest? I seriously doubt it is the same transmission because the ones on the Quest\Villager are very reliable, and judging by these forums, the ones on the Freelander are anything but.
  • louishnlouishn Posts: 8
    My error; it is the Mazda van. I thought it was the Quest.

    The guy that worked on the transmission recognized what it was one he opened it up.

    Still looking for a class action on the trans.

  • kmw278kmw278 Posts: 6
    Hello. I have a 2002 Freelander with 63K miles on it, and the transmission was slipping all over the place. I brought it to 2 different Land Rover dealers, 1 private auto shop and 1 transmission expert and all 4 told me that the transmission needs to be rebuilt.

    I was able to get a good deal on this repair, but my concern is the future. I don't know if I should sell it after it's fixed, or try to get another 3 years or so out of it. If someone can advise as to what might work best, that would be great. Thanks!
  • I have an '03 Freelander and at only 58,000 need a new engine.LR doesn't care because I don't have extended warranty.10,0000 new engine!!!!!.I'm completely up for a class action lawsuit.
  • Please don't pass that delimma on another human being.
  • My daughter and Son-in-law own a 2002 Freelander and the transmission just went on their's, as everyone has said to replace it is going to cost around $5k, they don't have that kind of money, they can't sell it because they won't get what they owe on it. I am going to e-mail the person about the lawsuit, does anyone know if that is going any where.
  • Bridget,
    I'm sure that my daughter and Son-in-law would like to participate, please let me (MOM) know what needs to be done.
    They have a 2002 Freelander and the transmission just went.
    Thank you
  • kmw278kmw278 Posts: 6

    First of all I am very sorry to hear that your daughter and son in law had to go through the same problems that a lot of us did as well. I was quoted 5k from both the Land Rover dealer and a private shop, but I shopped around and was able to get it done for $2500, which comes with a 1 year warranty. It was worth it to me, because I couldn't afford a new car, and the trade in would be so low if I tried to sell it with a bad trans. Because lawsuits take a very long time to go throuhg, I would suggest getting your name on one of their lists, but to also shop around for a mechanic who can do the job right and who won't over-charge you. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles! Best of Luck!
  • Thank you so much for your reply. We have looked around, and we did find a private shop where he would do it much cheaper, the problem is he can't even find a transmission for the 2002 Freelander apparently because they are ALL BAD!! I did speak with Land Rover today and they are checking to see if there is anything that they can do.
    I just hate seeing them throw money they don't have into a car that's won't run. Hopefully they will be able to get it fixed and get rid of it, but like others have said you hate to dump such a piece of junk on someone else. Actually if they could just get out from under what they owe that would be GREAT! Thanks again for the reply and I have e-mailed to get their names on the lawsuit list.
  • kmw278kmw278 Posts: 6
    Hello again,

    I'm sorry for not being more clear. I had my trans re-built by a private dealer. You have to shop around for someone who can re-build transmissions and see if you can get a good deal. I was quoted 8k for a new trans, and 5k for land rover to re-build mine. The private dealer re-built mine for 2,500. If you have any other questions please let me know, but I hope you are able to find someone to re-build it for a good price, because then they will be able to either get a few more years out of it, or buy another car using the Freelander as a trade-in and get a decent trade-in price.

    I totally understand your concerns, and mine only has 60k miles on it and I am considering getting a new car with the longest warranty in history after this mess! Best of luck yet again!
  • laff2laff2 Posts: 8
    Need some opinions.

    I have a 2002 Freelander SE with 50K miles. Bought it used at 39K and was Land Rover Certified. Transmission has to be replaced (two months out of Land Rover Extended Warranty). Land Rover has not responded to my request for assistance, doubt they will.

    Either I replace for $3800 or get $3500 (as is) for the vehicle and walk. I owe $7550 on it...QUESTION: I am tired of the vehicle, It is very clean...except for the transmission...should I repair...and what realistically can I get if I sell it at a CarMax or something? Black Book Wholesale is $8700. :confuse:

    Help...need opinions
  • 03hippo03hippo Posts: 6
    I've had my 03 hippo since it was new. Just over 50k miles now and have had very few problems. Had to take it in about a year ago when the check engine light came on and it started running rough. They replaced a couple spark plug coils or something and an intake motor. All under warranty. I did take it in for the 48k service and it checked out fine. I've read all the horror stories about the 02's. I see a lot about brakes wearing prematurely. I just changed the front discs on mine myself at about 48k and the rear shoes still don't need changed yet. I definitely don't drive like an old lady but not like everything is a LeMans either. Of course I'm a little more concerned now that my warranty is gone but it seems most of the things I've read are about the 02's. Were there any changes made that would make the 03 any better? It's been good to me so far but I'm about due for a set of tires so I'm wondering if I should just get rid of it before that. :shades:
  • kmw278kmw278 Posts: 6
    Hello. I also have an 02 Freelander, and mine has 63k miles on it right now. I bought mine at 49k, which was only a month out of its extended warranty.

    About 6 weeks ago I had to replace the transmission and it cost me $2500. I must say that I debated what to do for about 2 weeks, and it ended up being worth it for me because I wanted to keep the car for another couple of years. If I were you and you are sure you don't want this car anymore, I would repair the trans and sell it privately, because you could probably get 9-10k max for it, making it a little more worth it. I know this is very hard, and I am sure it must be difficult to accept getting $3500 as is and walk away.

    But, I would probably repair it and sell it privately, or try to find someone to repair it for less than $3800. I found someone to do it for $2500 and it drives very nicely now!!
  • radichyradichy Posts: 1
    Are they automatic or manual, when you`re experiencing such problems with the transmission?
  • kmw278kmw278 Posts: 6
    My trans is automatic. Is that what you are asking?
  • My 2002 freelander HSE (troubled car) is automatic.
  • laff2laff2 Posts: 8
    Well, I got the truck fixed for about $3700. Rebuilt land Rover Trans with one year warranty. They drove over to the Acura dealer and traded it in.

    Land Rover would not assist after being out of warranty 2 months and certified used by Land Rover about 10K miles ago. While Land Rover did not have to do anything, I thought they would since I had a 2008 Sport Supercharge on order before it went bad. Canceled order, say goodbye to Range Rover.

    Unfortunate, but this fan is done with them.
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