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Freelander Transmission Problems



  • bushytalebushytale Posts: 2
    Hi its Bushytale here again, from time to time I will try to add some web sites for freelander part suppliers that I have found here in the UK hope they are usefull ? this company supply VCU (Viscous Coupling Unit) and IRD ( Immediate Reduction Drive) VCU'S should be replaced at 60K you CANNOT TELL THAT THIS ITEM HAS WORN OUT whilst driving and it will cause premature transmission failure I dont know what the prices are like over in the states but I feel sure that for availability it may be worth sourcing the parts from here in the UK and shipping them over if it costs a few dollars and a short wait it may save a lot of dollars and a whole lot of heartache and stress. Please let me know if this info is of any use and I will keep posting as I find new suppliers.
    I havent started my rebuild as of yet but will keep you posted as I go along.
  • finsfins Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    I’m having the same problems that everyone else is having; F-4 flashing on dashboard will only drive in 4th gear. But I can go in reveres and in sport mod, I can shift gears. You seem to be very Knowledgeable about the transmission problems were all having. Do you think I’m having my Transmission rebuilt for nothing????
  • gac62gac62 Posts: 6
    Thank you. Without actually seeing the transmission, performing a diagnosis, etc. I can't say if it really needs rebuilt. I do know, from extensive research that a flashing F-4 indicates faulty/failed shift solonoids. Depending on the nature of the failure MAY lead to hard part damage. In most cases though, the repair can be limited to pulling the valve body, replacing the solonoids. The challenge will be finding the solonoids as they are a dealer part and there seems to be a shortage of these solonoids available.
  • audieaudyaudieaudy Posts: 1
    What is the name of the shop you got your transmission repaired?
  • hello everyone!!!

    i did a quick check in this forum but i did not see any post about a 2004 freelander HSE. The thing is that i'm about to bought a 2004 freelander HSE with only 18,000 miles at a very good price. I saw the vehicle yesterday and i was chock, it was too good to be true (interior and exterior). I mechanic told me that he don't recommend this SUV because the transmission of these SUV are problematic. I need a second, third or fourth opinion about this (or any problems at all whith this SUV) that's why i'm posting this message. Remember it's only 18,000 miles.

    PS.: i'm from dominican republic (don't know if the weather has something to do with the good or bad performance of the SUV).

  • kbombakbomba Posts: 6
    All of these engines are the same. You will suffer from the same fate as the rest of the Freelander owners. I had a 15,000 loan on my vehicle that is now a driveway ornament. Land Rover will not help when it dies and will dismiss you even if you demand they do something about. I loved my Freelander and it WAS too good to be true. Engine blew at only 85k miles on it. I stongly advise you and anyone to NEVER consider a Freelander, no matter what the year.
  • 03hippo03hippo Posts: 6
    I had an 03 SE and just offed it at 61,000 miles after seeing evidence of coolant leaking into the engine. A known issue with those is the slipped cylinder lining. I took excellent care of that truck with all the service and it never seen any off roading. I was also having some issues with the transmission. I found a Honda dealership close by that offered me 5,500 for it on trade and I took the money and ran. (With an 08 CRV). There's a reason you can get that truck cheap... :lemon:
  • I thought I'd add my voice to the discussion. I purchased a 2002 Freelander new and had problems off the lot that required about 4 trips to the dealership to get fixed (don't recall the exact problem).
    I've had window motors go on the sunroof and both rear windows. I had a broken hood latch and a leaking fuel pump, while it was quite new.
    A month before the warranty was expiring my Service Engine light came on and it was behaving strangely. I took it right in and they "cleared a bunch of error codes" and sent me home. A month later it happened again and I lost power. This time they said I had a short in the throttle body and $450 to repair. I got upset and they replaced it at no charge. I swore I would sell the car, but a new one was too expensive.
    Now my Service Engine Soon light came back on and I'm having the delay in shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Thanks to this forum I know to ask my mechanic to check the solenoids. If I get it running well again I'm going to trade it in for something new. My land rover dealership is 70 miles away so I use a local person now that the warranty is out. I only put 10,000 a year on my car and hate to think how much more would have failed if I drove it rough, as this car is supposedly intended for. I'd love to join in a lawsuit. I expected a lot more from a "premium" car company. :sick:
  • I have a 2002 Freelander. When I'm driving all of a sudden without hitting the breaks I feel a hard hit (like in the transmission or engine or somewhere), the TC and HDC Failure amber light starts flashing and it changes from drive to a flashing F and changes to a flashing 4 and so on. This also happends when it's raining. What can the problem be?
  • laff2laff2 Posts: 8
    If it shifts normally, does not seem underpowered or goes from 1st then revs high but drives slow, (your transmission), I would guess a solenoid or sensor that went bad. Mine did the same, but it would rev up after first gear and moved slowly (trans). Not effected by rain or anything.
  • Thanks for your response. I've hear a lot about the solonoid. it's just so strange that it changes from Drive to F-4 flashing and the other 2 lights come on. It gets slow so i have to stop, turn it off and when I turn it back on it goes away. I'm just concern it will break down in the middle of the highway. But, when yours did this, did you feel and hear a noise, like someone hit the car? It even feels like the if someone hit the break fast.
  • We have a Freelander TD4 S 2005 which runs perfectly happily, however the HDC and Auto Transmission lights come on and F4 flashes on the dash. We have had it to Landrover and they seem to have drawn a blank and put it down to driver error. This seems slightly ludicrous, has anyone any suggestions (polite ones please!). Many thanks.
  • kbombakbomba Posts: 6
    I almost did not reply because you asked for polite suggestions. However; I can't just sit here knowing what I know about this vehicle. While I do hope that you are one of the very few who actually have a good working Freelander, for the life of the vehicle, I will tell you that mine drove great the entire time I had it and then one day out of the blue it just died and was never to come alive again. Landrover gave me the same run around as to how clueless they where and there was nothing they were willing to do to help me. They even went as far as to say that I may be the reason it died. All I am saying is be very carfeful with your decisions to keep this vehicle. And be wise as to how much money you put into repairs because it may just be wasted money when you suffer the fate of the rest of us! If in fact you do suffer the same fate (I will cross my fingers that you do not) just know that lawyers are able to get you a settlement from Land Rover because they are very aware of this aweful motor company that is no longer in business. Best of luck!
  • I have a 2002 Freelander and am having many of the same problems that have been noted. Many thanks for the postings thus far.

