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Audi A3: MPG-Real World Numbers



  • go4davego4dave Posts: 6
    i've got a 2006 2.0t FWD A3 DSG. I now run Premium Fuel,, and from what i was running,, the mileage went up. I drive my car hard. I take car of it, i don't abuse it, but i drive hard, i love to drive fast, throw it into corners, and run it when i can. So, with all that said. i get stuck in the daily traffic here in Vegas. Ok,, i get 22.8 mpg. on the open road,, i've ran to Los Angeles a couple times,,, my avg. speed according to my GPS,, was 92 mph going there, and 87 mph coming back, i got 24.7 mpg/25.5 mpg respectively. I call it good, most of the cars i've had,, didn't get that.
  • nomowhalenomowhale Posts: 17
    I recently purchase a pre-owned 2006 2.0T with a 6 speed manual transmission. My best guess is that I drive 65% highway and 35% local. Here is the gas mileage I got on my first four tanks: 24.67, 27.37, 27.38, and 26.61. I don't baby it and I drive with the AC on all the time. I am pretty happy with my gas mileage so far, but I am still dreaming of this car in a diesel version in this country.
  • jlesicajlesica Posts: 1
    A3 2.0T, DSG.

    I recently drove from Boston north into Maine. The total trip was about 150 miles, all highway. With the AC off, windows up, cruise set to 65 and wife yelling at me to hurry up because she was hot and didn't like being stuck with the trucks, i was able to get 34.1 MPG for the trip. Was very impressed.

    The other day on my way to work, an R8 pulled up beside me in traffic on RT outside of Boston. I proceeded to keep up with him darting in and out of traffic. By the time I got to work (approx 20 miles) my average gas milage was 17mpg.

    If you are vigilant, you can get good mileage. If you exercise the car, forget it. Daily driving I get about 25-28mpg. Not bad.
  • nca3nca3 Posts: 1
    2006 A3 2.0T DSG 65,000miles

    I watch how I drive when I can to get the best mileage - lately keeping tires at about 38lbs - I can usually get 34-36 on the highway staying in the speed limit. I am on the highway probably 60-70% of the time. My average mpg after the car's breakin has been about 29mpg. I use premium gas though I hate the extra cost. I got a loaner the other day, same car, same engine but it obviously didn't have premium in it, I was surprised how much difference it made.
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,325
    edited August 2011
    I can now say the A3 gets the mileage advertised. things I wrote before about less than EPA mileage was probably due to my engine breaking in.

    You get about 25 MPG overall, 21 city, 30 highway if you don't drive like an old geezer. This is from 82,000 miles of experience with DSG 2.0 T 2006 A3 in CA.
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