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Freelander Transmission Problems



  • nwestnwest Posts: 2
    It was just a fluid change, and not by the dealer, that was their issue.
  • Hi,

    I was wondering which state are you in, maybe I can take my car for repair in the same shop. I am in Arizona, and one shop was saying dealer charges $9,000 for transmission and he wants to charge $5,000. He said the transmission is intercahngable with Volkswagon and he said I have electrical PCM to ECM problem, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  • laff2laff2 Posts: 8
    I would get a second opinion as well as check a few dealers. While a dealer may be a little more, they may be able (as well as any reliable shop) find a rebuilt one.

    Overall, the 2002 Freelander is a piece of crap one it goes wrong...and it will go wrong.
  • benm2benm2 Posts: 1
    Well it looks like everyone has had trouble with their Freelander. I bought this car because I thought it would be a safe and dependable ride for my wife -- I was wrong about the dependable part. It is a 2002 Freelander S with 85,000 miles.

    Here is my story, if ANYONE can provide some insight, Id truly appreciate it.
    We got up Easter morning and attempted to go to church. When I put the car in Reverse, the engine revved up but the car didnt move. When I tried to put it in drive, same situation. Finally after much trying the car did decide to back up enough to get it out of the way. I checked out this message board and decided not to tow it to the dealership (70 miles away) and took it to a local Aanco transmission shop. They said they found that there was no fluid in the transmission and the whole thing was shot. They quoted a rebuild job at close to $3,000 or said they could put a salvage one in for 2500 plus 500 labor. Is there a cheaper option?

    Do I need to look for another opinion? Can this be the soleniod that many of you have talked about thats an inexpensive fix? And Im not a mechanic but when in the heck didnt they put a dipstick on the transmission so that you could tell if the fluid was low. Only on the way to the shop did it flash the F 4 code and blink the hill decent icon.

    Please help.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • 03hippo03hippo Posts: 6
    No fluid in the transmission? If that truly is the case then I can imagine there is some pretty major damage. I can't say I've ever heard of one losing tranny fluid though without leaving puddles or showing some sign of leakage somewhere. I'd try to get another opinion if possible.
  • gac62gac62 Posts: 6
    It is possible to lose trans fluid without an external leak. Your transmission connects to the radiator to provide cooling to the transmission fluid. Look at your radiator fluid, I bet you'll find transmission fluid there. Also, the rebuild price of $3K is, believe it our not VERY reasonable for the transmission in the Freelander. Certain parts are dealer-only items that are very expensive.

    As far as the flashing F-4 and hill decent icon, it very well could be the solonoid pack. But if what fluid is remaining in the transmission is burnt, then you have "hard part" damage and it needs to be rebuilt/replaced.
  • nikkienikkie Posts: 2
    I just a 2002 Freelander back in Nov.,2007...currently has about 50,000 miles on it & recently got an oil the car revs when it goes over 30 or 40 miles.....what would be the reason....transmission???
  • laff2laff2 Posts: 8
    Check the fluid...You should have it checked out. Could be a bad solenoid otherwise, its the transmissions. If so, say goodbye. Trust me, letit go away. Liked mine till the trans went...and that was the beginning. :lemon:
  • jet8jet8 Posts: 2
    The only alternative I know, is to take to a AAMCO Transmissions Dealer, they are the only one I know could do the work for half the cost. They were going to replace my transmission but my warranty did cover transmission. :lemon:
  • nikkienikkie Posts: 2
    ok I believe my warranty covers the transmission.....once fixed should I get rid of it.....will there be continous problems? I still owe a ton of $$$ on this thing!!
  • I got my land rover 2/10/07 used but not from land rover. The warranty ran out shortly after we got it and my payments are for six years. I live in New Castle Pa and nobody can work on it here. I called about the lemon law and they said that it isn't for used autos. But my Finance company is trying to help with the repairs. But not sure just what they all may be cause we had it in the land rover shop for the antifreeze bottle was cracked and the mirror on the passenger side was broken and they had to take the motor out and along with two tires alone were $1000.00 dollars inspection. But the rackinpinnion is leaking and the re tractor for the rear window needs replaced. We got it out the shop after getting another loan just for that was a total of $1400.00 and I went out to start it and back to the shop it went cause it wont start. The antifreeze is leaking into the motor the crank sensor was replaced and not very sure what nightmare is in store for us now except that we still owe $16,220.28 on it. And it is in the shop more than out not only that I have not been able to go to work due to I am a home health aide and it was my only way to work. Not sure what can be done at this time cause we will have to pay for a truck that is useless. The light does come on for the downhill and they said they fixed it. We do the normal mantainance on it. But all I know is if there is a way out of this as much as I like the truck I wont get another one due to the major problems that they dont tell you about It is very costly and a headache. Not sure about a class action at this time but it is one we would be a part of it but for now stuck in a hard place. We had it towed to the land rover shop but no word yet. But one thing I was told from one of there salesmen was that that model has alot of issues that have not been worked out yet and this is why I am getting the word out to let others know so they dont get burned like me. If I had known I would be in better shape. Our finance company said it sounds like we got a LEMON. :mad: ">
  • Is this just about the transmission or does it speak for all the Land rover's model freelander HSE 2004
  • louishnlouishn Posts: 8
    I think this thread started as transmission but has grown to shown all of the Freelander failings. All that being said, are there any class action suits in the works currently? The list of problems my wife has had goes past the transmission.