    Coolant tank and thermometer went at ~55k miles - cost ~$1,000 to fix
    FM radio cuts out after ~1 hour of use
    Both back window regulators completely broke
    Now transmission is slipping and sometimes totally failing up hills and/or at higher speeds (50 mph) at ~70k miles.

    I guess I'll try to get it fixed at a shop. Never buying a Land Rover again.
  • deb42deb42 Posts: 2
    How is the law suit going? do you have a case. There is so many problems wrong with this car it is so frustrating because the dealer ships knows there is a problem and they keep ignoring it. (why not we keep going back to letting them fix it.)
  • deb42deb42 Posts: 2
    I have a Freelander "03 and in the last three years I have owed this car I have had the following (it started with the coolant leaking )repairs... it doesn't seem to stop. I know I need to get rid of it - but I don't want to let anyone else buy this car who doesn't understand the problems - it is not fair - that's what the dealership did to us. Everyone falls in love with this car until they own it, and then disaster strikes and it is too late. I can't believe there is nothing that can be done

    fuel cleaning (not exacting why but it cost me)
    gear box & convertor, transmission , regulator
    cylinder heads replaced, serp belts replaced in 5/2007 and again in 3/09
    ignition coils,
    replaced engine changed over ancillory equipment & refitted, fuel pump?
    sunroof - engine and cables replaced twice
    throttle housing replaced again
    latches on doors wouldn't work and it goes on.

    Now I am smelling an odd smell again -( as my daughter said it smells like cat urine? ) it is the best way I can discribe it . The engine is hesitating and is sluggish... has anyone had this experience? the dealership is looking at me like I have two heads? Told the dealership about the smell in the car in March and they took the whole care apart and replaced the thermostat again and one week later it still smells..
  • kbombakbomba Posts: 6
    My lawyer has already settled with Land Rover. While I do not feel they gave me anywhere near the worth of my vehicle or troubles I am just happy that they gave me something. I recieved a check for $2545.00 and that was after the lawyer fees. I also got ot keep the vehicle to maybe send it to auction. The lawyer I used lives in NJ and I live in NH but he made it pretty painless on my part. I got his name from a posting off Edmonds. Will be happy to share it with anyone interested. :lemon:
  • brasillisbrasillis Posts: 2

    This one is my mother-in-law's car wich has been sitting for about 2 years now, due to countless mechanical nightmares, she "kindly" asked me to research about it for
    her and i told her about them law suits against land"robber" and would like to have
    the lawyer's contact that you've mentioned, that would be extremely appreciated.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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    Thank you.

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  • brasillisbrasillis Posts: 2
    Just want to drop a line to thank you for the lawyers info!!!!
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