  • kbombakbomba Posts: 6
    :lemon: I have (had) an 03 Freelander! The engine just died in March and I am told, non-repairable. I only had 85k miles on it and I am still in shock that I no longer have a vehicle that I owe lots of money on! LR told me that it would cost $8,000 for a new/used one and that they have people waiting over 4 months for one. So basically they told be I am screwed! Oh but they did offer me 1,000 for it if I bought a brand new LR2 (can you believe that?)!!! I am going to try and fight this as far as I can starting with the attorney general, does anyone have any advice or can we start a class act for this? If I get nothing out of this I at least want Land Rover to suffer as much as the rest of us who put faith into such a "high end" vehicle. So. . . for those of you 02 owners, do not feel alone because it seems all Freelanders share the same fate. Even the LR dealer told me that this is happening to all of the Freelanders and that they do not use the same enigine in their truck anymore!
  • louishnlouishn Posts: 8
    Well let's see. There's 102 messages. I'd say that's enough evidence for any law firm.


  • piliannipilianni Posts: 7
    Same history here, my engine die at 80k, paid 3800 for new engine that I'm still waiting, I was told last week that it's going to take another six to find out how long more. got tired of renting vehicles and borrow my neighbors old car, 74 toyota.
    I still own tons of money too and lawyers wont take attention, unless one of them is driving a LR.
    maybe we can give a senator one to try, so they can understand the rip-off this company is doing with the consumers.
    let's continue posting any update. :mad:
  • dcifan01dcifan01 Posts: 1
    I have been reading about the problems with the Freelander problems. I have 78K on my '03 car and it just went out with the F-4 flashing on the odometer, Check Engine light on, and the Hill Descent/Traction Control lights coming on. Took it to the Dealer which I have the warranty through, and they said it needs to be replaced for $3300. It has been in the shop since the end of Feb '08 and I still haven't gotten it back, nor does anyone have any info on it. :mad:

    I would like to join the lawsuit if it is still available.
  • piliannipilianni Posts: 7
    Keep posting complaints at the Office of Defects and recalls

    the list keeps growing!
  • piliannipilianni Posts: 7
    post you complaints also at the Office of Defects and Recalls website:

    lets make our voice hear, and make the list grow.
  • bushytalebushytale Posts: 2
    Hi to one n all, I bought a used 2000 model 1.8i freelander 4 months ago with 93k miles on the clock, done about 5K miles untroubled till last friday eve when a grinding noise from the gear box/transfer box made itself known through all the gears under accelleration. when I press the clutch in and freewheel the noise disappears. so as not to cause further problems I parked up and phoned for recovery assistance. The car is currently sat on my drive unmoved since fri eve. The cylinder head was replaced at 70 K and the block was skimmed with an upgraded head replacing the original. this is not unusual for the 1.8 rover engine (not in the UK anyhow) the cylinder head is a VERY common fault with rover and an upgrade is available but dont go asking rover as this fault does not officialy exist(modified head available ???) most freelanders seem to suffer transmission problems due to the drive shaft so when buying second hand in the UK it is job numero uno to check underneath the vehicle to see if the rear drive shaft has been removed ? NO i'm not making this up ! mine has been removed to stop further problems occurring but the diffs on the rear axle have been reconditioned so I now await a drive shaft which will be serviced and the UJ's replaced with up graded joints with grease nipples to save further replacements and provide longevity! and the viscous coupling being replaced with a after market part, also before being reffitted I will have the complete shaft proffessionally balanced so as not to distroy the rear axle yet again from vibrations and chatter ! hope this makes sense so far. the gear box is now my main concern as untill I start removing the the whole unit ie. gear box, transfer box and give the clutch an inspection I am yet to find out what the source of the trouble is.
    Please understand that I have ridden a motorcycle since my teens and this is the first time I have attempted to carry out any form of maintenance on a 4 wheeled machine but the amount of suggestions as to what may be the cause and the garage costs involved to try to find out coupled with the actual parts, labour etc,etc as I'm sure you will understand will be astranomical. Also we my partner and I plan to move over to Spain within the next 18 monthes so its important that I have some ability to carry out repairs myself.
    up to now the total costs is estimated to be around £1000 sterling for parts alone sourced on e-bay UK that does not include post and package !!!!! yikes !
    No I'm not mad Yes I am British the reason for my new uninvited migrane is plainly that I'm in to deep to get out finacially and I know that I can eventually make my beloved freelander perfom the way it was originally intended to as a landrover.
    So, dont worry its not just you folks over the atlantic who are being mugged its the same everywhere, as we say here on our little island "its not broke its British !".
    I will keep updating as I go along to let you know my progress for those who might be interested. if you have any comments questions or anything please feel free to ask and I or my good wife abbs will be only to happy to reply.
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